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HSSB1148: I help my kin, not logic

The Heaven Emperors expression was unruffled as he tranquilly watched that majestic sword-light envelop and break through the great earth of the Royal Reed Sea up above.

A handsome, cold-looking black-clothed youth appeared before him.

It was none other than the current Southern Exalt, Nie Jingshen.

“Please stop, Heaven Emperor,” As the sword-light was retracted, Nie Jingshen stood atop the air, appearing ordinary and innocuous.

It was just like when he had appeared in the Royal Reed Sea for Broad Creed Mountains opening ceremony several years back.

Still, the Heaven Emperor was well aware that having already been extraordinary in the past, this youth was even more remarkable now.

On seeing Nie Jingshen, those of Broad Creed Mountain were finally able to relax somewhat.

“Why have you come to the southeast, Southern Nie” The Heaven Emperor asked casually.

“I have been asked to help watch over things here for the time being,” Nie Jingshen said in an indifferent tone, “Lest some villainous characters make use of this chance to enter and commit thievery.”

The Heaven Emperor was not enraged as he just said mildly, “Since when was the Later Earth Text the private property of Broad Creed Mountain”

“Yet it was also never your private property, Heaven Emperor,” Nie Jingshen rebutted.

“The Later Earth Text is not of much use to Broad Creed Mountain.

If this humble Daoist were to obtain it, however, it would be so much more useful.

While I might not be able to advance my cultivation base for sure, the Profound Immortal realm would at least be in sight,” The Heaven Emperor gazed at the surface of the sea down below, “If the Three Sovereigns knew of this, they would surely support me too.

This is also beneficial to everyone of our orthodox Daoism as a whole.”

“Even if you have a thousand different lines of logic on your side, they will not sway this Nie.”

Nie Jingshen said mildly, “This Nian has always helped my kin and not logic.”

Hearing this, the Heaven Emperor finally knit his brows slightly.

Nie Jingshen remained unconcerned, “Moreover, it is still hard to say if your logic is legit or twisted.

There is no need to waste words between us.

You will never be able to get me to stand down just based on a few words of yours.

Or is it that you would leave on the basis of a few words of mine”

“You must be joking, Southern Nie.

The Later Earth Text is too important to this humble Daoist such that I would naturally not let it go just like this,” The Brocade Emperor shook his head, “Since that is so, this will have to depend on our true abilities then.”

Nie Jingshens expression did not change as he simply raised his head and gazed upwards, “Come on then, Brocade Emperor.”

The Heaven Emperor nodded and strode forward, his figure rising into the air.

The great earth above his head disintegrated as the light of day was visible once more.

The Heaven Emperor stepped into dimensional space as he vaguely seemed to be temporarily breaking free of the World beyond Worlds.

Nie Jingshen rose alongside him.

If they went all out in their battle, it would damage their surroundings too greatly.

They would be able to fight unreservedly only in extradimensional space.

“Let this humble Daoist see how much of the Sword Sovereigns core abilities you have inherited,” The Heaven Emperor raised his palm, instantly arriving before Nie Jingshen.

Beneath his palm, there seemed to be a thousand mountains that shifted alongside it, simultaneously pressuring Nie Jingshen.

A formless pressure surrounded Nie Jingshen from all directions, seeking to crush him into oblivion!

Nie Jingshen gazed calmly at this as he formed a sword seal with his left hand, with the Shocking God Sword by his waist shooting out of its scabbard.

A sword-light that was not bright but was incomparably majestic surged into existence.

The sword-light seemed to split apart the chaos of the primordial universe, the chaotic earth, water, fire and wind surging chaotically in all directions before finally settling down.

Yin and yang were clearly distinct as the primordial wilderness opened for the first time, clear qi rising and turbid qi sinking.

A brand new world was created, laws and all!

In this majestic scene, the powerful concept of opening the heavens while splitting the earth rampaged unstoppably through the universe!

One sword opening the heavens, splitting through all in its path!

The pressure that was locking Nie Jingshen down instantly dissipated, the majestic sword-light surging straight towards the Heaven Emperor.

“The Jade Illusory Heaven Opening Sword indeed lives up to its reputation,” The Heaven Emperor shifted space, evading the sword-light.

