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Yan Zhaoge retreated to the side with Meng Wan even as he gazed at the messy battle situation.

The Immortal Court experts, the Devil of the Nine Underworld and the Encompassing Emperor and Brocade Emperor were embroiled in a free-for-all, attacking and defending against each of the other sides as they battled on.

That great Devil of the Nine Underworlds was gigantic like a mountain.

It had four wings behind its back and six short, stout legs, its body resembling a big sack as no facial features were visible on it.

From its external appearance, it did somewhat resemble the legendary demonic beast, the Dijiang.

It was just that unlike the Dijiang, it did not resemble yellow soil, its body wreathed in crimson fire.

This great Devil was completely pitch black in colour with its whole body surrounded by purplish-black devilish fire.

Its appearance was like a Dijiang had fallen to the dark side, instantly plummeting to the devilish dao.

Though this Devil was on its own, bubbles emerged from the purplish-black devilish fire that surrounded him.

The buzzing of electricity resounded from the surface of the bubbles with the light of thunder flickering as they were clearly formed of thunderbolts.

These bubbles drifted aimlessly, seemingly frail and unable to stand any powerful impact at all.

Yet, whenever these bubbles that resembled thunder-light exploded, they would then expand to form independent dimensional spaces of their own, after which space shattered and launched even more terrifying, frenzied tides.

One bolt of thunder was like an entire world.

Dimensional space itself collapsed, time and space changing for the surrounding heavens and earth.

This great Devil that looked like a Dijiang did not clash head-on with its enemies as it merely caused interference from the side with its miraculous thunderbolt-related abilities.

As the Brocade Emperor and Encompassing Emperor as well as the two Sovereigns of the Immortal Court were busy battling one another, they were unable to do anything to this great Devil for now.

“It is actually Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder,” Yan Zhaoge gazed at the massive spheres of thunder that resembled bubbles, “Dijiangs are proficient in the dao of space in the first place.

Now that this one has also refined Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder, it is really like wings have sprouted on a tiger.”

The Brocade Emperor and the others frowned as they gradually grew impatient while facing this great devil.

They were battling in the Nine Underworlds at the end of the day.

If it dragged on for a long time, more peak devils of the Nine Underworlds would definitely be drawn over, even the stronger ones.

The Dijiang that was harassing them and they were hard pressed to get rid of could also expose their position at any moment.

This great Devil that had the form of a Dijiang was clearly a crafty individual as it battled deliberately rather than frenziedly and irrationally.

Just as they were all of the mind to first get rid of this great Devil, a disturbance suddenly resounded in the distance where devilish qi was abound.

A streak of crimson fire streaked through space, appearing within their fields of vision.

On seeing this, Yan Zhaoge and the Encompassing Emperor were both slightly taken aback.

“Mars Halberd”

A blazing sea of fire cleansed the surrounding jet black devilish qi, with a divinity of flame which stood upon two blazing dragons at its centre.

This was none other than the manifestation of Mars Halberd.

The giant that was enveloped in flame was not taken aback upon seeing the great Devil in the form of a Dijiang as he was instead surprised at seeing the two Sovereigns of the Immortal Court, “People of an external dao”

That ice phoenix said, “Mars Halberd To actually encounter you here in the Nine Underworlds.

We will definitely not be leaving empty-handed today!”

He soared into the air, shaking off the Brocade Emperor and the Encompassing Emperor as he flew towards Mars Halberd.

Despite feeling startled, Mars Halberd remained fearless as he swept along boundless blazing fire which clashed with the opponents cold ice, a battle erupting between them.

Ice sealed the world for thousands of kilometres all around, a fiery light intermittently flickering within.

Meanwhile, while the Brocade Emperor and the Encompassing Emperor had one fewer opponent now, that crafty great Devil in the form of a Dijiang was now mainly targeting them as it effectively joined forces with that remaining expert of the Immortal Court.

A Sovereign was still a Sovereign at the end of the day.

Despite being from the Immortal Court, he still possessed great strength nevertheless.

Whether it was Mars Halberd, the Brocade Emperor, the Encompassing Emperor or that Dijiang, all of them were peak experts.

However, it would be difficult for any of them to face a Sovereign of the Immortal Court one versus one.

