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HSSB104: Not singing the Ploy of the Empty City[1]


Both sides had wielded their spirit artifacts.

In the end, it had still been Yan Di, with a single stroke, cutting down the sun!

The golden giant that Pan Botai had transformed into staggered backwards.

Severe wounds had appeared on the giant’s body as several of the spirit symbols as well as patterns that constituted it were shattered, dripping down like fresh blood in the form of streams of light that disappeared within the air.

Pan Botai’s true body was once again revealed at the brows of the golden giant.

His figure seemed more old and rickety than before, his face slightly pale.

The old man’s throat throbbed for a few moments as he could feel something sweet in his mouth, as though blood could spurt out of it at any time, if not for him not forcibly suppressing it back down.

Pan Botai stared at Yan Di for one final moment before, letting out a muffled groan, he actually relied on its momentum to retreat, as he directly called out for the Twilight Lord and the others to retreat!

Yan Di’s appearance here meant that the ambush with the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler must have gone awry.

While he wasn’t certain what exactly had happened, Pan Botai knew for sure that the Sacred Sun Clan’s scheme had already failed, and that it was also very probable that Broad Creed Mountain would seize that opportunity and make a move on them instead.

Even knowing that he was the Sacred Sun Clan’s true target, after having evaded the crisis with the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler, Yan Di  had still dared to leisurely rush over to the Eastern Tang.

This was enough to prove that there must be something backing him up, for him to be so confident.

Under such circumstances, if he was assured of securing a swift victory, Pan Botai wouldn’t mind slaying Yan Di on the spot so as to teach Broad Creed Mountain a lesson.

Yan Di’s fame resounded the world, but as a longtime Martial Grandmaster expert of the same generation as Huang Guanglie and Yuan Zhengfeng, having been in the Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster realm for so many years, Pan Botai naturally had his own confidence and arrogance.

If he asked himself honestly whether he would be able to take down a Yan Di at the same cultivation level, he really couldn’t say that he was confident of doing so.

However, his cultivation base was clearly superior, yet he actually still couldn’t match up to Yan Di.

This caused Pan Botai to feel a hot, fiery pain on his face.

His own grandson had been killed by Yan Zhaoge, while he himself had met a setback at the hands of this Yan Di many years his junior whose cultivation base was actually inferior to his own.

For just a slight moment, Pan Botai’s entire person was nearly engulfed by the flames of fury and humiliation raging within his heart.

Not having met a setback like this in a long time, his mental state had actually become a little unstable.

However, sucking in a deep breath, Pan Botai swiftly calmed himself down.

The Sacred Sun Clan’s plans having been countered by Broad Creed Mountain, now also being unable to seize the upper hand, the most rational move for them was only retreat.

Otherwise, what awaited them would definitely be greater losses.

Promptly and decisively, Pan Botai now temporarily tucked away the hatred and fury from Xiao Shen’s death, choosing to first prioritise avoiding battle.

However, his entire body’s worth of rage also transformed into a deep killing intent.

As he retreated, Pan Botai’s gaze was constantly moving between Yan Di, Shi Tie as well as Yan Zhaoge.

The Ah Hu beside Yan Zhaoge felt stared at till his hairs rose on end, as he asked in a small voice, “Young Master, he won’t completely throw away his face, not caring about anything else and only thinking of making a move on you, will he”

“It’s not like this possibility doesn’t exist,” Yan Zhaoge said, “It’s only that all he can do is think about it.”

“The Twilight Lord having been injured, eldest-apprentice uncle is now free to act.

And there is no possibility whatsoever of Pan Botai breaking through the combination of father and eldest-apprentice uncle.”

“Even if eldest apprentice-uncle were to be held back doggedly by the Twilight Lord, father alone would be enough to protect me; the only difference would be that he would have to focus on defending.”

Yan Zhaoge spread out his hands, “Father is extremely domineering, his attacks shocking the heavens.

However, that doesn’t mean that he isn’t proficient in defence.

It’s just that most of the time, there is no need for him to do so.”

“Moreover, Pan Botai should first worry about himself.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Father, is not someone who likes singing the ploy of the empty city.”

Just having said this, yet another voice resounded from across the horizon, “Does your Sacred Sun Clan really think that it is invincible under the heavens Already having reached the point of being completely and utterly lawless, your actions totally unbridled and without restraint.”

From the horizon, there seemed to come the sound of great sea tides rising and falling, creating the false illusion for those who heard it that they had arrived by the seaside.

But as the voice neared, they realised that that was, shockingly, actually the sound of a person breathing.

A green-robed Elder with a wild and intractable look on his face strode through the air, roiling waves of qi spreading out in all directions, resembling the tides of the sea.

The faces of Pan Botai and the Twilight Lord instantly fell.

The newcomer was actually a longtime Elder and Martial Grandmaster expert of the Sacred Sun Clan’s longtime enemy, the Sacred Ground Jade Sea City of the Water Domain.

But what really caused them fear was not actually this green-robed Elder.

