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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 141

Si TuZhao sneered.

He had to bear the consequences when he was greedy for the treasures of the Devil Realm.

Xi Ning was his own son, but he used him like a tool.

Now that Xi Ning escaped because of his engagement, he still wishfully thought of catching Xi Ning without alerting the devil clan or spirit clan.

He could sneak into the Immortal Palace quietly.

If the Immortal Emperor couldn't find them outside, he could naturally find a way to sneak into his Devil Palace.

He was not afraid of anything else.

He was only worried that it would affect Xi Ning’s emotions.

If he wanted to help Xi Ning get through these few days, it won't be easy to stop once they start…...

To be on the safe side, it was better not return to the Devil's Palace at this time, nor could they stay here for too long.

Si TuZhao also had a secret residence elsewhere.

Although it was a bit poorer than his Devil Palace, it was also much better than this inn.

He wanted to take Xi Ning there first.

Xi Ning's brain had gradually become muddled under both the stimulation of his illness and adulthood.

He urged, “Then go quickly.

I felt very uncomfortable……”

Si TuZhao exhaled deeply, tilted his head and took a bite on Xi Ning's neck, and replied, “Don't be hasty.”

He tidied up both of their clothes, left some Devil Realm’s money on the table, and quietly left through the window with Xi Ning.

That residence was quite far from here.

Si TuZhao feared attracting the gaze of people so he didn't use any magical transportation.

He only traveled using his own devilish power.

Although he was quite fast, Xi Ning was always interfering with him on the way.

Si TuZhao also wore a large cloak, and hid Xi Ning in his cloak.

Xi Ning kept pawing at him all the time when they were going to the residence.

He either pulled off his collar and bit him, or grabbed his hand and put it on himself.

Si TuZhao almost wanted to punish him on the spot, and stopped in the middle of a forest to hold him down.

“Behave and don't tease me anymore.”

Otherwise, if there was no clean place in this wilderness, Xi Ning would be the one that suffers.

Xi Ning’s belt already got lost on their way, so he could only pull on his robe and say aggrievedly, “I feel uncomfortable……”

Si TuZhao felt distressed and kissed and coaxed Xi Ning under the tree for a long time before setting out again.

As they got closer and closer to the destination, Xi Ning felt extremely uncomfortable.

Si TuZhao was too busy to travel while hugging Xi Ning and didn't have time to care about him.

He was beside Xi Ning but couldn't comfort him, just like seeing a clear spring that could quench his thirst but he can’t drink it no matter what.

Plus, with his adulthood, Xi Ning felt extremely tortured.

What Si TuZhao was saying in his ear seems very distant.

He seemed to be in a daze when Si TuZhao led him into a room and turned on the lamp.

“Ning Ning” Si TuZhao put him on the bed and sat down, touching his face.

“Do you still recognize me”

He guessed that because of adulthood, Xi Ning's little addiction also broke out.

He slowly touched down his neck, Xi Ning was being comforted a lot, and he became more awake when he asked.

Last time, it was because of calling the wrong name, it had caused a big misunderstanding.

Xi Ning said with a serious expression, “You are Si TuZhao.”

There are still a few subordinates staying here.

Si TuZhao has ordered them to guard the mansion gate and set up a magic formation outside the door to prevent anyone from coming in.

They are very safe at this time.

Si TuZhao pulled open Xi Ning's clothes and asked again, “Ning Ning, although it is still early, you are already an adult.

Even if you try to solve it by yourself, you will still be uncomfortable for a while.

May I help you”

Xi Ning knew what would happen.

He leaned forward and sat on Si TuZhao's lap.


The punishment of the illness and adulthood occured at the worst timing, but Xi Ning didn’t mind it.

Si TuZhao thought it was too early because they didn’t get married and hurriedly fled the immortal world and came here.

But for Xi Ning, they were already together in two worlds.

They walked for about two or three hours on the road, and the accumulation of desire and eagerness was almost overwhelming.

Si TuZhao helped him alleviate his symptoms a bit, but his desire kept surging up.

Xi Ning was temporarily awake for a while because of the pain, and it was only for a moment.

He couldn't say a whole sentence, and the other sounds in the room became louder and louder.

Although it was the first time for both of them, they were very excited.

Si TuZhao couldn't control his strength as time passed by, and his movement became more and more fierce, but Xi Ning didn't feel uncomfortable or pained at all.

He was greatly satisfied from the inside out, and couldn't help wanting more.

Xi Ning didn't know how long had passed.

The punishment time for the illness seemed to have passed.

In the end, Si TuZhao took him to have a bath, applied a cleaning spell to the whole room, and slept with him.

He slept very well this time.

When he woke up, it was about noon by looking at the sky outside the window.

Si TuZhao was right next to him, he saw him wake up and kiss the corners of his lips softly.

“My dear, are you feeling better”

For Xi Ning, except for some normal symptoms, everything else was fine.

He responded in a low voice and kissed Si TuZhao back.

They were covered with a thin blanket and their clothes were thrown outside.

Si TuZhao couldn't control himself as they touched.

Xi Ning refused a bit at first but then they did it twice again.

When the two of them put on their clothes and pushed open the door, the sun had already set.

Si TuZhao took Xi Ning to the courtyard for a stroll and asked his subordinates to buy some delicate patry to deliver to them.

Except for his subordinates, no other Devil Lord knew that he had returned to the Devil Realm.

Xi Ning might still have a reaction in the next few days.

Si TuZhao planned to stay longer here.

He also secretly observed the movements of the Immortal Emperor, so he could deal with them in advance if there were any abnormalities.

He hugged Xi Ning.

After feeding Xi Ning a piece of pastry, he suddenly hugged him tighter and said, “Ning Ning, I want to tell you something.”

Xi Ning swallowed the food in his mouth.


“I…...recovered some memories this morning.”

He had planned to wait for Xi Ning to tell him when he woke up, but it took some time.

Seeing Xi Ning’s face with doubts, Si TuZhao explained, “It’s what you said before.

I have remembered my past life with you.

I do have a name called Song Zhou.”


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