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HSSB1124: One Sword Shocking God, Earlier Heaven Nascent Form

This was destined to be a tumultuous day.

On the same day that Chen Qianhua successfully assaulted Red Lotus Cliff, another monumental battle erupted at Kunlun Mountain.

Despite the efforts of many to keep the news a secret, those in the know all felt it to be ludicrous indeed.

Two Human Exalts had engaged in a great battle as they contested the position of Southern Exalt.

One of them was even the Upper Exalt, Chen Qianhua!

Such a matter which caused those who knew to be unable to decide whether to laugh or cry actually happened.

Even more shocking however, was that Chen Qianhua had actually been thwarted by the newly ascended Exalt,Shocking God Sword Nie Jingsheng.

It was said that his breakthrough had been achieved in a single breath as he ascended on the spot instantaneously.

Nie Jingshen would normally fill up the vacant position of Southern Exalt upon his breakthrough.

Yet, Chen Qianhua had been incomparably adamant on being demoted from Upper to Southern Exalt.

In the end, the two had engaged in a great battle for the position of Southern Exalt.

What followed was possibly the greatest battle amongst Martial Saints in the World beyond Worlds in the past several millennia!

The two had fought all the way into extradimensional space outside of the World beyond Worlds as the intensity of their battle had even been comparable to one between True Immortals.

During this battle, the Encompassing Emperor who had helped Red Lotus Cliff to clean up after their tribulation earlier had arrived.

On getting wind of this, the Heaven Emperor had come too.

As this matter concerned Jade Capital Crag and Broad Creed Mountain, the Female Emperor who usually cared not about worldly affairs had rushed over as well.

Adding on the Earth Exalt Wang Zhengcheng who had previously been at Qianhua Peak, the lot of them had collectively witnessed a great, momentous battle which had ultimately ended in a draw.

Chen Qianhua had unexpectedly been unable to take down his foe.

Although the Earth Exalt and Heaven Emperor might have been rooting for him, even they could only take a step back when confronted with the combined dissatisfaction of the Female and Encompassing Emperors.

As a result, Chen Qianhua had failed in his attempt to be demoted to Southern Exalt.

The role was instead assumed by the newly ascended Nie Jingshen who had shocked the world with his sword.

Upon newly entering the Human Exalt stage, he had battled the World beyond Worlds previous strongest Martial Saint, Chen Qianhua, to a draw.

One must know that on that very same day, Chen Qianhua had just resisted the pressure of the Encompassing Emperor and broken through the defences of Red Lotus Cliff, proving to the world that he was capable of resisting Immortal realm experts as a mortal.

And now, Nie Jingshen who had newly ascended to the Immortal realm had left Chen Qianhua helpless.

Nie Jingshen was even a little younger than the latter.

After learning of the events that had transpired regarding the new Southern Exalt, Yan Zhaoge sighed in admiration, “Senior apprentice-brother Nie powerfully repelled the frenzied tides.”

Although people had previously not considered him due to his stance, Nie Jingshen was actually one of the few who would be able to stably maintain his position as Southern Exalt.

Unlike Chen Qianhua, however, him becoming Southern Exalt would not affect Broad Creed Mountains actions whatsoever.

Furthermore, building up his own sphere of influence had never been part of his aspirations in the first place.

Having occupied the position of Southern Exalt, to be blunt, he was openly protecting Broad Creed Mountain from the powers that be.

While others might be shocked at Nie Jingshen becoming a Human Exalt in a single go, Yan Zhaoge was not.

He had known long ago that unlike the likes of He Xixing and Li Junxin, Nie Jingshen had the ability to achieve his breakthrough whenever he wanted.

It was not a matter of his ability, instead being a matter of him wanting to or not.

When the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen had perished, Nie Jingshen would already have been able to replace him.

Nie Jingshen had chosen not to carry out his breakthrough for two reasons.

First, he was simply not interested in the position of Southern Exalt.

Second, he had only come to support Broad Creed Mountain during their opening ceremony.

