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HSSB1126: Grand harvest of Grand Clear direct lineage supreme martial arts

Yan Zhaoge was aware that with things having reached this extent, Qilin Cliff would mostly likely be secretly watching out for the Chen brothers.

While it had been said that Chen Qianhuas fate would be decided by the heavens as his vitals would be stabbed in the torture of the stabbing blades, the Earth Exalt Wang Zhengcheng and the Heaven Emperor would definitely not allow him to die like those of Ingenious Flying Peak wished.

While he could suffer grievous injuries, his life had to be preserved.

Still, if there really was a chance to kick them when they were down, Yan Zhaoge would naturally be happy to do so.

“Upper Chen and his brothers whereabouts after descending Ingenious Flying Peak are unknown as this old man too does not know where they have gone,” Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Liu Zhenggu shook his head helplessly, “They have not returned to Qianhua Peak too.”

Yan Zhaoge smacked his lips, “Indeed…”

Even if Chen Qianhua did not mind it, Chen Kunhua would still arrange a secret location for his elder brother to recuperate from his injuries in seclusion, thus safely tiding through his vulnerable period.

If it were Yan Zhaoge, he would have done the same too.

Still, he had harboured a faint hope that there might be an opportunity.

Sadly, the other side had not given him one.

As Chen Qianhua cultivated in the Origin Heavenly Scripture as his foundation, even as he was able to spy on others and project information on them, he was also able to make himself indiscernible as others were hard pressed to locate him by means of divination.

One would only be able to do so if they were skilled in this dao and had a much higher cultivation base than him.

Not having an opportunity to capitalise on, Yan Zhaoge felt it to be quite a pity indeed.

Still, he quickly stopped thinking about it.

“Since that is so, with this matter settled for now, I will first head to the south to meet my father and notify him about it.

Take care, Elder Liu.”

Liu Zhenggu said, “This has really been an eventful time for the World beyond Worlds.

You take care too, Little Friend Yan.

While things may be settled for now, there will probably still be a continuation to them.

From what you have said, a victor will ultimately have to be decided between the black and white Brocade Emperors.”

“Elder Liu…” Yan Zhaoge asked, “Between the black and white-clothed Brocade Emperors, I wonder which one you would support”

Liu Zhenggu answered frankly, “The one before cultivation deviation is best, and the one after cultivation deviation is worst.

Having split up now, these two Emperors are also not all that good.

Like you said, ones actions are based too much upon his feelings, and the other is too cold-blooded and mercenary.”

“If this old man really had to choose, though, it would be the black-clothed one.

He would possess more potential for development, at least.

It would definitely be a good thing if our World beyond Worlds had another Sovereign.”

Being cold-blooded and mercenary did not completely manifest outwardly as total selfishness.

When he judged that the hostility towards him if he only acted out of self-interest would be detrimental for him, it would be possible for the black-clothed Brocade Emperor to lend his assistance.

It was just that the help which he lent would ultimately be goal-oriented.

In other words, they had to mutually benefit, like a trade.

Of course, since he could not understand feelings, the judgments of the black-clothed Brocade Emperor on these matters could possibly deviate from the external reality.

“Despite being cold-blooded and mercenary, it is not that he has to be avoided.

Knowing his manner of acting beforehand and not getting too close with him in only obtaining what is necessary would be okay,” Liu Zhenggu spoke frankly, “Still, I honestly have to say that I personally do not admire people like this.”

Yan Zhaoge forced a smile, “If the black-clothed Brocade Emperor wants to advance his cultivation base, he will have to kill his two daughters.”

“Oh” Liu Zhenggu raised his brows slightly, “Fellow Daoist Wang of Qilin Cliff did not mention this.

Still, considering it carefully, it does indeed seem that the Brocade Emperor would have to do so to walk the unfeeling path.”

The Northeastern Exalt frowned, “This old man would not support such a bloodied affair then.

Still, as this matter concerns him accomplishing his dao, this old man is not in a position to say anything as an outsider.”

