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Heaven Opening Scripture was of great significance to the World beyond Worlds.

It was worth mentioning that before the New Nine Luminaries had created the World beyond Worlds, they had viewed the Heaven Opening Scripture together.

After that, they had also created lots of famous top-level martial arts in the World beyond Worlds from the Heaven Opening Scripture.

And those martial arts also established todays increasingly prosperous situation of the World beyond Worlds.

For example, Yin Yang Earth Heaven Breaking Hammer of the Qilin Cliff, the Jade Heaven Opening Sword of the Jade Capital Crag, the Profound Cold Sabre and the Great Frozen Seven Arts of the Roving Jade Peak and other famous arts all derived from the Heaven Opening Scripture.

Due to the particularity of the principle of the Heaven Opening Scripture, there was no written record of this scripture actually.

So others who wanted to learn the scripture could only be taught orally and tried their best to comprehend.

Thus, it required peoples talent and perception to fully understand the principle.

If one failed to comprehend the principle, his soul might even be torn apart.

However, that wouldnt be a problem for Yan Zhaoge.

Not only because he had already got the Peerless Heavenly Scripture, but also because of his own strong perception.

Besides, as Yan Zhaoge was endeavoring to perfect his cultivation of the martial arts of the Three Purities, he had gradually got a better and better understanding of the cultivation method.

Of course, if the cultivators didnt have a perfect physical quality, the cultivation path would be tougher and tougher.

There were endless talented cultivators who could surpass levels from ancient times.

The martial arts of different levels would offer different fighting capacities.

However, even if the cultivators had learned the same martial arts, their combat powers might not be on the same stage either.

After all, there were always differences between everyone.

For example, Nie Jingshen had his Earlier Heaven Nascent Form, Ying Longtu had his Big Dipper Physique while Xia Guang had his Thunderbolt Blood.

Apart from their strengths in the physical qualities, those mens perceptions were also above the ordinary.

Therefore, when they studied the same martial arts with others who were in the same level of the martial realm with them, they could always have a better comprehension than others.

In certain ways, their comprehension and utilization of the martial principle were ahead of the level of their own martial realm.

Thus they seemed to be overly strong in their present realm.

Yan Zhaoge was another example.

His understanding of the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture had already been much better than the one he should have as a Martial Saint.

Through his comprehensive study of multiple martial arts, Yan Zhaoge had been able to have a good command of the extreme changes of the Cyclic Heavenly Seal, such as returning to earlier heaven or reversing creation.

In normal cases, lots of True Immortals who had already pushed the door to the immortality or even some Profound Immortals were not able to have such a deep comprehension in the cultivation of the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture.

So even though Yan Zhaoge didnt possess the Immortal qi or Immortal gang and had only used his true essence to push the Cyclic Heavenly Seal, he could still defeat Chen Qianhua who had also cultivated the Cyclic Heavenly Scripture like a cork.

Even if Chen Qianhua also had a strong ability of comprehending and had already fully understood the martial arts he had learned, he had still taken a fall by Yan Zhaoges Cyclic Heavenly Scripture.

The higher level a cultivator had reached, the less likely he would surpass levels, sometimes the possibility might even be cut down to zero.

First it was because once a person had reached a high level of martial realm, he would find that the people in the same realm with him were all outstanding cultivators who were talented and had already made a reputation.

The differences between everyone in that realm could be ignored already.

Those who were no match for their fellows would already be wed out in the course of reaching to this realm.

Second, there were also limits for the principles of all the martial arts.

So even if someone had comprehended the arts and reached the high level of the martial realm first, the others could still catch up with him.

The differences between each person was not that significant by then.

In stead, what mattered more was the accumulation of the martial arts.

For Yan Zhaoge, comprehending the Heaven Opening Scripture in a superficial level was not that hard.

He should focus more on how to go deeper.

After a short period of seclusion, Yan Zhaoge left the mountain again.

This time, he left the World beyond Worlds straightly.

‘Not in the universe of the Three Purities, not in the universe of the blessed lands of Buddhism, and not in the universe of the Immortal Court...

either Yan Zhaoge pondered that while he was walking in the outer space,The changes of all the universes after the Great Calamity are more than I have thought.

His journey in the endless outer space was extraordinarily long, even for him who had already possessed a high cultivation base.

He had to find some vortexes which could connect the different spaces in order to save time.

Otherwise it would only be a waste of time for him even if he walked for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Nonetheless, since he had already been to the Buddhism Worlds and the Immortal Court, now he was familiar to walking on the path.

And Astro Sovereign had pointed a very precise location to him.

So the only thing Yan Zhaoge needed to do was following the map.

However, the long trek was still unavoidable.

Having crossed the barrier between two universes, Yan Zhaoge entered into a new space.

There was still darkness in front of his eyes.

The space was deadly quite with starlight in a distance.

Though the spirit qi was quite thin in the space, Yan Zhaoge still felt a bit uncomfortable.

He didnt actually feel sick.

It was just he hadnt fully adapted to a universe which was completely different from the dao universe.

“This place doesnt fit for the habitation of the humans.

But its good for the demon to live.” Yan Zhaoge murmured that.

There was no lack of demons and beasts in the Eight Extremities Worlds or the World beyond Worlds.

As for the Star Universe which were far away from the human worlds, there even existed a few powerful big demons.

However, the number of the demons were so small that most of them had already died out before the Great Calamity.

However, the Star Universe didnt have many changes when compared to itself before the Great Calamity.

So both human and demon were able to live there.

But the place where Yan Zhaoge was staying right now didnt welcome the humans very much.

Yan Zhaoge didnt mind about that too much.

After he had circulated the chaotic qi in his body, he already fit in the environment around him.

However, right now he was lost in thought because of his surroundings.

Suddenly, he shook his body slightly.

Then a tall figure showed up by his side, which was his North Ocean Clone.

After that, the real Yan Zhaoge took in a deep breath.

Then his real body in which the qis and blood could circulate freely shrank at once.

As the North Ocean Clone opened his palms, there was light flickering in the center of his palms.

Yan Zhaoge jumped right into the light spot and disappeared right away.

Meanwhile the figure of the North Ocean Clone was slightly changed.

It still remained the human figure.

However, there were bloody demon qis squirting out from all of the acupoints of his body.

With the muscles on his back shrugged, there were a pair of wings stretching out from its back straightly.

And when the wings opened, it could even blot out the sky and cover the sun.

Those wings were not transformed by the martial arts principle but by the real flesh and blood of Yan Zhaoges North Ocean Clone.

Since the North Ocean Clone had already emerged many kinds of demon bloods in his body, not to mention he had also obtained the Kunpeng bone, now he was even able to change his body form to a demons body as his cultivation level had got higher and higher.

At the moment, his North Ocean Clone looked like a human-shape Kunpeng Demon with a few demon features left.

After he had adapted to the environment, he opened his wings again and flew away immediately.

Then, after a short while he had disappeared, a black shadow enveloped this space all of a sudden.

“The sense of a human...


is that my hallucination”


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