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Profound Remnant Locale of Cloud Pavilion Mountain was the abode and Dao Arena of Northern Exalt, one of the Exalts of Ten Territories in World beyond Worlds.

Yan Zhaoge got here all the way.

Instead of going to Profound Remnant Locale he went straight to a small town out of Cloud Pavilion Mountain.

Since Broad Creed Mountain was officially against Kunlun Mountains Southern High Peak, Qilin Cliff, if he directly visited Profound Remnant Locale, he would inevitably be suspected for recruiting followers.

Back when the whole World beyond Worlds searched for Xue Chuqing, Northern Exalt had ordered his disciples not to interfere.

Therefore, both Xue Chuqing and Yan Zhaoge were deeply grateful.

Yan Zhaoge thus didnt plan to be hard on Northern Exalt.

Northern Exalt aspired to be independent and to disregard all worldly affairs, so Yan Zhaoge would respect him.

And, Yan Zhaoge believed that he would return the favor.

From what had happened to Xue Chuqing before, Northern Exalt must have some sympathy to what had happened to Dim Radiant Emperor.

Although he didnt pay a visit to Cloud Pavilion Mountain, as the owner of the North, Profound Remnant Locale would surely know of his arrival.

And it wouldnt take long before Southern Exalt react to that.

Yan Zhaoge stepped into that small town, peacefully watching the bustling people.

This was where Feng Yunsheng used to be.

At the thought of which, Yan Zhaoge seemed lost in thought.

After a short while, he regained his consciousness and turned his face with a gentle smile to see a yellow-clothed girl coming into his view.

She was a disciple of Profound Remnant Locale, someone he was quite familiar with, and also the granddaughter of Northern Exalt, Wu Ting Daoist, Guan Ke.

Miss Guan, its been a while.” Yan Zhaoge smiled to greet her.

Guan Yuluo came close to Yan Zhaoge and sized him up with curiosity as if she saw him for the first time.

You always look at me that way. Yan Zhaoge said with a smile.

Every time I see you, youre like a stranger to me. Guan Yuluo winked and continued, “Fallen deity, you...really...killed Elder w.a.n.g of Qilin Cliff...”

Yan Zhaoge calmly nodded and replied, Yes, I did it.

Guan Yuluo was still in a shock to believe that.

Well, any news about Yunsheng Yan Zhaoge firstly asked.

Why it was Guan Yuluo who came to meet Yan Zhaoge was that she was acquainted with Yan Zhaoge before years because of Feng Yunsheng.

Under the current tense context, anyone from Profound Remnant Locale meeting with Yan Zhaoge would be suspected of taking sides.

However, Guan Yuluos personal familiarity with Yan Zhaoge provided some leeway for explanation as no other party would be willing to upset the momentary balance and publicly declare war on Northern Exalt.

No news about sister Feng yet.” Guan Yuluo immediately went much depressed.

She also missed Feng Yunsheng so much.

She just controlled her emotion before Yan Zhaoge whom, she thought, was even more grieved.

However, Yan Zhaoge was calm and the one to comfort her, saying, “Yunsheng will be alright.

Heaven rewards the good.”

“Em, I know that.

Its a pity that even my grandfather cant work out where sister Feng is now.” Guan Yuluo sighed and pulled herself together to look at Yan Zhaoge in solemnity, “Before I set out from home, my grandfather said something.”

The one being searched for is here, but no one knows where exactly he is.”

Seemingly, it sounded meaningless, but Yan Zhaoge caught on to it immediately.

Northern Exalt seemed to be getting old and disabled as if he would die at all times.

Well, the truth was he still had bright eyes and a clear mind to have an insight into everything.

Broad Creed Mountain was officially against Kunlun Mountains Southern High Peak, Qilin Cliff, and although with support of Sword Emperor, there must be numerous difficulties for it to face Earthly Sovereign and Concealed Sovereign at the same time.

