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HSSB1130: One year of cultivation equivalent to others many years

Standing in the air above Dragon Butterfly Valley above the nine furnaces, Yan Zhaoge waved his hands as dense mist circulated.

The dense purple qi instantly suffused the valley, being condensed and prevented from flowing outside.

Within the dense purple mist, a massive three-footed treasured furnace appeared.

This was shockingly the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace.

Even now, this pill furnace was too wondrous and of too high a tier for Yan Zhaoge to control at this point in time.

Still, he could make use of the furnaces miraculous aspects to implement some ideas that he had.

The nine Internal Crystal Furnaces down below assumed the positions of the nine palaces before collectively guiding the streams of purplish-gold radiance that surged out from the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace.

One big and nine small, a total of ten furnaces with one above and nine below.

Streams of splendid light vaguely constructed an even larger transparent and illusory furnace between them.

Yan Zhaoge tapped the furnace as purple mist surged inwards and dyed it a similar color.

Accompanying the purple mist into the furnace were the various materials that Yan Zhaoge had readied for artifact forging this time.

A purple fog was born within the furnace as subtle runes in space extended into the surroundings, gradually becoming a formation that resonated with the previous one engraved in the ground and enveloped Dragon Butterfly Valley.

Yan Zhaoge descended from mid-air and sat cross-legged upon that furnace that resembled a mountain peak.

Ah Hu stood beneath the furnace, sorting out the other materials while watching Yan Zhaoge up above.

Fog suffused Dragon Butterfly Valley but did not dissipate as it instead caused spiritual qi to converge from the surrounding heaven and earth.

Whether it was artifact forging or pill concoction, both took up great amounts of time as it was necessary for one to be patient and meticulous.

Despite having exerted numerous methods in order to cut down on this time period, Yan Zhaoge was still unable to circumvent the most fundamental steps.

With his focus completely directed on the task at hand, time became indeterminate for Yan Zhaoge.

Around a month later, Yan Zhaoge suddenly opened his eyes from atop the furnace as he yelled, “Open!”

He rose into the air alongside which the purple furnace began mightily disintegrating!

All-encompassing purple qi dispersed into the surroundings, forming thick layers of clouds.

The layout of a total of ten furnaces, one big and nine small, reappeared at the scene as streams of purplish gold light circulated, enveloping something in mid-air.

That was the fruits of Yan Zhaoges labour this time.

Having been informed beforehand that today was the day, Ah Hu rushed over excitedly for a look.

He saw that enveloped by the purplish-gold light were seven longish metallic things, all curved at a certain angle.

Engraved on each of these curved metallic objects were spirit patterns containing unique and abstruse principles.

When they were all linked together, the connection between the seven of them seemed especially profound.

“What exactly can this do, Young Master” Ah Hu asked curiously after circling around the objects a couple of times.

Yan Zhaoge extended a hand and waved lightly towards the seven long metallic objects.

They then descended in unison, surrounding Ah Hu before coming together to form what seemed like a long cage.

“This isnt some torture device, right Young Master” Ah Hu could not help but shiver as he saw this.

Yan Zhaoge joked, “Right, youve been slacking off too much in cultivating recently.

You need to be taught a lesson.”

Radiance lit up about the metallic structure, collectively forming a mechanism.

Ah Hu blinked, not sensing that any danger had befallen him within the cage.

Instead, the spiritual qi within had become denser and more refined!

Kunlun Mountain was the place with the most abundant spiritual qi in the World beyond Worlds in the first place.

Those with lower cultivation bases would even be hard pressed to adapt to it due to the sheer amount of it.

While the spiritual qi in Dragon Butterfly Valley was still inferior to that in places like Northern High Peak, Southern High Peak and Restful Immortal Valley, it could still be considered top-tier.

Yet, as he stood within the mechanism, Ah Hu could feel that the spiritual qi around him had become even more pure and refined.

Even more miraculous was how he was able to easily adapt to it with his cultivation base of the Merging Avatar Martial Saint realm.

Such an environment was totally unheard of for Ah Hu.

“This isnt some technique that pulls up the shoots to hasten the seedlings growth, right” As opposed to being overjoyed, Ah Hu instead felt fearful.

Yan Zhaoge exclaimed exasperatedly, “Cant your thoughts be nicer”

He tapped one of the curved metallic objects, “This art is known as the Seven Paths Centred Mechanism.

It is an ancient art of pre-Great Calamity times that originates from the…Heavenly Courts Divine Palace.”

While there had been as many experts as there were clouds in the Heavenly Court back then, it would still inevitably be the case that some would be lost from time to time.

In order to fill up their positions, there would be a selection of experts outside of the Heavenly Court even as they groomed their own talents.

Besides their vast amount of supreme martial arts and miraculous medicines, the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace also had many wondrous methods of grooming martial practitioners.

It was just that most of these arts were extremely stringent in their requirements.

Although it was difficult for most of them to ever reappear in the present post-Great Calamity era, some could still be worked towards.

For instance, this Seven Paths Centred Mechanism had always been on Yan Zhaoges mind.

Despite its use being very simple, being to refine and purify spiritual qi to aid in ones cultivation, its efficacy would leave one stunned.

Disregarding the understanding of principles, cultivating long-term within the Seven Paths Centred Mechanism would boost a persons efficiency by multiple times when compared to outside of it!

Thus, its greatest effect lay in reducing cultivation periods where time was the primary factor.

To put it simply, one year of cultivation inside the mechanism would be equivalent to many years of cultivation outside of it!

“Young Master, you and Family Head already cultivate much faster than others in the first place.

Wouldnt it be even faster now” Ah Hu rejoiced.

Yan Zhaoge fingered the curved metallic structure, “I was lacking in materials previously.

Now, having finally managed to obtain some, it is only natural for me to produce it.

Though, it really is a pity that the required materials are still too hard to come by to consider mass producing it.”

He brought his palms together, the mechanism separating into its seven individual components which he promptly collected.

“If we can hurry up and save time, we should.” Yan Zhaoge handed these objects to Ah Hu, “I will be making a second set now.

Send this first set over to the south and deliver it to my father.”

Ah Hu hurriedly received them, “Yes, Young Master.

Ill go and be right back.”

After watching Ah Hu leave, Yan Zhaoge entered the meditative position and adjusted his condition.

Borrowing the power of the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace was rather taxing on the mind.

As he was lacking in materials, he could not let any of them go to waste.

A failure would be disastrously painful for him.

After a while, Yan Zhaoge opened his eyes, taking to the air once more and opening the furnace for a second round of artifact forging.

Gazing over from far away in Kunlun Mountain, all seemed calm as always within Dragon Butterfly Valley.

Few could know of the waves that were currently arising within.


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