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HSSB1010: A terrifying person


The youth leapt up in fright, unconsciously looking in the direction that Ah Hu had vanished in.

He was already long since nowhere to be seen.

It was just that what his Master had said had him so shocked he was unable to close his mouth.

The reason was precisely the fact that the current Ah Hu was shockingly already a Martial Saint.

Even though the current global situation of the Vast Ocean World was already vastly different from back when Yan Zhaoge had been active there, a Martial Saint expert was still indisputably a bigwig of a region.

The youth had previously gone to invite Ah Hu on behalf of Chief Song, having been respectful as he had not dared to slight him in the least.

Even if Ah Hu was unrelated to Broad Creed Mountain, there would not be any change to this at all.

Just he alone was already sufficient to stir up massive tides that surged to the heavens in the World beyond Worlds.

This was when no one knew how strong Ah Hu was for his cultivation level since he had never made a move in the Vast Ocean World before.

In truth, it was unknown even whether their former Chief, Gao Tianzhong, was a match for Ah Hu whose cultivation base was lower than his.

“That Mister Hu, isn’t he an Elder of Broad Creed Mountain” The youth asked dazedly.

Looking at his disciple, Chief Song sighed, not blaming him for losing his composure.

“I cannot blame you for being so shocked.

When I, your Master first saw Mister Hu, he was still a Martial Grandmaster,” Chief Song sighed, “Still, he is very young in relation to his cultivation base.”

“I originally believed that he was one of the core descendants of Broad Creed Mountain whom they have devoted great resources to.

Never did I consider and only now do I know that he is actually the retainer of the Traceless Cloud Dragon King!”

Chief Song just shook his head a few times.

The disbelieving look on his disciple’s face had still yet to fade now, “Even for a Martial Grandmaster, being a retainer would still be too…too…”

“Too humiliating, too spineless, too inconceivable” Chief Song slowly asked, “Especially with how this person has actually already Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood yet seems willing to stay as the retainer of another, which makes it even harder for you to accept”

The youth nodded.

Chief Song continued, “Think about it from another perspective.

What sort of figure would someone that a Martial Grandmaster and even a Martial Saint would be willing to serve as a retainer be like”

“The Traceless Cloud Dragon King is actually that…that terrifying” The youth felt like only the word ‘terrifying’ could be used to describe someone like that.

Due to the fast timeflow in the Vast Ocean World, this youth had only been born after Yan Zhaoge had left the Vast Ocean World.

When he had entered Changli Mountain to learn martial arts, Yan Zhaoge had already long since not been active in the Vast Ocean World aside from his secret secluded cultivation sessions there.

He had heard of the many rumours regarding Yan Zhaoge.

Still, these just being rumours, they were still insufficient for him to have an actual understanding and grasp of Yan Zhaoge’s true might.

Broad Creed Mountain had had disciples down in the Vast Ocean World in recent years, including outstanding talents like Xu Fei, Shi Jun, Ying Longtu and Sikong Qing who possessed shocking might.

Still, most of them had already left the Vast Ocean World before their cultivation base had reached the peak.

All along, Broad Creed Mountain had only ever used this location to temper their younger disciples.

Of the experts of Broad Creed Mountain who were presiding over this place, the strongest was their Grand Elder Zhang Kun who had finally broken through his bottleneck of several decades a couple of years ago, Transcending Mortality and entering Sainthood.

Martial Saints were not to be underestimated for sure.

Still, Zhang Kun was someone who kept a low profile as he simply advanced and retreated alongside Changli Mountain most of the time.

The current Changli Mountain was the greatest power within the Vast Ocean World as it was often the case that the other sects had to join forces in order to be able to restrict them.

As a disciple of Changli Mountain, while this youth too was in admiration of the outstanding martial practitioners of Broad Creed Mountain, he still felt a great sense of pride with regard to himself and Changli Mountain.

He was confident of himself and proud of the glory of his sect.

Hearing the many legends of Yan Zhaoge, he had thought more of him as a goal to strive towards, firmly believing that he too would be able to achieve such heights one day.

