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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 181

This feeling felt very strange.

Seeing Xi Ning no longer struggling, Xu Si let go of his hand, and slid his hands into his clothes.

Seeing that Xi Ning was lost in his thoughts, Xu Si's hand continued to move up, and he pinched him.

Xi Ning was stimulated by the touch, and whimpered while holding Xu Si's collar, some messy pictures suddenly appeared in his mind.

He was completely stunned.

Xu Si found out that he was not in the right state, and stepped back a little.

“What's the matter, babe”

Xu Si also withdrew his hand and tidied up Xi Ning's shirt.

Xi Ning looked at him blankly, the pictures just now have disappeared, he couldn't remember it anymore.

Xi Ning was still in a stunned state.

Xu Si thought he was like this because of what he had done just now.

He picked up Xi Ning, hugged him in his arms and asked, “Don't like me touching you”

Xu Si felt that since Xi Ning would care whether he was angry or not, and even take the initiative to kiss him, the meaning was already obvious, and it was normal to do something since he couldn't help himself.

Xi Ning was still immersed in the abnormal situation just now.

He did not answer.

Sniffing the familiar scent, he only felt relieved after he bit Xu Si and drank a small sip of blood again.

Although the images that appeared inexplicably had disappeared, the sense of familiarity was still there, just like a piece of memory that he had lost.

Xi Ning didn't ask the system what was going on.

He intuitively felt that even if he asked the system, it wouldn't tell the truth, so he silently buried his face in Xu Si's neck.

At this time, the servant knocked on the door outside.

“Sir, are you still dining tonight”

Xu Si did not go downstairs when it was dinner time, the servants did not dare to interrupt him.

Seeing that it was already past 10 o'clock, No.

1 was worried about Xu Si's body, so he asked the servant to heat up the food and ask them to go upstairs to ask Xu Si.

Xi Ning raised his head when he heard this, and said in surprise, “You haven't eaten yet”

“Not yet.” Xu Si patted the top of Xi Ning's hair.

“I will go to eat now.”

When they went downstairs, No.1 was also in the dining room, and he looked at Xi Ning with a very complicated look.

He and Xu Si guessed that Xi Ning must have known their plan from somewhere and deliberately went to interfere with it.

Xi Ning stayed at home every day, slept during the day, and wandered at night, but he still had such means.

No.1 can't help but doubt his true purpose of staying by Xu Si's side.

But seeing Xu Si’s attitude, he was completely obsessed with this vampire…...

Xi Ning helped Xu Si sit down in a chair.

Hesitating to leave, he sat next to Xu Si and helped to pick some vegetables for him.

He had never eaten with Xu Si before, let alone picking up vegetables for him.

Xu Si lowered his head to eat, while eating halfway he suddenly said, “Are you afraid that I am still angry, or are you worried that I will try to test Jian Yue's identity again”

Xi Ning was unprepared by his question, the bodyguard standing behind did not respond at all as if he hadn't heard Xu Si talking.

Xi Ning was silent for a moment and replied, “Both.”

Before going to the study, Xi Ning never thought that the reason for Xu Si's anger was to worry about him.

He thought that Xu Si would be angry and ask him why he interfered with his plan.

In the end, he just checked whether he was injured and asked whether he was thirsty or not.

Regarding Jian Yue's matter, Xu Si didn't hide it from him.

He was indeed suspecting that Jian Yue was not an ordinary human being.

Xi Ning felt that Xu Si had already guessed it, but he hadn't seen the evidence with his own eyes, since he was not 100% confirmed, he hadn't done anything more.

Xu Si has finished eating, he wiped his hands, got up and walked to Xi Ning to pull him up.

He gently lifted his forehead.

“Then which one are you more worried about Hm”

Xi Ning knew what to say now would make him happy, but he still thought about it, and honestly replied, “I'm more afraid you will be angry.”

When Xi Ning was by Xu Si's side, what Xi Ning thought most was whether he would be unable to resist Xu Si, was it because of the illness or the appetite for blood, or because of him himself.

The influence of external forces made him unable to distinguish it so clearly, but if he really had feelings for Xu Si, he could not deceive himself since this was a fact.

Especially when Xu Si ignored him with a cold attitude, Xi Ning was more anxious than seeing the mission instruction.

Hearing this, the corners of Xu Si’s lips curled slightly.

He lowered his head and kissed Xi Ning.

After he stepped back, Xi Ning glanced around nervously.

Fortunately, several bodyguards were standing still like sculptures, and the servants were also busy tidying up the dining table.

No one noticed their actions.


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