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HSSB1018: A visitor, Earthly Young Master


Broad Creed Mountain’s official opening ceremony was right around the corner.

When news of this spread, youths from various lands who yearned to join Broad Creed Mountain collectively hurried there.

The reason the news had been spread early was to give time for these people to hurry over.

After all, the journey was far.

For martial practitioners with relatively weak cultivation bases and ordinary people, unless they had special means of transportation, they might not be able to make it to the foot of Broad Creed Mountain by foot even if they walked for their entire lifetimes.

In just the Royal Reed Sea alone, going from north to south or east to west already took more than just merely a million kilometres.

Even less had to be said for the vast world outside of the Royal Reed Sea.

In order to guide these people who wished to join them and expand their influence, Broad Creed Mountain dispatched quite a lot of people to specifically allocated locations in the various lands.

Those who passed through the preliminary selections would be brought back by Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners to the Royal Reed Sea to participate in the opening ceremony.

Currently, Broad Creed Mountain was still rather lacking in people in the World beyond Worlds.

Still, its fame had spread far and wide as little effort was needed to attract many talented youths from all around.

While Broad Creed Mountain seemed to have kept a low profile within the Royal Reed Sea these past years, its influence had already soundlessly seeped within the entire Royal Reed Sea by now.

Just like how Broad Creed Mountain had had many minor powers affiliated to it when in the Heaven Domain of the Eight Extremities World back then, with a massive net having been formed, presently, in the Royal Reed Sea, this net had also achieved initial completion, bringing Broad Creed Mountain great convenience in bringing in disciples in this gathering of talent for their opening ceremony this time.

“Do you feel bored that I have not dispatched you outside to receive people”

Few young martial practitioners of Broad Creed Mountain were still in the sect now as most of them had been dispatched away, only a minority remaining.

Yan Zhaoge was naturally not one of them.

On the contrary, he was needed to remain at the Mountain.

He was needed to receive the major guests who had been invited to Broad Creed Mountain for their opening ceremony this time.

Beside Yan Zhaoge stood two youngsters who shook their heads in response, replying, “No.”

One of them was tall with defined lines on his face.

He had rather handsome features.

He also had a black eyepatch over his right eye.

This was none other than the survivor of the extermination of the Listening Thunder Peak’s Xia Family that year, Xia Guang who had accompanied Yan Zhaoge back from the southern Blazing Heaven Territory.

Currently, Xia Guang looked to be even younger than twenty.

Back when he had stimulated his Blood Thunderbolt Ritual in entering a protracted battle with an Elder of Three Foot Mountain, there had been a great depletion in his longevity which had resulted in him looking over fifty on the outside, soon to reach old age from his younger years.

That had not been Xia Guang deliberately changing his external appearance.

It was because with the longevity that had still remained after its grave depletion, he had indeed been stepping into old age.

Now, however, it was like he had regained his youth.

This too was not from his deliberately changing his external appearance.

Instead, it was a result of him cultivating in the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture of the ten Primordial Heavenly Scriptures after entering Broad Creed Mountain’s lineage, his longevity having been bolstered greatly.

Considering his age relative to his longevity now, he could not even be considered a youth, just a teenager at most.

Xia Guang’s clothes had also changed from that original red to the trademark look of Broad Creed Mountain’s core, direct lineage disciples as he wore the same white clothes with a black-bordered blue robe as Yan Zhaoge.

If he could, he would naturally wish to be one of those in charge of going forth to ferry people back.

It had already been six, nearly seven years since the tragic extermination of Listening Thunder Peak’s Xia Family back then.

Besides Xia Guang, there should still be two other survivors.

Yet, many years had passed, but Xia Guang had never been able to locate his kin.

As time passed, Xia Guang grew increasingly uneasy as hope diminished.

It was just that he remained eternally unwilling to give up despite that.

After Yan Zhaoge shocked the world in rampaging through the south, this time’s opening ceremony’s grandeur with Broad Creed Mountain’s extraordinary momentum caused the winds to stir all round.

If his remaining kin was still of this world, it was probable indeed that they would receive the news and hurry over this time.

Still, Xia Guang was not suitable for this kind of job.

First not mentioning how he was restless and quick to anger, he had seldom come into contact with the outside world as he had lived in seclusion in the Xia Family back then.

While had had often gone adventuring outside to temper himself ever since entering Broad Creed Mountain, he was still not well versed in matters such as this.

This had to do with past experiences whilst also personality.

In recent years, ‘Blood Thunderbolt’ Xia Guang had been an increasingly famous name amongst Broad Creed Mountain’s younger generation.

Still, there were both good and bad parts here.

While Xia Guang’s strength was outstanding and exhibited the great might of Broad Creed Mountain, he would also run into some trouble every once in a while.

He might not be the one at fault for certain in some things.

Still, things would have gone much better if there had someone who was well versed in the hearts of others handling these affairs instead.

Of course, if one were really to compare things, Yan Zhaoge had caused much more trouble than he had.

While Xia Guang did not want to stay at the Mountain, he had always unconditionally abided by the words of Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di.

It was just that ever since people had come over to join them, he had often secretly waited at the sect to see if his kin had arrived.

Standing beside Yan Zhaoge along with Xia Guang was a young girl who also looked yet to have reached twenty.

She had beautiful, remarkable features, just that she emanated a cold, aloof air.

This was Sikong Qing.

She had already Transcended Mortality and entered Sainthood several years ago.

Not considering Xia Guang who had entered from elsewhere, she was the fourth Martial Saint of Broad Creed Mountain’s third generation disciples after Yan Zhaoge, Xu Fei as well as Feng Yunsheng.

After a few years in secluded cultivation, she had already attained the second level of the Martial Saint realm as she had even already begun attempting her next breakthrough.

Still, ever since coming to the World beyond Worlds, Sikong Qing had been much more low key as compared to Xu Fei and Xia Guang and even the likes of Ying Longtu and Shi Jun.

She spent most of her time in secluded cultivation in the sect.

Presently, there were many things that Sikong Qing was already aware of.

Understanding that her situation was unique, she did not object to the arrangements of Yan Zhaoge, Fu Enshu and the rest.

She did not have an active personality as she was more willing to submerse herself within an ocean of martial arts, seeking their profundities.

She had previously gone adventuring outside more to temper herself rather than due to interest.

Not going outside as she stayed at the Mountain, having more time to cultivate, Sikong Qing naturally would not find it boring.

“If I do not guess wrong, junior apprentice-sister Sikong, there will be a more definite understanding regarding your matter after this time’s opening ceremony,” Yan Zhaoge said, “Still, we still cannot determine whether it will turn out good or bad.

You will have to be mentally prepared for this.”

Rather than whether Sikong Qing would be safe, this good and bad referred more to whether Sikong Qing would have to remain as low key and in concealment as she was now.

Sikong Qing said calmly, “No matter.

I understand that.”

Now, another Broad Creed Mountain disciple approached, respect and admiration evident within his eyes as he gazed at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge turned, smiling, “What is it”

That disciple hurriedly answered, “Senior apprentice-uncle Yan, a guest has arrived.

Chief invites you to go over and receive him.”

“Oh” Yan Zhaoge asked, “Do you know who it is who has come”

The other party answered, “He calls himself ‘Earthly Young Master’.

Surnamed Chen, named Kunhua.”


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