There was no doubt Yan Zhaoge and others would make a plan.

Profound Emperor and Dragon Spring Emperor of Roving Jade Heaven might come to help.

However, it was just in case.

If Roving Jade Heavens were involved in affairs of World beyond Worlds, then everything would look different.

The Sword Emperor might not be happy about this.

Although he was on friendly terms with Profound Emperor and Dragon Spring Emperor, he was in a terrible relations.h.i. p with other masters in Roving Jade Heaven.

Given that there was no need for aid from other worlds and if finding someone powerful enough in World beyond Worlds, Yan Zhaoge and others would undoubtedly think of one person.

The one who ranked before Sword Sovereign, the Astro Sovereign!

In the past days, he was one of the Nine Luminaries of Kunlun, the Exalted Lunar Luminary, a close friend of Yan Zhaoges grandfather, Exalted Gold Luminary, Yan Xingtang.

In recent years, many people in World beyond Worlds began to forget Astro Sovereign, but Northern Exalt would not.

Northern Exalt was the man in the know about Astro Sovereigns disappearance.

As one of the most experienced and the oldest members among exalts of ten territories, he was in the time of Astro Sovereign, about whom he knew was finally seen on the northern snowfield.

As the owner of the northern Profound Heaven Territory, he surely knew more than other exalts did.

However, that was all he could provide.

He was hard to tell the reason and details of Astro Sovereign\'s disappearance.

Hence, he put it this way that The one being searched for is here, but no one knows where exactly he is.”

As far as Yan Zhaoge was concerned, of course, what Northern Exalt said was not enough to lead him to Astro Sovereign, but he understood what Northern Exalt implied.

Astro Sovereign\'s disappearance should have something to do with Nine Underworlds.

In World beyond Worlds, there were probably only those few people who knew the truth in detail, namely the three emperors, Female Emperor and w.a.n.g Zhengcheng who had been dead.

As for others, not to mention the other exalts, even Encompa.s.sing Emperor and Heaven Emperor didnt know about this.

The reason why Northern exalt had some clues was he was guarding the northern Profound Heaven Territory.

“Its not bad news.

I dont know the details, and neither do others.” Yan Zhaoge thought to himself.

“Even though they know I will turn to Astro Sovereign\'s for help, they cant take a risk to stop me.”

As of now, Earthly Sovereign didnt return, and Concealed Sovereign was still in seclusion, and w.a.n.g Zhengcheng, the only one who might make things difficult, had been killed by Yan Zhaoge.

The only uncertainty was the Upper Exalt, Chen Qianhua, who could see the past and the future with the Origin Heavenly Scripture.

However, Astro Sovereigns cultivation surpa.s.sed Brocade Emperors much, so there almost was no chance for Chen Qianhua to figure out Astro Sovereign\'s intention.

Even if he learned about Chu Lili from w.a.n.g Zhengchengs mouth, still he needed to spend some time resting himself for he had been previously injured by Yan Di.

Hence, Yan Zhaoge had a chance to search for Astro Sovereign.

What he worried most was Female Emperors stance.

She wouldnt suddenly change her mind, would she

After bidding farewell to Guan Luoyu, he left the small town, stepped again into the world of snow and ice and continued his way toward the north.

Red light flashed across Yan Zhaoges eyes as he walked in the snowstorm.

The red light with sharpness in his eyes seemed to be bursting out, cutting the air.

Yan Zhaoge looked out as far as he could to find many black lines, near or far, scattered or dense, intersecting each other.

Every black line was a crack in the s.p.a.ce domain.

Since those cracks were unstable in a state of alternating opening and closing, they were actually not the paths to domains or the wounds of heaven.

Whereas, where could he find Astro Sovereign

Last time when I searched for Feng Yunshen, I searched within a specific area with Northern Exalts help.

Nevertheless, in this situation, if I checked all the lines of cracks, it, at least, would take decades or even centuries.


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