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“What are you thinking about”

Song Zhou noticed that Xi Ning was sitting in a daze, and asked softly.

Xi Ning regained consciousness.

He lowered his head and whispered, “Im thinking about what to eat tonight.”

There would be a lot of people at the party, so he couldnt let Song Zhou feed him.

Although the relationship between the two of them had already been guessed by the first-class students, it was just some guesses.

Song Zhou also imitated Xi Ning.

He lowered his head and tilted it a little bit, so as to not let the driver in front of him see them talking.

“Then…… do you want to go to my house”

Xi Ning raised his head in surprise.

This was the first time Song Zhou had invited Xi Ning to his house.

“There are still meat and vegetables at my house.” Song Zhou half-closed his eyes, his eyelashes cast a small shadow under his eyes, his voice was very soft.

“I can make a meal for you.”

Xi Ning immediately agreed.

“Okay, this is what you said.”

Anyway, there was a driver to pick him up, and it wouldnt be troublesome to wait for him to go back after having dinner at Song Zhous house.

Xiao CongYi had reserved a private room in a Chinese restaurant which was not far away from the school.

They arrived very early and followed the waiters instructions to go upstairs.

When everyone came one after another, there was a total of more than 20 people in the private room.

The people were divided into two tables.

Xi Ning pulled Song Zhou and sat down in the corner.

When Song Zhou came in, Xiao CongYi looked at him a few more times but didnt say much.

Some students in the first-class were very curious when they saw two birthday cakes on the table.

They thought that Lin Mian was already a couple with Xiao CongYi.

They tried to ask them about it when they were giving the birthday greetings.

They were not sure whether Lin Mian didnt understand their probing questions or he didnt want to answer.

He had just smiled shyly.

Xi Ning, who was sitting in the corner, didnt care about it.

The table that he was sitting at had already started serving food and he also started eating.

Song Zhou would occasionally quietly pick up some vegetables for him, asking him to fill his stomach first.

Halfway through the meal, someone turned off the lights in the private room and started singing birthday songs.

The atmosphere was pushed to the highest point tonight when Xi Ning suddenly received a system reminder.

At the same time, the door of the private room was suddenly opened, and a girl with long black curly hair and light makeup came in after the waiter.

After a “pop” sound, the light was turned on, and the girl was surprised.

“Are you celebrating your birthday”

She apologized, saying that she was embarrassed and didnt mean to interrupt, while she accurately found Xiao CongYi in the crowd.

She waved at him and smiled sweetly.

“Brother Yi!”

Xiao CongYis fiancée is quite competent, and she actually found this place.

Probably because most of her calls to Xiao CongYi failed to get through and she directly asked the driver of the Xiao family.

The situation became a bit awkward, Xiao CongYi smiled and introduced her to everyone.

“This is a friend of mine, who just came back from abroad….…”

The girl blinked at him.

“Is Brother Yi being shy Its fine, we can be friends first.”

Xi Ning turned his head to look at Lin Mian, and his face was starting to look bad as expected.

But in this situation, would they be fine……

At this moment, the system sent him a mission reward.

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[The plot is slightly changed, but the probability of the protagonists repairing their relationship has increased by 70%, 15 mission points are rewarded.


Xi Ning was dumbfounded and wanted to bow on the spot to thank this girl.

The people around felt a little awkward, and vaguely guessed a little bit, especially Xiao CongYis friends, who all smiled and tried to lighten up the atmosphere.

They couldnt drive this young lady out for no reason, they could only greet her to sit down and eat together.

The girl was impolite and sat down generously in the vacant seat beside Xiao CongYi.

Song Zhou was almost full after the meal.

He didnt care about what was happening now.

He put down his chopsticks and said in a low voice, “Lets go now Lets go back to my house and Ill cook for you.”


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