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He had a good attitude when asking, Song Zhou pulled his hand back calmly, “Whats the matter”

“I…” Xi Ning took a peek at the lunch box in Song Zhous hand, thinking about how to exchange the lunch.

“Can I see what food that you have brought”

Song Zhou had no expression on his face.

Suddenly, it became noisy outside the classroom.

Xi Ning tilted his head to look over and saw Xiao CongYi had come to find Lin Mian.

Seeing that Song Zhou also turned his head, Xi Ning clutched his arm tightly to prevent him from being distracted by Lin Mian.

“Actually, I have a poor appetite recently and want to eat something simple.

My lunch is too much, how about…….we exchange our food”

Song Zhous current feeling is indescribable, he curled his lip and tried to pull his arm back.

Aware of his refusal, Xi Ning became anxious and grasped his hand tighter, “What are you afraid of I wont hurt you.”

Xi Ning knew that his request was very strange.

Although it is not good to force people, maybe if he kept begging, he might change his mind.

Xi Ning believed that he would be able to establish a good “tablemate friendship” with Song Zhou.

Song Zhou moved his lips and uttered, “Let go of me.”

Xi Ning, “I wont let go.”

He just wanted to have a good meal, but he was so hungry that he didnt have much energy anymore.

Song Zhou could just push him away with a little more force.

Song Zhou endured for a while and finally gave in.

He pushed his lunch box in front of Xi Ning and opened the lid while looking at him mockingly.

“Ok fine, lets exchange.”

In Song Zhous eyes, Xi Ning was a pampered, arrogant, and willful rich young master.

He was even an omega.

Whether it was just on a whim or Xi Ning wanted to humiliate him, he could not directly annoy Xi Ning.

Never mind, It was just a meal.

Seeing that Song Zhou had agreed to his request, Xi Ning quickly took out his luxurious lunch box and put it on his table, for fear that he would regret it again.

Xi Ning uses his own chopsticks.

The exquisitely carved chopsticks doesnt match the aluminum lunch box at all.

There are only two pitiful pieces of meat on the white rice in the lunch box and the rest of them are stir fry broccoli.

On the other hand, the one that Song Zhou opened was a large three-layer lunch box containing three types of meat, two types of vegetables, and one soup.

The ingredients used were top-notch, and all of the dishes looked fancy.

Song Zhou stared at these dishes for a long time, while Xi Ning was eating ravenously.

Xi Ning was too hungry and did not have much energy so his movements were a little slow, but he took every bite with satisfaction.

Xi Ning was originally from an ordinary family so he hadnt eaten any high-class delicacies before.

Furthermore, under the current circumstances, he couldnt even eat plain rice with steamed buns.

He buried his face into the lunch box and finished half of it and while he looked up, he saw Song Zhou staring silently at him.

Song Zhou didnt touch any of the dishes on his table at all.

Compared to him, Song Zhou looked like the one with a bad appetite rather than himself.

Xi Ning rubbed his nose awkwardly.

“Why didnt you eat it, does it not suit your taste”

There were still some classmates who hadnt left in the classroom.

They turned to look at them curiously and Xi Ning glared back at them.

Xi Ning didnt show any rejection at all when eating his food.

Song Zhou was puzzled.

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Could it be that he misunderstood, and Xi Ning did not mean what he thought.

Xi Ning suddenly covered the back of his neck with embarrassment.

His pheromones were releasing too much again, and the system scolded him, “Master, your self-control is too bad.

Fortunately, you are just an omega.”

Xi Ning was still wondering whats wrong with that sentence, and at the same time, Song Zhou also smelled a faint sweet smell.

His heartbeat missed a beat, he held his chopsticks tightly and lowered his head to clamp a piece of ribs.


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