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HSSB1122: Things Chen Qianhua would do

While Yan Zhaoge had immediately started to return to the World beyond Worlds after learning of how Chen Qianhua had stomped on Ingenious Flying Peaks Red Lotus Cliff, it simply wasnt possible for him to pass through the various spatial obstructions in a short amount of time.

While Yan Zhaoge was rushing back, others would naturally not twiddle their thumbs waiting for him.

In fact, many things had occurred during the time of his travel.

The disturbance caused by Chen Qianhuas attack on the Brocade Emperors dao arena in the World beyond Worlds was to the point that the reigning structure of Three Sovereigns, Five Emperors, and Exalts of Ten Territories might have been shaken.

Although the news had been deliberately suppressed by the higher-ups, those in the know were well aware that things were much more complicated than they appeared on the surface.

Meanwhile, the Upper Exalt Chen Qianhua had also sufficiently proven his strength through his ability to penetrate through the defenses of the Brocade Emperors dao arena while withstanding an assault by the Encompassing Emperor.

In fact, when the Encompassing Emperor had used an Immortal Artifact, Chen Qianhua had actually been able to resist it with one of his own.

These dazzling battle achievements raised Chen Qianhuas reputation once again.

The positions of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors had been above those of the Ten Exalts in the World beyond Worlds all along.

Emperors who had opened the door to Immortality were intrinsically different from Human Exalts who remained Martial Saints.

While they had long since represented different levels of threat, Chen Qianhua had broken through this gulf, able to stand on equal footing with an Emperor.

Those aware of this generally saw him an Emperor in practice but not in name.

Rather than Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, it might be more correct to say that there were Three Sovereigns and Six Emperors in the World beyond Worlds.

If he too opened the door to Immortality and accomplished a Leakless Body one day, what level of strength might he possess then

Even so, nobody believed that this matter would end with this.

As the subject of the assault, the Brocade Emperor would definitely not allow Chen Qianhua to get away scot free.

Though the Encompassing Emperor might not pursue revenge since both parties had competed with their actual abilities at the end of the day, this did not mean that the Three Sovereigns could let this pass.

Even with the Earthly and Sword Sovereigns away from the World beyond Worlds and the Concealed Sovereign in secluded cultivation, they would probably intervene in this issue once their own matters had been settled.

Chen Qianhua however, could care less about this.

He was not concerned about the Three Sovereigns potentially intervening.

He did not care at all about the praises or fear that others had for him either.

He did not feel worried or troubled, but neither did he feel happy or triumphant.

He was just a little vexed by how he had failed to achieve his goal.

Fu Ting had not been at Red Lotus Cliff.

“So there was actually a mechanism designed by the Brocade Emperor for Red Lotus Fu here which is connected to her.

It is no wonder that I made an erroneous judgment, stymied by the methods of a True Immortal.”

Not having managed to find Fu Ting, Chen Qianhua had left Red Lotus Cliff.

A slightly interested look appeared on his lazy face, “That mechanism…oh, is it an attempt to rid the influence caused by the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord”

Chen Qianhua seemed to be unaware of the great waves he had stirred up as he leisurely returned to his cave manor at Kunlun Mountains Qianhua Peak.

“It actually occurred before the Brocade Emperor entering cultivation deviation…” He muttered to himself as he walked, his gaze distant as streams of light seemingly flashed through it.

“Still, leaving Red Lotus Cliff and hiding even at the cost of forsaking this mechanism-this is actually to avoid the Brocade Emperor, right” Chen Qianhua chuckled, “The Brocade Emperors cultivation deviation really is interesting.”

After returning to Qianhua Peak, he found the Earthly Young Master Chen Kunhua still waiting there.

After learning the details of what happened, a dazed look overcame his face as he realized that the scale of things this time was really too big for him to cover up.

Chen Kunhua said nothing regarding what had befallen Fu Ting.

He understood the personality of this elder brother of his well enough to know that the latter did not consider the thoughts and feelings of other in his actions.

Meanwhile, he had no way of stopping his elder brother.

