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I Have Already Gone Crazy Thousand Years Ago

Suddenly, a snow-white barrier overspread in the space, blotting out the sky and covering up the earth.

And the junction between the Nine Underworlds and that Land of tranquil stream was sealed for the moment.

Tons of billows which were stirred up due to the battle in the Land of tranquil stream kept striking and weakening the barrier.

However, the seal still remained unbreakable in a short period.

Tranquility Emperor and Trueness Emperor from Roving Jade Heavens were both shocked and furious.

If they wanted to pass through the Land of tranquil stream and leave through the space on the other side, they would have to enter the battlefield.

And not all the big demons over there could maintain their sanity.

As a matter of fact, there was no lack of bloodthirsty ones.

So when they were trying to attack the glacier, they would only make no exception for Tranquility Emperor and Trueness Emperor and fought them together.

“I am Chen Xuanzong from the Jade Sky Peak of the World beyond Worlds.

I have been here to stop the reborn of Gui Shui Demon.”

“What is happening now was caused by my disciple Jie Mingkong.

You two should leave this place quickly and find her.

Then you can save yourself from this disaster.”

After Chen Xuanzong had disappeared without a trace for so many years, the cultivators of the young generation had already become unfamiliar to his name.

However, Tranquility Emperor and Trueness Emperor were well aware of that name.

They knew he was the Exalted Water Luminary, Chen Xuanzong, even though they were cultivators of the Prime Clear lineage.

However, they were struggling to fight the big demons now while route of retreat had already been sealed.

Getting out of this place was not that simple as Astro Sovereign had made it sound.

What’s more, they were not so sure about whom the voice in the glacier belonged to.

Being not able to distinguish enemies and friends now, they couldn’t readily place trust in anyone randomly.

Especially that they could feel there was devilish qi breeding under the glacier!

Thus they couldn’t treat the situation lightly, for fear that the voice might come from a demon who had tried to deceive them.

The three-way combat made the field completely out of control.

Outside the Land of tranquil stream, in the Nine Underworlds, Female Emperor closed her eyes tightly.

She was facing the snow-white Skylight Seal right now, with a cold expression on her face.

With the seals on the hands changing constantly, a ritual gradually formed to a shape.

“It’s better that those two from Roving Jade Heavens got involved.

The three-way combat could reduce Master’s pressure.

And that could buy enough time for him to get rid of the invasion of Gui Shui Demon.”

Jie Mingkong murmured that and took a deep breath.

In the meantime, the fight between the big demons and the two emperors could also spare Chen Xuanzong’s concentration from what was about to happen.

Everything went smoothly as she had expected until now.

It had already been thousands of years.

If she didn’t do something, the situation would never change in the endless times.

That was something she never wished to happen.

So she decided to change everything.

Nothing was more important than what she was doing now.

And she had already been ready for all the costs.

With deadly calm look on her face, she put the seals in her hands together.

Then the ritual in front of her suddenly turned into flowing light overspreading in the dark Nine Underworlds.

Meanwhile, in the Land of tranquil stream, the enormous glacier started to shake violently.

Even those wild big demons fell in to silence abruptly, watching the changes of the world in front of them alertly as Tranquility Emperor and Trueness Emperor became even more alarmed.

The next second, a ray of white light radiated from the glacier.

The light spread through the Nine Underworlds and reached to the outer space.

Then it transformed into a huge seal.

As the seal rotated, a soft white light was sent forth.

Still, it gave out a deterrent aura while it was flickering.

The man in the glacier took a deep sigh, “Mingkong, why do you have to do this”

At the same time, another dimly discernible voice sounded by the ears of everyone, like a shadow’s murmuring.

Tranquility Emperor and Trueness Emperor couldn’t understand what the other voice had said at first, but their years of life experiences made them come to realize what had happened in no time, “The consciousness of a big demon!”

As what they had thought, those demons which had been frantic and attacking all the living creatures in front of them now all rushed to the glacier regardless of whom their former targets were!

Those demons also left Tranquility Emperor and Trueness Emperor behind.

“There is an extremely powerful big demon being sealed in the glacier.