Rather than retreating, he advanced, instantly arriving before Nie Jingshen.

His wide sleeve opened, attempting to envelop Nie Jingshen as time and space were reversed chaotically within.

This was none other than the mighty Heaven Earth Within Sleeve.

Enveloped by it, Nie Jingshen felt as if he had become infinitesimally small as the world before him had become limitlessly massive.

He was about to be swallowed by that wide sleeve without being able to do anything about it.

“Open!” Nie Jingshen roared as his sword-light suddenly changed.

The majestic process of the heavens and earth being split apart was actually forcibly reversed at this moment as there was a return to earlier heaven times!

Nie Jingshen retracted his sword-light before instantaneously releasing it once more, projecting the opening of the heavens yet again.

“Such a speed of unleashing his sword is something that far surpasses even the Sword Sovereign at the same cultivation level, right”

“Also, he does so without any prior warning whatsoever, instantaneously unleashing a thunderous attack as it is like a sword of an Immortal beyond the heavens…”

Having once spectated Nie Jingshens and Chen Qianhuas battle before, the Heaven Emperor knew how extraordinary Nie Jingshen was, “Not only is his cultivation speed shocking, he truly is extremely powerful in battles.

Are these the profundities of the Earlier Heaven Nascent Form”

Still, some things could not be seen by spectators as they could only be understood when personally experienced.

Nie Jingshen unleashed his sword, subtle streams of qi being emitted which intermingled to form an illusory figure.

Enveloped by the illusory figure, the sword-light seemed to form something which was like a banner whilst also an axe!

As the sword descended, after the blurry dimness was split apart by the bright radiance, a boundless gust of strong wind appeared which was both warm and sharp.

Amidst the contrast was contained limitless profundities and a terrifying might.

The strong wind forcibly stopped the distorted space within the Heaven Emperors sleeve.

Still, endless thick earth next appeared which similarly existed between earlier and later heaven, seemingly able to bear all things whilst also being able to collapse and crush the world!

From the sharp, fearsome sword actually emanated a tyranny which could suppress all things!

It was as if Kunlun Mountain was overturned as the highest heavens collapsed!

Nie Jingshens sword-light seemed like it would never be destroyed, never die, never be diminished.

As a result, it was indestructible and difficult to withstand.

Whoever dared to stand in its path would be run over and crushed like a mantis before a chariot!

The Heaven Emperor was taken aback as his Heaven Earth Within Sleeve was actually forcibly hacked apart.

The world before Nie Jingshen regained its normalcy as he leapt out of the area enveloped by the Heaven Emperors Heaven Earth Within Sleeve.

He retracted and unleashed his sword-light once more, immediately hacking towards the Heaven Emperor yet again!

“This is the Jade Illusory Heaven Opening Sword” The Heaven Emperor felt startled, thoughts flashing through his mind as he simply neither evaded nor dodged, deliberately suffering Nie Jingshens sword.

It was extremely difficult for mortals to wound True Immortals.

Still, the Heaven Emperor visibly wobbled as he was struck by Nie Jingshen, his waist even bending over slightly as it was like he was affected badly by that blow.

While the Heaven Emperor had been prepared for this, it was still not easy for him.

He had originally intended to make use of his superior cultivation base to restrict his opponent and obtain victory in exchanging blow for blow.

Therefore, even as he wobbled, he still made use of the chance and counterattacked Nie Jingshen.

Still, Nie Jingshen immediately retracted his sword-light following that attack, streams of illusory qi intermingling as they formlessly blocked the Heaven Emperors attack.

Where the sword-light passed, he broke through the attack formed of the Heaven Emperors Immortal qi.

Nie Jingshens domineering sword was such that whatever his opponents did, whatever principles their attacks might contain, he would break through them with a single sword.

The Heaven Emperor shifted through space, temporarily widening the distance between the both of them.

“True Immortals are leakless indeed.

It is just as the rumours go,” Nie Jingshen lowered his sword.

The Heaven Emperor appraised the black-clothed youth before him, saying only after a long time, “Eternal in earlier heaven, never falling to later heaven…so this is the true meaning of the phrase.”


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