While they were of the Immortal Court, having been able to attain their current cultivation realms, it was obvious that they would definitely be outstanding figures.

Still, rather than the Encompassing Emperor or the Brocade Emperor, the main target of this Sovereign of the Immortal Court was really still Yan Zhaoge and the Dim Radiant Wheel!

Yan Zhaoge was fearless in the face of danger as after observing the overall situation, he instead neared the battlefield along with Meng Wan.

A bolt of Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder which had just broken apart exploded, causing the surrounding space and time to distort.

Yan Zhaoge properly grasped his chance as right after the thunderbolt had exploded, when its destructive power was at its weakest and its influence on space had still yet to fade, he charged straight into the chaotic space!

Red light vaguely appeared within his pupils as he secretly circulated the Immortal Trapping Sword and manoeuvred through the violent, haphazard currents of space in swiftly fleeing the battlefield.

A cold snort resounded behind them as all-encompassing yellow sand surged, doggedly pursuing them.

Still, devilish qi that surged to the heavens manifested, surrounding this enemy from all directions!

Just as that great Devil that resembled a Dijiang desired, more peak experts of the Nine Underworlds had finally come to reinforce it.

The battlefield instantly grew more chaotic, delaying that Immortal Court Sovereign slightly during which time Yan Zhaoge and Meng Wan vanished from the spot.

Drifting amidst dimensional space, Yan Zhaoge and Meng Wan finally saw the scenes before them returning to normal as they were free of that earlier battlefield.

Sensing the fluctuations of devilish qi within the Nine Underworlds, Yan Zhaoge turned and looked towards a certain direction.

Streaks of light were still visibly flickering over there as the radiance of death was aglow.

Meng Wan said softly, “Thank you for saving me, Senior Brother Yan.”

“Youre welcome,” Yan Zhaoge answered offhand as he stared in that direction.

Meng Wan hesitated for a moment before asking, “Senior Brother Yan, my father, what exactly is…”

Yan Zhaoge pondered momentarily before telling Meng Wan what he knew and had guessed about the Brocade Emperor.

Despite having known initially that something was up, Meng Wan was still astonished, “He wants to kill me…and my elder sister”

“This is still just a guess right now.

Still, it shouldnt be wrong.

It is most likely that he would make his move here in the Nine Underworlds, even,” Yan Zhaoge said in a grave tone, “While it is said that a venomous tiger eats not its offspring, this tiger just isnt in a very normal state of mind right now.”

He paused momentarily before elaborating, “Aside from you, he might also target me as well.”

“If he does so in the Nine Underworlds with none the wiser, all the blame can be pushed to the Devils of the Nine Underworlds.

There would be no place more suitable for him to make his move.”

Hearing this, Meng Wan asked, “Wouldnt us leaving the Encompassing Emperors sight have made it more convenient for him to do so”

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “There was no choice.

You can say that I have gotten you worse off.

Those two Sovereigns of the Immortal Court were targeting me.

They pose a greater threat than your father in definitely wanting to do me harm, whereas the Brocade Emperors mindset is more unpredictable right now.”

“No, Senior Brother Yan.

How is it that you have gotten me worse off If not for you saving me, even if father did nothing, I would probably have died right there and then in that earlier situation,” Meng Wan said, “It is me who is dragging you down.”

With her intelligence, after learning about the truth of the matter, she immediately realised, “Even if we get separated, father should still have a means of locating me.

As you are travelling with me, that means you will be found by him too.”

As he brought her along in fleeing further away, Yan Zhaoge said, “If Yunsheng can see you upon her return, she will definitely be exceptionally happy and delighted.”

Meng Wan said softly, “There is a lot that you can give senior apprentice-sister Feng, Senior Brother Yan.

There is no need for you to take risks because of me.”

“Rather thanwhat I would like to give her…” Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “Dont you think that satisfyingwhat she would like is better”

Meng Wan appraised Yan Zhaoge thoughtfully with a deep look.

Before she could speak, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Although I too knew that your father should be able to find you, isnt this a little too fast So he was indeed prepared for this”

Immediately afterwards, illusory space suddenly shook as all-encompassing purple qi surfaced within their surroundings!


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