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Having looked into Astro Sovereign\'s eyes for a while, Concealed Sovereign gave a faint smile.

Fellow daoist Chen, I think you already knew the answer, right Concealed Sovereign said that while nodding, You have guessed right.

I\'m the one who have told your little disciple about what had happened to her father, our fellow daoist Chu, Chu Heng.

Astro Sovereign remained silent while staring at Concealed Sovereign for a long while.

Yan Zhaoge who was listening to them by the side thought, \'Little disciple...


fellow daoist Chu...

that must be Chu Lili\'s father.\'

He only had a scanty knowledge of what had happened at that time and could only had some limited view from Astro Sovereign and Female Emperor\'s conversation.

Now after hearing what Concealed Sovereign and Astro Sovereign had said, Yan Zhaoge finally could put all the pieces together even if the information he got was still limited.

This must be the descendant of fellow daoist Yan.

And your name is Yan Zhaoge, am I right Meanwhile, Concealed Sovereign said that with his eyes resting upon Yan Zhaoge.

Your Majesty, it is my honor to meet you.

Yan Zhaoge gave his obeisance to Concealed Sovereign, being neither cringing or arrogant.

I have wanted to see your father and you for a long time.

But I never had the time.

Today I can finally have my wish fulfilled.

Yan Zhaoge shook his head while replying, Little did I know that I would meet you under the circ.u.mstance like this, your majesty. As he glanced at the two sovereigns, he added, And I never expected that according to the conversation you two have had, you are the reason why Astro Sovereign was frozen in the ice for thousands of years...

That action of Concealed Sovereign had caused the loss of an expert in the profound realm to the World beyond Worlds.

As for the new daoism world which had just revived after the Great Calamity, that was undoubtedly a great loss too.

Had it not been for Sword Sovereign who had filled the vacancy in time, the three sovereigns and five emperors\' structure wouldn\'t be maintained in the World beyond Worlds anymore.

Although Concealed Sovereign seldom declared where he stood, he always went along with Earthly Sovereign\'s idea which was focusing on the stable development in order to bring the Three Clear lineage back to life.

However, the thing with Chu Lili that Concealed Sovereign had done seemed to be inconsistent with his original policy.

Being frozen in the ice for thousands of years doesn\'t mean you are going to be locked forever or become a demon. Concealed Sovereign said that indifferently, Once the situation is critical, I can help you out at anytime.

Astro Sovereign said coldly, So, I guess Mingkong has learned that ritual from you.

In the old days, Astro Sovereign and Concealed Sovereign were the only two people who were in charge of the research of suppressing the demon.

Although Female Emperor was the disciple of Astro Sovereign, she had never dabbled in this area too much.

Nonetheless, the ritual she had employed before was quite powerful.

Even Astro Sovereign could do nothing about it because his attention had been distracted by all the demons.

And if Astro Sovereign hadn\'t asked Yan Zhaoge to stay secretly and lend a hand, the result would be Chu Lili who had been in the Roving Jade Heavens undertaking the demon rune all by herself.

Fellow Daoist Chen, I feel that things didn\'t go exactly as I thought seeing the look on your face. Concealed Sovereign put on a thoughtful look and asked, So my little fellow Chu didn\'t become a demon even though she has undertaken the demon rune by herself

That\'s very unlikely, she did have pushed open the door to Immortality, but she\'s not powerful enough to stop Gui Shui Demon\'s rebirth alone.

But if she has already turned into a demon and escaped from the Roving Jade Heavens without being killed by the experts there, you wouldn\'t be so relaxed right now. As Concealed Sovereign talked, he noticed the scar on Astro Sovereign\'s forehead, The scar...

Astro Sovereign said in a cold voice, What\'s done is done.

Your original plot failed. Then he asked,

However, I still have some doubts.

I know we are not close friends.

But I still consider you my fellow.

Also, we had nothing against each other at that time.

Why did you set me up

Did you want me to kill Lili because you want to prevent Gui Shui Demon from being reborn for good

Concealed Sovereign smiled and said, If I only wished to kill little fellow Chu, I could simply do it myself.

