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HSSB1017: A big stage, I like it


“Who knows how many people have all set their eyes on our opening ceremony this time…” Yan Zhaoge pondered, going through his preparations once more.

This was one of the rare times in which Yan Zhaoge was not sufficiently confident of a battle which he would be engaging in.

Before the final moment, no one could know how many enemies they would face, who they were and how many helpers they might have.

Things were very unclear as the factors involved were too many and the information at hand little.

For example, his mother had once had an encounter with the Northeastern Exalt as they had left pretty good impressions on each other.

Still, it was completely unknown whether this bigwig would provide his assistance.

The ties between them did not run all that deep, and there were also no tensions which existed between the Northeastern Exalt and the Southern Exalt.

Why would the other party want to help them

Moreover, there was also the pressure of the Heaven Emperor.

Why would the Northeastern Exalt offend the Heaven Emperor for no good reason

On the contrary, if the relationship between him and Xue Chuqing were made known, the Eastern Exalt, the Western Exalt and the Northwestern Exalt might all come finding trouble for them.

While these things were not definite, it was still necessary for Yan Zhaoge to consider them.

This could be imagined making a rather bleak guess from his understanding of some things.

Due to a lack of information, there were some things that he did not know at all, which could lead to occurrences that completely surpassed his expectations at any moment.

For example, what were the opinions of the World beyond Worlds’ Three Sovereigns with regard to his mother, the Dim Radiant Wheel that he possessed and the late Dim Radiant Emperor

What were the stances of the other three Emperors besides the Brocade Emperor and the Heaven Emperor

What were the stances of the remaining Exalts of those ten

It was impossible for them to know themselves as they knew their enemies, with many projections possibly being completely wrong.

Still, Yan Zhaoge was neither flustered nor fearful as he just unceasingly brushed up on his plans.

Making sure that he did the best he could without exposing any flaws or openings was most definitely the basis of everything.

With that as a precondition, he made many schemes and plans which might be useful.

For changes that were really completely out of their expectations, they would have to react accordingly on the spot.

Of course, things would be much simpler if the Brocade Emperor acted as had been agreed.

“Our own strength is still of foremost importance,” Yan Zhaoge looked up at the Dim Radiant Wheel.

Yan Zhaoge had invested quite a bit into this fella.

It was truly an ultra money-eating machine.

Not counting the Dim Radiant Lamp which the Dim Radiant Emperor Yin Tianxia had used to establish its foundation back then, Yan Zhaoge had already depleted a whole bunch of high-grade Sacred Artifacts to refine it.

Following the golden sun wheel and the Five Phoenix Fan, the Dragontail Whip, the Blazing Flame Sabre, the Heaven Earth Reversing Axe, the Jet Dragon Whip and the other two high-grade Sacred Artifacts which he had obtained from the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, the True Slashing Sword and the Light Dust Formless Armour, had all been refined by the Dim Radiant Wheel.

The concepts contained within these Sacred Artifacts had been unordinary in the first place.

Still, most of them had not been needed by the Dim Radiant Wheel.

Yan Zhaoge had used them as intermediaries with which he transmitted the various peak martial arts that he was proficient in.

Apart from that, there were also the Golden Crow World Incinerating Sabre and Purple Sea Sword which had been devoured from the start.

Of the ten high-grade Sacred Artifacts that Yan Zhaoge had returned from the southern Blazing Heaven Territory with, only the Bright Barbaric Daoist Robe and the Phoenix Crying Crown still remained as the golden sun wheel and the Heaven Earth Reversing Axe had been used up too.

Still, there were returns to these gains.

This fella before him might be able to achieve what ten high-grade Sacred Artifacts could not.

While it had not been completely refined successfully, this was an extremely important segment of his plan, provided his projections had not been wrong.

Stroking his lower chin, Yan Zhaoge suddenly smiled, “A big stage, I like it.”

“Be it fortune or calamity, let it come quickly.

I cannot wait.”

In the upcoming days, Yan Zhaoge tempered himself while continuing to further refine his various preparations.