It was their sudden realisation why with Broad Creed Mountain’s Sacred Artifact not having left the Mountain, Yan Di had still been able to break through the blockade and ambush of the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler.

The Extreme Yin Crown!

The Extreme Yin Crown that was currently in the hands of Jade Sea City!

“The Extreme Yin Crown must have left for the East Sea; if it had come here, we would have noticed it,” The Twilight Lord said in a low tone.

As an implacable enemy of their’s, the Sacred Sun Clan kept a close eye on Jade Sea City’s movements at all times.

Pan Botai’s face sunk, “Like how we concealed and brought out the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler, they must have relied on the fruit of the Fog Concealed Tree!”

“That year, the Fog Concealed Tree bore two fruits in total.

One of them fell to us, while the other fell within the hands of the Demonic Saint.

From the looks of it now, that fruit was actually somehow acquired by Jade Sea City without our knowledge.”

“All this can be talked about later; what’s most important is now.”

The Extreme Yin Crown had held the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler back, freeing Yan Di to rush over to the Eastern Tang.

The Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler moving out, the intention had been to take Broad Creed Mountain unawares, with them unable to cope with the situation as they quickly slew Yan Di with the might of the Sacred Artifact.

If the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler had been engaged in a protracted battle by the Extreme Yin Crown, the current situation was extremely unfavourable to the Sacred Sun Clan.

Broad Creed Mountain similarly possessed a Sacred Artifact!

It did not have to be asked for it to be known that after having achieved the initial bewildering of their opponents, Broad Creed Mountain’s Sacred Artifact which had remained intentionally unmoving all along, was already on the move at this very moment!

And, it would definitely not go to the Eastern Tang, but to where the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler was!

Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, “After the first Extreme Yin Bout, upon gaining control over the Extreme Yin Crown and taking public property for your private use, you then relied on the might of two Sacred Artifacts to run rampant and expand.

At that time, you should already have expected that this day would come.

Since you started it, when the wheels of fate rotate and your position changes, don’t blame others if they follow up on what you did.”

“Heh, don’t you want to play something big”

“You plotted against my father, while my Broad Creed Mountain plotted against your Sacred Artifact; let’s just wait and see whose mouth is bigger.”

Now, the distant sky suddenly rumbled.

Infinite sunlight slowly appeared on the horizon once again, before, very quickly, a great sun soared through the skies!

The sun that had appeared this time was slightly smaller and slightly dimmer than the one Pan Botai had formed with his intent earlier.

However, this time, there were a total of eight golden suns, revolving within a ring!

Ah Hu drew back the corners of his mouth, “…The World Illuminating Lord.”

While the newcomer’s cultivation was inferior to Pan Botai’s, in terms of atmosphere, he was even stronger than the Twilight Lord at his peak.

Compared to the mysterious Twilight Lord, the pressure that this person emitted was even more intense.

The current head of the Seven Reigning Suns, the World Illuminating Lord.

The leading figure of the Sacred Sun Clan’s senior generation of experts, once having contested with the current Clan Chief, Huang Xu for his seat.

This time, with the Sacred Grounds having joined hands in entering the Earth Domain and suppressing the abnormalities within, the Sacred Sun Clan had dispatched the World Illuminating Lord.

The eight golden suns halted within the air, gradually converging towards their centre as they formed a single mass.

From within the infinite light, a golden-robed middle-aged man emerged.

He too could be considered handsome, just that his nose, hooked like the beak of an eagle, was rather prominent.

This person’s image had also long since resounded throughout the entire Eight Extremities World, being someone that everyone here naturally recognised.

He was precisely this generation’s head of the Seven Reigning Suns, the World Illuminating Lord.

Having arrived, the World Illuminating Lord said in a deep tone, “Uncle Pan, we must end it here.

Broad Creed Mountain’s Clear Qi Robe is on the move.”

The Clear Qi Robe, was the Sacred Artifact that sat over Broad Creed Mountain!

The World Illuminating Lord said, “The Clan Chief has already been retreating with the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler, but Jade Sea City has been doggedly hounding us every step of the way.

We’ve got to shake them loose before the Clear Qi Robe arrives, or the results will be unimaginably disastrous.”

“Has senior apprentice-brother Huang still not left seclusion” Pan Botai once again felt something weighing heavily down on his chest.

The World Illuminating Lord was silent for a moment, before he answered, “They want to leave behind the Great Sun Heaven Measuring Ruler.

If they can force senior apprentice-uncle Huang to leave seclusion before having achieved all that he had set out to do, they would have gained even more.”

“The people from Infinite Boundless Mountain had originally also been running amok in the Eastern Tang, also watching hungrily by the side.

But they have suddenly quietened down now, no longer contesting with Broad Creed Mountain, looking as though they are giving them a convenience.”

“This time, we are really the target of persecution of all.”

The fury on Pan Botai’s face instantly vanished as his expression turned grave.

At those words, the people from the Sacred Sun Clan all fell silent.



[1] Also known as the Empty Fort Strategy.

Basically, the defending side pretends that there are forces lying in wait behind their walls while actually, there aren’t any


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