It\'s not like I didn\'t have the chance.

I can see that you want to protect Chu Heng\'s daughter.

Therefore, we have a.s.sumed that you would definitely sacrifice yourself for her.

After all, you are a more suitable incarnation for Gui Shui Demon than her.

You mean, your target has always been me, from the beginning. Astro Sovereign raised his head and stared at Concealed Sovereign calmly.

After a long while, Astro Sovereign suddenly uttered, I was not wrong about you at that time.

You did have plotted something.

There was a brief silence.

Then Concealed Sovereign said smilingly, Fellow Daoist Chen, you truly are a sensitive man.

That\'s why I had to let you leave the World beyond Worlds for a while.

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge squinted his eyes all of a sudden.

Then he looked to Astro Sovereign who was talking slowly, Fu Jinxiu from the Ingenious Flying Peak who is the descendant of Daoist Xuanzhong, I have already known about what had happened to him.

At that time, I only had some doubts.

But now I know that you have already prepared to hurt the Grand Clear lineage.

So you must be responsible for Fu Jinxiu\'s suffering.

Although the descendant of Daoist Xuanzhong is from the Grand Clear lineage instead of our Jade lineage, they still belong to the Three Clear lineage.

Fu Jinxiu is the most excellent cultivator of his lineage.

Why did you plot something against him

As Yan Zhaoge heard of that, he exhaled heavily.

Because the puzzle which haunted him for a long time was finally resolved.

So, Brocade Emperor really had been set up.

Yan Zhaoge hadn\'t understood at the beginning why a powerful cultivator like Brocade Emperor would have made such a huge mistake in his cultivating period

When Brocade Emperor who had used to be fickle in love turned to a devoted man, he had even given birth to another daughter, Ming Wan other than Fu Ting.

And that almost made him lose all his daoism cultivation.

What had been stranger was that Brocade Emperor had seemed to know nothing about this daughter before he met Meng Wan.

Not only had he gone on the wrong path, he also hadn\'t even realized that.

That was not something like making a mistake in his cultivating procedure.

Was it possible for a true immortal emperor who had already pushed open the door to immortality and possessed an impeccable body to give birth to a daughter without knowing it himself

As a matter of fact, any cultivators who had reached a certain level of their cultivation were able to control if they wanted to have a baby or not, not to mention Brocade Emperor.

Unless his sperm had been collected by force.

But Meng Wan\'s mother, Liu Xianting surely had no power to do that.

However, if Concealed Sovereign was behind all of this, then everything could be explained...

Fu Jinxiu truly is an outstanding expert.

Unluckily, he has walked on the wrong path at the beginning. Concealed Sovereign replied that calmly, He was too eager to push open the door to immortality due to the pressure from Mars Halberd.

So someone else could take advantage of him because he was anxious to achieve quick success.

We both know that he only became an immortal by good luck.

So there had to be a story behind. As Concealed Sovereign talked about that, he chuckled.

Take advantage of him Astro Sovereign frowned and asked, You mean...

Concealed Sovereign took a look at Yan Zhaoge and said with a smile, We don\'t need to hide anything in front of this little fellow Yan.

He has already gone to the Immortal Court with Fu Jinxiu\'s eldest daughter.

So he must have heard of the name of Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.

While Astro Sovereign heard of that, the expression on his face changed sightly at once.

Don\'t get too anxious, your majesty, I will tell you the details afterwards. Yan Zhaoge comforted Astro Sovereign while giving him a rea.s.suring look.

Concealed Sovereign who was watching at the two people in front of him with great interest then continued, Fellow daoist Chen, you were right.

The Immortal Court has got involved secretly to help Fu Jinxiu to push open the door to immortality so early.

Too bad for Fu Jinxiu that he knew nothing about that and only considered him as a supremely lucky man.

However, after he has been through the cultivation deviation this time, he should have already reflected on every corner of his spirit.

Then he must have already realized that he wasn\'t just being lucky at that time.


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