Over this time, unbeknownst to the outside world, Broad Creed Mountain actually gained its third Immortal Bridge Martial Saint.

Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone finally also successfully established the orbit of stars within the inner universe of his own body, causing his acupoints that had already seen Divinity to circulate and attain the Immortal Bridge stage.

This time, however, it was the Northern Ocean Clone who had benefited from his main body, drawing from his experience to finally successfully surpass that bottleneck and break through.

The might of Yan Zhaoge’s Northern Ocean Clone was inferior to that of his real body at the same cultivation level.

Still, a thought that Yan Zhaoge had regarding this clone of his seemed rather viable now.

Following the power of the Kunpeng, true dragon, Taotie, Pixiu and Bifang, Yan Zhaoge integrated the strength of the Golden Crow within as well.

With these many forces and treasures boosting him forward and unique cultivation techniques too, the Northern Ocean Clone’s strength improved by leaps and bounds.

What he had thought of previously seemed to be gradually nearing fruition.

Time went on and on, soon nearing the date of Broad Creed Mountain’s official opening ceremony.

At this time, news was sent back.

Following the Brocade Emperor, the Heaven Emperor too had finally returned to the World beyond Worlds.


“The Heaven Emperor is back in the World beyond Worlds”

Beneath the clear skies of the Roving Jade Heavens.

Clear Duckweed Mountain’s Scenery Peak’s Flowing Heaven Horizon.

Within a cave manor, a handsome youth was lying lazily on his side, yet somehow possessed a graceful bearing.

Someone of this cave manor who looked like this would naturally be the master of this place, the Dragon Spring Emperor Long Xingquan who originated from the Jade Clear lineage but had joined the Prime Clear lineage.

Before him was a white-haired old man.

This was the Dragon Spring Emperor’s eldest son, the lord of Green Duckweed Mountain’s Minor White Peak Gao Xuebo.

He nodded, replying, “Yes, father.

The Heaven Emperor has already returned to the World beyond Worlds.”

“He should be the greatest threat to Broad Creed Mountain,” The Dragon Spring Emperor smiled, “I wonder if anyone else will make a move too.”

Gao Xuebo asked, “Are you going to return to the World beyond Worlds”

The Dragon Spring Emperor shook his head, “That would instead bring calamity to Broad Creed Mountain.

This should still be left to Zhenbei to handle.”

Gao Xuebo frowned, “If it is that person, considering his attitude in recent years…”

“I believe that he will not disappoint us,” The Dragon Spring Emperor said mildly, “A major disturbance will be descending upon the World beyond Worlds this time.”


World beyond Worlds, central Jun Heaven Territory.

Kunlun Mountain’s Southern High Peak, Qilin Cliff.

In the cave manor, an old man looked at a few images of light, not speaking for a long time.

It was a long time before he said, “It was actually not a coincidence.

Such a martial dao would not be wrong.

Still, how was this done”

“Also, the age doesn’t match…”

Now, someone entered, “Master, the Southern Exalt is awaiting outside.”

The old man turned, revealing an old face which resembled the great, heavy earth.

This was none other than the lord of the central Jun Heaven Territory, the Earth Exalt Wang Zhengcheng!

He pondered slightly for a moment before retrieving a jade box, “Hand this over to Southern Zhuang.”

His disciple acknowledged his instructions, receiving the jade box and bowing before he left.

The door soundlessly closed behind him.

The illusory image that Wang Zhengcheng was gazing at grew silent as well.

Outside the cave manor, the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen who looked like a white-haired youth was seated on a stone bench beneath a tree, looking calmly at a tragic chess game before him as he did not move or speak.

Seeing that someone had come, Zhuang Shen gazed over.

The other party handed him the jade box.

Accepting it and opening it for a look, a brilliant glow was emitted from Zhuang Shen’s eyes.

“I thank Elder Wang,” Zhuang Shen closed the jade box and stood up, cupping his hands towards the cave manor.

Then, he turned, transforming into a fiery phoenix and soaring into the skies as he was far away in an instant.


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