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Xiao CongYi sighed, he raised his hand and pinched his eyebrows.

“If you are dissatisfied with me, you can vent on me.

Which part of Lin Mian offends you that causes you to hate him so much”


“You even transferred back to the first class, do you think that you can do whatever you want because nobody can control you”

Xi Ning took a deep breath.

He kept reminding himself that Xiao CongYi was the protagonist, and he should not have unnecessary conflicts with him.

“I didnt bully him anymore…” Xi Ning calmed down, thinking of Lin Mians reaction at noon, and felt a little guilty.

“I not only helped him drive away those who wanted to bully him, I also treated him to a meal.”

Xiao Congyi pinched his eyebrows and raised his head in disbelief.

“You Treated him a meal”

Xi Ning looked innocent.

“Why should I lie to you If you dont believe me, you can just ask Lin Mian…….

Oh no, Lin Mian is still ignoring you now Even though you have such good qualities, you still couldnt even win the heart of a Beta.”

Xiao CongYi became silent and the driver quietly glanced in the rearview mirror.

After a long time, Xiao CongYi said in embarrassment, “Did you really… just treat him to a meal”

If Xi Ning accepted Lin Mian, that would be great.

Seeing his attitude has loosened a bit, Xi Ning took the opportunity to say, “I didnt think you were so depressed all day like you were suffering from lovesickness, so I wanted to go to Lin Mian and apologize.

But when I went there, I saw several people were surrounding Lin Mian and throwing his food on the ground.”

Xiao CongYi was furious, “Who did it”

“I cant remember his name, its an omega who likes you.” Xi Ning comforted him, “Fortunately, I arrived on time, but Lin Mians lunch box is broken.

You can buy him a new one and give it to him as a gift.”

Xiao CongYi was taken aback for a moment and looked at Xi Ning seriously, “Why did you suddenly get so concerned about these things”

Oh no, it seems that I have OOCd a bit.

Xi Ning turned his head and looked out of the car window, pretending to be impatient.

“You can do whatever you want, Im just simply saying.”

Xiao Congyi stopped talking.

The parents for the current body that Xi Ning currently in were abroad all year round, so everything in the house was taken care of by butler Lin.

After they got home, the cooking auntie had already prepared their meal.

Xi Ning had no appetite when he smelled it, so he made the excuse of being unwell and asked the cooking auntie to cook some light porridge for him.

“Thats right,” Xi Ning turned back before going upstairs.

“Is there a lunch box at home Pack some for me, I will take it to school tomorrow.”

Hearing this, Xiao CongYi and others all looked surprised.

Xiao Ning never brought food to school before since he found it troublesome.

The cooking auntie was the first to react with disagreement, “How can the second young master eat food left overnight Tomorrow I will make a new meal and have the driver send it to the school.

Do you still prefer light meals”

Xi Ning was stunned for two seconds and said vaguely, “Just the usual.”

So this is the life of the rich.

At a later time, the porridge specially cooked for him was delivered, the cooking auntie even put a small portion of mustard with thoughtfulness, but Xi Ning dumped it into the trash can while pinching his nose.

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As for the homework, considering the previous overall results of the original, he carefully selected some of the questions and wrote the correct answers, leaving the rest at random.

When he finished cleaning himself, he turned on a small night light in the room and went to bed early.

After passing the dining room the next morning, Xi Ning deliberately picked two of the most beautiful cakes and packed them into his bag.

Xiao CongYi just came downstairs and said naturally to Xi Ning, “Lets go together, the driver has already been waiting.”


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