He had not ascended then, and neither had he done so afterwards.

Nie Jingshen had effectively suppressed himself at the ninth level of the Martial Saint realm.

If nothing happened, he would have waited till things calmed down from the aftermath of Broad Creed Mountains opening ceremony before keeping a low profile as he broke through.

Even then, he would not let too many people know about this as he did not intend to accept the position of Southern Exalt.

Nie Jingshens thoughts were similar to many other peoples.

That position was to be left for Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di who already possessed the qualifications to hold it.

They would assume it when they became real Exalts.

Yet, he had acutely detected that Chen Qianhua sought to do Broad Creed Mountain harm in taking up the position of Southern Exalt.

Therefore, he had no longer restricted himself, having ascended right then and there to obstruct Chen Qianhuas path and prevent him from entering the south!

“While we also once knew the supreme sharpness of the Shocking God Sword, who would have thought that it is actually sharp to this extent,” The Northeastern Exalt Liu Zhenggu too felt great admiration at this achievement as it felt as if the new generation were coming forth to surpass the old.

Upon returning to the World beyond Worlds with Meng Wan, Yan Zhaoge had landed in the northeast.

While those who knew about those previous two battles were limited, as one of the Ten Exalts, Liu Zhenggu had naturally got wind of this.

From him, Yan Zhaoge had learnt many things, such as how Chen Qianhua possessed the Immortal Artifact, the Heavenly Heart Ruler, yet had never exhibited the intention of using it throughout his battle with Nie Jingshen.

Jade Capital Crag had also not been wholly unprepared.

After learning that Nie Jingshen and Chen Qianhua were battling, Wang Pu had promptly and decisively rushed to the battlefield along with the Immortal Artifact of the Leakless level that the Sword Sovereign had left behind for their protection.

Still, both sides had ultimately just relied on their own abilities, neither having utilised an Immortal Artifact.

Yan Zhaoge commented to Liu Zhenggu, “I too had not thought earlier that senior apprentice-brother Nie might actually be an Earlier Heaven Nascent Form of legend…”

The eternity of earlier heaven, not falling into later heaven.

It was one of the top physiques in all of history.

Sometimes, even the wordsone of could be omitted here.

It was no wonder that he had caused the Sword Sovereigns sword to shake when still a mere child.

Grasping the karma of primordial beginning, he was able to avoid the spying and projection of the Origin Heavenly Scripture to a considerable extent.

The former Heavenly Young Master and current Upper Exalt Chen Qianhua had always been the number one person of his cultivation level ever since he had begun cultivating.

This was in great part due to the endless profundities of the Origin Heavenly Scripture in battling others which bordered on foreknowledge.

In wanting to fight Chen Qianhua, the first thing martial practitioners of the same cultivation level would have to consider would be the existence of the Origin Heavenly Scripture.

Although Yan Zhaoge cultivated in the Peerless Heavenly Scripture and did not have to worry about this, not everyone could be the same as him.

Fortunately, Nie Jingshen too did not have to consider this problem.

This bit of coincidence along with his peak comprehension abilities, talent, and will had collectively produced a martial practitioner who was able to contend with Chen Qianhua after newly entering the Human Exalt stage.

“First not speaking of Upper Chens way of acting, his talents cannot be understated,” Liu Zhenggu shook his head in admiration, “Kunlun God Shocking Dragon, Youth Enlightening Eight Sects-it is no wonder that the two are acclaimed alongside each other.”

“And now, you and your father have appeared too.

Geniuses are really abound in our World beyond Worlds these past centuries.”

Yan Zhaoge rubbed his temple, saying, “You are too polite, Elder Liu.

The battle for the position of Southern Exalt ended with senior apprentice-brother Nie assuming the position.

I wonder how the matter of Red Lotus Cliff that occurred before that concluded”

Chen Qianhua had stomped on Red Lotus Peak.

This was not something that could end so simply.

“In the end…” Liu Zhenggus expression turned strange, “Upper Chen is truly an unpredictable person indeed!”


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