It was very normal for confident and ambitious martial practitioners to have such thoughts, really.

Yet, at this moment, as the tip of the iceberg that was Ah Hu was revealed, this youth was instantly rendered stunned.

What sort of a person could have a Martial Grandmaster and even a Martial Saint willingly being his servant and retainer

Just trying to consider this matter in greater detail, his head felt like it was spinning as he dared not think any further.

Glancing at his disciple, Chief Song sighed inwardly.

He had not dealt such a blow to his disciple deliberately, of course.

That was the most outstanding disciple of his Changli Mountain’s younger generation who was set to become a pillar of their sect.

Still, some horizons had to be expanded at the end of the day, some experiences ultimately being necessary.

The same had happened before for him that year.

Turning and gazing in the direction that Ah Hu had left in, Chief Song had a complex expression on his face, “While both of us bear the name of one of the Five Peaks of Daoism of pre-Great Calamity times, our fates are so vastly different…”

“The World beyond Worlds mentioned by those of Broad Creed Mountain-I wonder just what sort of miraculous land that is.

How I wish I could experience it for myself!”

Just as he was feeling endlessly emotional, all-encompassing light suddenly surged out from the ground in the depths of Changli Mountain, shooting up into the horizon.

Chief Song and his disciple were both shocked at first before their rejoiced greatly.

“Master has left seclusion!”

“Grand Master has left seclusion!”

The former Chief of Changli Mountain and the current number one expert of the Vast Ocean World, Gao Tianzhong, had finally emerged from seclusion today after many years of secluded cultivation.

All of Changli Mountain felt even more joyful at the fact that Gao Tianzhong had successfully attained the third level of the Martial Saint realm, the late Merging Avatar stage.

With that, Changli Mountain’s position as the number one sect of the Vast Ocean World was completely solidified.

With that, even if the other powers of the Vast Ocean World all joined forces, they still might not be able to resist the pressure exerted by Changli Mountain.

“Speaking of this, we really have to thank Broad Creed Mountain,” Regaining his wits, Chief Song said emotionally, ‘If not for treasures from our transactions that are only available in the World beyond Worlds, Master would probably not have been able to succeed so quickly.”

The youth beside him said excitedly, “According to the words of those of Broad Creed Mountain, Grand Master only has to advance one step further before he can ascend to the World beyond Worlds!”

“At that time, our Changli Mountain will have far-reaching prospects, everything becoming possible!”

Chief Song said, “How could it be that easy There are as many experts in the World beyond Worlds as there are clouds.

Let us first just speak of Broad Creed Mountain’s ‘Heavenly Roc’ Elder Xu who once took up residence at our Changli Mountain.

When leaving the Vast Ocean World that year, he was still a Martial Grandmaster.

Back then, Master had already Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood.”

“A few years ago, however, news from Broad Creed Mountain indicated that Heavenly Roc Xu had already attained the third level of the Martial Saint realm, even faster than Master has.”

Hearing his words, the youth had just been about to say something when his body suddenly shook.

He was currently already a Martial Grandmaster as he could still maintain his stability even amidst turbulent tides and tempestuous storms.

A moment ago, however, he had nearly toppled down to the ground.

Even Chief Song had wobbled, nearly falling!

It was not Changli Mountain beneath their feet which had been shaken, nor was it just limited to the Directionless Sea where Changli Mountain was located.

Instead, the entire Vast Ocean World had quaked simultaneously and trembled at this moment!

All martial practitioners of the Vast Ocean World felt an immense fear which was difficult to suppress arising within their hearts.

It was like the end of the world was here!

In truth, if this quaking went on without respite, the Vast Ocean World would face great waves that were even more terrifying than the quaking of the dragon tomb that year.

Once, every time the dragon tomb quaked, the Vast Ocean World would experience a massive tribulation, falling into devastation and ruin.

Presently, the dragon tomb had been destroyed, that tribulation never again to descend.

The quaking at this moment, however, would be able to cause the collapse of the entire Vast Ocean World, transforming it back into ashes and dust!


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