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After a period of waiting, Xi Ning received the last mission prompt.

[Fei Shi will attack Morrison, please rush to the mission scene in time and block the fatal hit for Morrison.]

Xi Ning quickly told Louis, and Louis took out the communicator and sent a message to Carl, saying that the Beast clan might act soon.

Xi Ning was still a little worried because he was not at the scene.

About an hour later, his mission prompt and the communicator in Louis’s hand sounded at the same time.

Carl wrote in the message that Morrison was alive and only slightly injured.

It was indeed Fei Shi who attacked him, and he has now been arrested.

Besides that, Xi Ning’s mission prompt also exceeded his expectations.

[Morrison is out of danger, because the mission person failed to die, there is no reward for this mission, additional mission is added, please complete it within a week.


[Additional mission: Call off the engagement with Morrison.


Xi Ning told Louis about the change in his mission, and Louis breathed a sigh of relief, “Isn’t this much easier than faking your death”

It seemed that the center system still had a bit of a conscience, but he would not forgive this  arrangement for Xi Ning to die.

The new mission was indeed a lot easier.

Louis went directly to Carl and agreed to live in the general’s mansion on the condition that Xi Ning be his fiancee.

Louis’ decision was almost within Carl’s expectations.

Carl originally wanted to wait a little longer, because of the assassination incident of the Second Highness in the palace, and the person who caused it being the Minister of Parliament, so the President might not be able to take care of it.

But Louis insisted on solving it within a week, and promised Carl that he could persuade his former pirate subordinates to accept the Federation’s recruitment.

Only then did Carl agree.

He was the biggest contributor to saving Morrison.

Even if the president was hesitant, he did not refuse, and had Carl explain it to the Sea Clan, Morrison, and the media.

Carl became really busy in those days, and it was inconvenient for Xi Ning and the others to show up, so they could only wait in the general’s mansion.

Xi Ning said with emotion, “He is so kind to you.

Is it really so important to let you recognize as his son……”

It’s not that Louis is bad, but Xi Ning felt that Carl and Louis didn’t actually have much emotional foundation.

Louis is very clear about the situation.

“He is the only one left in his lineage, and he can’t conceive a second son at this age.

How can he not be in a hurry”

He touched Xi Ning’s cheek and said softly, “Don’t think too much.

You don’t have many resources to use when doing your mission.

If you really want to, you can just come back and repay Carl when you have a chance in the future.”

When the one-week deadline was approaching, Carl successfully had the president call off the engagement between Xi Ning and Morrison.

The news reports outside had exploded, and many people were also concerned about Carl’s mysterious son.

Xi Ning and Louis stayed in the mansion and didn’t pay any attention to this.

After receiving the notification that the mission was completed, he wasn’t even able to wait for Carl to return and was about to leave.

[The new additional mission has been completed, and the plot line has returned to the right track.

Due to the deviation of the mission, 10 mission points is rewarded.


When the familiar prompt sounded, Xi Ning was very calm in the face of transferring the world, and the next one would be the last world he traveled through.

[The mission has been completed, ready to leave and transfer the world, countdown to 20, 19, 18……]

Xi Ning rubbed Louis’ neck, “I’m leaving……”

“Okay,” Louis wasn’t able to say anything more, and lowered his head and kissed Xi Ning’s lips, “Don’t be afraid, babe”

(Part 2)

[Depression: You are always in a low mood, low self-esteem, pessimistic and felt miserable.


After two days of waiting, Xi Ning was sent to a new world.

He opened his eyes and sat up from a small bed, and when he lowered his head, he saw his  long hair hanging in front of him.

It had the same silver color as the previous world.

The robe on his body is also silver, in a strange style.

It was not modern clothes, and it was also not like ancient clothes.

Xi Ning was puzzled, but at this time the system asked,”Master, how do you feel You are an elf in this world! Just listening to the word elf, you can already imagine what a wonderful creature it is…..”

Xi Ning was stunned when he heard the words.

He looked around the room and saw a round mirror not far away.

He got up and approached the mission, the figure reflected in the mirror did have a pair of pointed ears protruding from the silver-white hair.

Xi Ning reached out and touched them curiously, he also found that his irises in this world were green, and the light in the room made them look like a slightly darker emerald.

The system was still introducing his identity.

“This time, master, you are a forest elf.

Silver hair and green eyes are the characteristics of this race, and the forest elf is also called the spirit of all things……”

Xi Ning pushed open the wooden door, and almost missed his step.

He looked down and then looked around.

To one’s surprise, he actually lived on top of a tree.


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