Obstructing ones dao was akin to killing ones parents as it could be considered one of the greatest enmities in this world.

Yan Zhaoge lightly rubbed his temples, sighing to himself.

Amongst the higher echelon experts of the World beyond Worlds who had no conflict of interests with the Brocade Emperor, Liu Zhenggus opinion should be extremely representative of theirs as most of them would probably think the same way.

They would support neither the white or black-clothed Brocade Emperor, simply watching on as the two settled the matter between themselves.

Besides these people, those with clear inclinations should instead lean towards supporting the black-clothed Brocade Emperor more.

After taking his leave of the Northeastern Exalt, Yan Zhaoge brought Meng Wan along in leaving the northeastern Sky Heaven Territory, heading towards the south via the central Jun Heaven Territory.

Along the way, Meng Wans mood was pretty normal, “From what you said, it would be very easy for the Upper Exalt to find me”

“Rather than merely Upper Chen, it would be very easy for your father to find you too.

While he is not skilled in the dao of divination, the difference in your cultivation bases is just too great at the end of the day,” Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “Going to the southeast to find Tang Yonghao and rebuilding the Sacred Sun Clan would probably not work out now.”

He turned to look at Meng Wan, “I would suggest that you follow me to the south and stay beneath the protection of my fathers Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud.”

“Fu Ting is already there, and just guarding another one would make no real difference.

Still, it may be a bit awkward when you see her.”

“This day must inevitably come anyway,” Meng Wan sighed.

Yan Zhaoge said, “Also, your movements will be limited after this and you will not be able to move about freely.

Would you mind this”

Meng Wan did not seem so concerned about this, “My meagre life is more important.

How could I mind I would be bringing you further trouble, though.”

“Thats no problem at all,” Yan Zhaoge shook his head.

Still, Yan Di would have to keep more of a low profile with this.

Otherwise, it would be possible to easily locate Fu Ting and Meng Wan from his movements.

Still, first not mentioning how Yan Zhaoge had already decided to protect the two of them, it would actually benefit him in another way too.

As Yan Zhaoge saw Yan Di upon his return to the southern Blazing Heaven Territory, the first thing the latter said was, “There will be no need for you to worry about finding techniques of the Grand Clear direct lineage for a while.”

“As a woman, Fu Ting too is righteous and aboveboard as she will surely not take advantage of us,” Yan Zhaoge was not surprised by this.

As Fu Ting resided within the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud beneath its protection, she would naturally be able to analyse the principles within.

While it would be extremely difficult for her to deduce the profundities of the Taiyi Fist of Grand Simplicity like Yan Zhaoge had, as a most orthodox martial practitioner of the Grand Clear lineage and bearing all the other Four Grands, Fu Ting would naturally have benefited from it through her shocking talent and comprehension abilities.

Even if Yan Zhaoges and Yan Dis aid was ignored, Fu Ting could not remain unmoved just based on how she had come to analyse the principles of Grand Simplicity from this.

Without having obtained the Brocade Emperors approval, Fu Ting had decisively taken the initiative to have an exchange of supreme martial arts with Broad Creed Mountain.

Ingenious Flying Peaks lineage only lacked the Taiyi Fist of Grand Simplicity of the Grand Cosmos Five Manifestations.

Now that there was a chance to obtain it, they would naturally try to do so whatever the cost.

The rational Brocade Emperor prior to cultivation deviation would have done the same too.

“I have already been helped by your sect this time.

Now that I am also seeking the Taiyi Fist, I hope that you and your father do not take offence,” Seeing Yan Zhaoge, Fu Ting said apologetically, “The Taiyi Fist is just too important to our Ingenious Flying Peak.”

Yan Zhaoge waved his hand dismissively, “Our sect has benefited as well.

This is merely an exchange of martial arts; there is no need to take it to heart, Miss Fu.”

He paused for a moment before continuing, “Your father, yes, Im referring to the white-clothed one of course-I too hope that this Brocade Emperor will be able to emerge victorious.”


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