“It still isnt as interesting as that Yan Zhaoge, though,” Chen Qianhua lazily leaned back against his wooden armchair, a rare look of excitement appearing on his face, “Finding that Red Lotus Fu looks related to Yan Zhaoge too.

Things really could not be any better.

I seek to derive enjoyment from that Yan Zhaoge in the first place.”

Chen Kunhua frowned, “Yan Zhaoge”


I tried to search for Red Lotus Fus whereabouts, but the clues were scattered and indistinct.

This means that someone is helping her to cover up her karma,” Chen Qianhua said matter-of-factly, “In the World beyond Worlds, there are only a mere few people who have sufficient capabilities for this and are currently able to intervene in this matter.”

“The Concealed Sovereign is in secluded cultivation as outsiders cannot enter.”

“Northern Guan is busy taking measures to prevent the land of tranquil stream from encroaching on the World beyond Worlds via the dimensional passageway in the snowy plains of the north.”

Chen Qianhua laughed, “Therefore, there is only one possible option remaining! Yan Zhaoges father, Yan Di, with his Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud.”

“So, Fu Ting secretly left Red Lotus Peak and sought Yan Dis help, using that Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud to prevent people from finding her” Chen Kunhua asked, “It was originally to guard against the Brocade Emperor, but has now ended up hindering you instead, big brother”

Chen Qianhua said nonchalantly, “Right.

Covered by that Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud, it is inconvenient for even me to find someone.”

The problem was that there were just those few methods which could hinder him, Chen Qianhua, from locating his prey, yet they actually could not prevent him from locking onto the correct target.

Although this method would have been effective against the Brocade Emperor, it was much less efficacious now that the one searching for Fu Tings whereabouts was Chen Qianhua.

“Where is Yan Di now” Chen Qianhua asked Chen Kunhua.

Due to the existence of the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud, the Origin Heavenly Scriptures effects were limited.

“In the southern Blazing Heaven Territory,” Chen Kunhua answered.

Chen Kunhua tilted his head upwards and thought for a moment before suddenly smiling, “Right, is the position of the Southern Exalt still vacant What do you think about me being the Southern Exalt”

Chen Kunhua was taken aback as he heard this.

The death of the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen had left a vacancy amongst the Ten Exalts.

There were actually several ninth level Martial Saints in the World beyond Worlds who were relatively confident of attaining the Human Exalt stage in the near future.

If any one of these Martial Saints were to successfully advance, they would undoubtedly be asked by the Three Exalts and Five Emperors to fill the vacant seat.

Despite this, every one of these experts was highly conflicted about actually doing so.

The reason for this was that Yan Di was currently leading Broad Creed Mountain in grandly launching a large scale invasion of the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, resulting in the position of Southern Exalt resembling the mouth of a volcano.

Without the ability to suppress the Yan father and son, trying to govern as the Southern Exalt with two tigers constantly nipping at their heels – how was this any different from being a puppet

If they rejected the request, though, it would really be quite an embarrassment for them.

In truth, many believed that this position was as good as being left for this father-son duo, with both already possessing the strength of Exalts.

Let alone newly ascended experts, even the nine other Exalts would generally not be eager to take on the role of the Southern Exalt.

Chen Kunhua had once heard that some wished for the Western Exalt Bai Tao to switch over to the south, after which their same group of people could slowly work things out amongst themselves.

If there was any Human Exalt who could simultaneously suppress the current Yan father and son, first and foremost would naturally be the Upper Exalt Chen Qianhua who could withstand True Immortals as a mere mortal.

This kind of strength would even allow him to defeat the combined forces of all the other Martial Saints of the World beyond Worlds at once.

Still, Chen Kunhua did not know whether to laugh or to cry at this.

Of the Ten Exalts, Upper and Lower were higher than the eight cardinal directions.

His elder brother was also the much deserved Upper Exalt, number one amongst Martial Saints.

Upper Exalt becoming Southern Exalt-wouldnt that be as good as a downgrade and demotion

Yet, this elder brother of his looked like he really cared not about these things at all…

In order to better have fun, Chen Qianhua would unhesitatingly request his own demotion to become the Exalt of the south.


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