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While Xi Ning was thinking about ways to drive Song Zhou away or get out of here, he suddenly smelled a familiar scent.

The pheromones from Song Zhou slowly surrounded Xi Ning.

Xi Nings abnormal symptoms disappeared completely.

He was no longer flustered and panicked.

Instead, he felt very safe and comfortable in front of Song Zhou.

But he didnt dare relax completely even though he finally smelled Song Zhous pheromones and felt very satisfied.

Did Song Zhou really not know that he was an alpha

Him releasing pheromones at this time seemed to be intentional.

Xi Ning asked the system.

“Can alphas unintentionally release their own pheromones”

All Xi Nings body data was restored to normal.

The system was very happy.

After checking the information, it replies, “This kind of situation exists and it often happens with alphas with weak self-control.

Such alphas are generally advised to wear suppression collars when going out to avoid unnecessary influence on unfamiliar omegas.”

Xi Ning lowered his head and was thinking about something.

He looked obedient in Song Zhous view.

He didnt want to let go of Xi Nings hand that he was holding and squeezed Xi Nings palms which had become a bit red.

He felt that he could hold Xi Ning in his arms if he pulled Xi Ning towards him lightly.

The location of this utility room was remote and no one else was present here.

He could do whatever he wanted and Xi Ning might not resist him.

Song Zhou lowered his head slightly to look into Xi Nings eyes.

He reached out and fiddled with the hair that was on his forehead.

“Do you want to ask for leave”

Xi Ning hesitated but nodded.


He also wanted to go to the hospital to do a full-body checkup, or go home and call the doctor that came last time to examine him.

Song Zhou looked down at his watch.

The morning class was about to end.

He asked Xi Ning, “Then do you want to go back to the classroom to get your things now”

Song Zhou was speaking softly and slowly.

He looked gentle and patient and seemed as though he would agree to whatever Xi Ning said.

Xi Ning didnt want to go to the classroom anymore.

He turned his head away.

“I dont want to go back.

You help me bring my things over,” Xi Ning said with a commanding tone.

Song Zhous eyes moved slightly.

He gently squeezed Xi Nings chin and obediently said, “Okay, you stay here and wait for me.”

After speaking, Song Zhou turned and went out.

Xi Ning rubbed his chin and found a cleaner place to squat down to wait for Song Zhou.

When Song Zhou came back, he brought his lunch and asked Xi Ning to take it home to eat.

Xi Ning did not take it.

Instead, he lowered his head to send a message to Butler Lin.

Xi Ning asked Butler Lin to ask for leave for him and then ask the driver to come to the school to pick him up.

“What will you eat if I bring your lunch back”

It was still early, and the lunch made by the cooking auntie had not been delivered yet.

Besides, he had to ask for leave to go home so it was impossible for the cooking auntie to cook a meal for his classmate without any reason.

Song Zhou said, “Im going to eat outside of school.”

It costed money to eat outside of school.

Xi Ning remembered that Song Zhous family was not very wealthy, so he took some money from his school bag and gave it to Song Zhou.

Song Zhou moved his lips.

Xi Ning interrupted and spoke before him.

“Dont refuse it.”

He shoved the money into Song Zhous hands.

Xi Ning then put his school bag on his back and left the utility room.

Xi Ning took two steps forward and found that Song Zhou was still following behind him.

Seeing him turning around, Song Zhou explained, “I will send you off.”

Like a bodyguard…… Xi Ning did not refuse and went to the school gate with him.

The driver came very quickly.

Butler Lin had already informed the teacher and he came to meet Xi Ning with the driver.

When he saw Xi Nings figure from far away, he got out of the car to greet Xi Ning.

He carefully examined Xi Nings body.

“Second young master, did you have a stomach ache again”

“No,” Xi Ning shook his head and said intentionally in front of Song Zhou.

“My pheromone is a bit abnormal, I want to do a body checkup.”

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Xi Ning was observing Song Zhou, but he didnt see any reaction from him.

Pheromone abnormality is a big deal, so Butler Lin hurriedly asked Xi Ning to get in the car to go home.

He also called Dr.

Li to ask him to come to Xiaos house.

Before Xi Ning got into the car, Song Zhou approached him and said in a soft voice that only the two of them could hear, “I will come to visit you later.”

The heat from Song Zhous breath spread behind Xi Nings ears.

He shrank his neck, and when he turned his head, Song Zhou had already walked back to school.


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