And he is the one who just commanded those demons to attack the glacier” With their eyebrows wrinkled, the two emperors both thought, ‘So it really is Astro Sovereign from the World beyond Worlds who has been suppressing Gui Shui Demon over these years’

They did have the intention to hold up those demons, but were still afraid that it might be a trap.

Then they raised their heads and stared at the white light seal in the space far away from them.

As a result, they was shocked again, “The seal...

is pointing to the Roving Jade Heavens!”

“No, it is pointing to someone who is in the Roving Jade Heavens now!”

A person who was related to Female Emperor and also lived in Roving Jade Heavens...

Chu Lili.

The two emperors from the Roving Jade Heavens both gasped with fear.

Though they still couldn’t get a full picture of what was happening now, they still realized that those changes were meant bad for the Roving Jade Heavens.

After looking at each other in the eyes, they both turned around to strike the snow-white barrier which had blocked their way for getting out.

The glacier seemed to in a hazard now, but if it was really Astro Sovereign himself who was inside, the glacier should be able to hold for a while.

Thus, if they wanted to break the deadlock, finding Female Emperor who was outside now should be more effective.

The two emperors decided to thwart anything Female Emperor was doing now.

Without those big demons in the way, the two true immortal emperors could finally employ their skills to the full.

And the seal which blocked their way went weaker and weaker in a fast speed.

In the Nine Underworlds, Female Emperor ‘watched’ the white barrier getting thinner and thinner with her facial expression unchanged.

That very year, Chen Xuanzong had born the incarnation ritual of the reborn of Gui Shui Demon for Chu Lili.

Then he had intercepted the demon and sealed it in this piece of the Land of tranquil stream.

Right now, Female Emperor tended to reversed the process and found someone else to replace him.

One’s cultivation level had nothing to do with his or her qualification of becoming the incarnation of the big demon.

Actually, only the innate constitution could decide if the person’s body was qualified to be the incarnation.

That was why it was so hard to find a suitable incarnation for the big demon, normally it was a one in a million chance.

Neither Jie Mingkong nor the two emperors were able to be the incarnation.

But someone was.

Whoever started the trouble should end it.

The most suitable person to be the incarnation of Gui Shui Demon except Chen Xuanzong, was Chu Lili!

What Jie Mingkong was trying to do now was giving everything back!

The rune which had haunted Chen Xuanzong until now belonged to Chu Lili in the first place.

Although Chen Xuanzong was the one who was about to become the incarnation of Gui Shui Demon, Chu Lili was still the most suitable incarnation.

After all these years’ planning and preparing, Female Emperor was looking forward to this moment.

Even if Chu Lili had already pushed the immoral door open, it wouldn’t hurt her plan.

The rune had been on Chu Lili’s arm at first.

Even if it were removed, it would grow again, like the grass couldn’t be burnt out by the fire and would grow again in the spring breeze.

And today, the spring breeze was here.

Chu Lili would become the incarnation of Gui Shui Demon again by letting the rune relive on her body.

By then, Chen Xuanzong wouldn’t be trapped in the glacier anymore.

In the Roving Jade Heavens, there were Profound Sovereign and Vine Sovereign, who was also the Great Grand Master of the Prime Clear lineage.

Although it was said that they were both in seclusion right now, they wouldn’t sit by and do nothing as a big demon was about to be reborn.

Let alone that it was still uncertain if Chu Lili would become a demon, even if she would, the two sovereigns were still in the Roving Jade Heavens.

They would definitely besiege Gui Shui Demon in the Roving Jade Heavens after he had been reborn and launch a critical strike to him.

Like what had happened to Gui Shui Demon when he had incarnated in Chu Heng’s body, this time this big demon would die soon after it was reborn.

And the biggest obstruction for letting Jie Mingkong to do this was none other than Chen Xuanzong!

Thus she had led all those demons and the two emperors here to distract Chen Xuanzong.

“Master, even if you would hate me for this.

I won’t regret.” Female Emperor kept her expression on the face steady, “I’ve already gone crazy thousand years ago.”


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