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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 142

Xi Ning straightened his body, and said in a daze, “You remember”


Si TuZhao replied.


He actually didn't remember much.

There were only some vague fragmented memories from his dream.

He saw Xi Ning and himself wearing shirts that were very different from this world’s, and Xi Ning also called him Song Zhou.

In his previous life, Xi Ning seemed like he did not eat well often.

Sometimes he would feed Xi Ning himself.

But as the dream progressed, the memories suddenly became chaotic and blurry and he couldn't see them clearly, and finally the dream stopped abruptly.

After he woke up, he looked at Xi Ning who was in his arms, and he couldn't tell if he was still in his dream.

With his cultivation level, it is impossible to reproduce meaningless dreams.

As a devil, it was also impossible to have nightmares, so he was sure that those dreams were real.

“How much do you remember” Xi Ning sat up a bit, looking forward to it.

“Do you still remember what happened near the end”

He always felt that they knew each other before they transmigrated into the world, and there was also something off about his illness.

As long as Si TuZhao was there, the punishment was not a punishment at all.

It would only make them more intimate.

Si TuZhao told Xi Ning what he had dreamed about, but he didn’t remember anything earlier than that.

Xi Ning was a little disappointed, and leaned back down.


“Why did you get upset” Si TuZhao rubbed Xi Ning's wrist.

“And last time......It’s my fault that I misunderstood you.”

Even though he believed what Xi Ning explained to him at that time, now after he dreamed of it, he believed it more deeply.

Xi Ning already didn't mind about this matter a long time ago.

He said, “Because I have forgotten some memories.

If you remember all of them, you can tell me.”

Si TuZhao thought, in fact, he did have a feeling that he couldn't explain clearly, as if he and Xi Ning who are here now were in a dream that would end.

This feeling was inexplicable.

He couldn't find the reason, so he didn't tell Xi Ning and didn't want him to worry.

He didn't think much about it anymore.

While massaging Xi Ning's waist, he said, “I never remembered it before, but now…...maybe I can remember more if we do it a few more times in the future."

Xi Ning stretched out his hand to cover Si TuZhao’s mouth, and said while blushing, “How could it be because of this.”

Si TuZhao pulled down his hand, his expression was as usual.

“You don't like it But you were so clingy yesterday, you…...”

Some shameful memories flashed in Xi Ning's mind.

His hands were pinched and he couldn't move so he buried his face and muttered, “Stop talking about it.”

Si TuZhao stopped after seeing Xi Ning’s reaction.

They sat in the courtyard for a while, and Xi Ning started breathing heavily again.

The symptoms caused by adulthood had not completely disappeared.

His abnormality was quickly discovered by Si TuZhao, and the two went back into the house.

Xi Ning had been experiencing this in the past few days.

He was much more awake than he was the first time, and his senses were more sensitive.

Si TuZhao also became more unscrupulous, fiddling with him as much as he could, forcing him to say anything he wanted.

When this period of time finally passed, Xi Ning insisted on changing to another room.

Si TuZhao let him change the room.

This mansion was quite huge.

Even if Xi Ning changed rooms once a day, it still had enough rooms for them to change for half a month.

The system that had been silent for a long time came back online and quietly asked Xi Ning, “Master, are you free right now”

It checked all the data of Xi Ning's body and confirmed that he was not in an agitated state at this time before showing up.

It reported on the current mission progress, “Shu Xiu has been confirmed pregnant.

Because It’s only a bit earlier than the original time, the data is basically correct, and this important supporting role has been registered in the central system.“

“Master, you have two choices now,” the system said.

“Huo Xiu's character evaluation results have not yet come out.

I don't know how long it will be.

If master kills him now, you can directly complete the mission and move on to the next world.

The second choice is to wait until his character evaluation is finished.”

Xi Ning and Si TuZhao were in their honeymoon phase, and he definitely didn’t want to leave right now.

Besides, Huo Xiu was currently at Shu Xiu’s place.

It was not so easy to kill him, but the system still informed Xi Ning of this.

Sure enough, Xi Ning said, “Let’s talk about it again when the results of his character evaluation come out.”

And Huo Xiu was also very miserable now…...

Although Huo Xiu’s son played an important supporting role, he did not.

In the original book, it didn't mention his ending.

Xi Ning really didn’t expect the development of him and Shu Xiu to be like this.



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