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There are many piled-up tables, chairs, and benches in the utility room.

Song Zhou walked two steps inside and saw Xi Ning standing alone in the corner, looking over with a flustered expression.

Xi Ning was afraid of the reaction he might have and said vigilantly, “What are you doing here”

Song Zhou said bluntly, “I am worried about you.”

He took another step closer, Xi Ning had obvious resistance on his face.

Song Zhou frowned.

“Where are you feeling uncomfortable”

When he looked at the back of Xi Nings neck just now, he didnt notice any redness or swelling.

Now that he thought about it carefully, Xi Ning was not feeling uncomfortable because of allergies.

Then he……

Song Zhou slowly approached Xi Ning while comforting him with a soft voice.

“Should I take you to the hospital Or call your family for you Before you ran out, no one else in the classroom found out that you were feeling uncomfortable.

The teacher doesnt know either.”

Xi Ning had retreated to the window.

He turned around and glanced at the dust on it, then moved forward a little bit.

He said with a stiff attitude, “I just dont want to go to class, its none of your business.

You go back to class.”

Song Zhou remained still and reached out to Xi Ning who was two steps away from him.

“You come here first and let me have a look.”

Theres nothing to look at…… Xi Ning turned his head, feeling that the temperature on his face was rising again.

He raised his hand and pretended to touch the clothes on his back, and quietly pressed the suppression spray against the back of his neck.

The system was worried.

“Master, its not too good to spray too much suppression spray.

Its fine even if Song Zhou found out about it since he is a beta……”

Xi Ning was too lazy to explain it to the system.

He only hoped that Song Zhou would leave quickly.

Otherwise, he was afraid that he would lose control again.

Xi Ning said with a calm tone, “Im really fine.

Quickly go back to class.”

Song Zhou didnt seem to want to listen to him.

He took his hand back but got closer to Xi Ning.

Xi Ning was hiding something from him and he didnt want him to know.

Maybe he didnt want others to find out as well because Xi Ning was also very flustered himself.

When Song Zhou checked the information on the Internet yesterday, he also saw the correct use and effects of alpha pheromones, as well as some analyses about pheromone abnormalities in omegas.

Because they are still in high school, the school does not give too detailed knowledge of ABO physiology, and they usually protect alphas and omegas strictly, otherwise, they will not install pheromone detectors in every classroom.

In the past, Song Zhou didnt understand anything about alphas and omegas, and he didnt want to understand them either.

However, it was different now.

He tried the method he learned yesterday.

He slowly releases his pheromones, wanting to find out Xi Nings current emotional state and comfort him.

But he hadnt completely undergone the gender differentiation yet, and it was the first time he has done this.

Even if he tried to intentionally release his pheromones, it might not be successful…….

In the next moment, Song Zhou sensed Xi Nings pheromones.

It was not the scent that could be smelled normally, but it was the emotion hidden under the pheromones.

He could feel that Xi Ning was nervous, embarrassed, and expectant.

Song Zhou tried to calm his messy and overwhelmed pheromones, and at the same time, he slowly approached Xi Ning and finally grasped Xi Nings wrist.

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“Are you feeling better now”

Xi Ning had stabilized a lot.

He didnt resist at all.

He raised his head and stared at Song Zhou.

It took a while before he answered.


Song Zhou grabbed Xi Nings other hand that was behind his back and took away the suppression spray in his hand.

Xi Nings palm was a little red because he held onto it too tightly.

His guess seemed to be correct.

It was because of him that Xi Ning suddenly had an abnormality when he was in the classroom.

Xi Ning had also smelled his pheromone yesterday.

He even ran here to hide, not wanting him to know the real reason…… it was so cute.


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