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Exalted Fire Luminary was a loner who always did things in his own ways.

So he seldom had close friends.

The only person that had maintained frequent contacts with him was Shao Junhuang, the Exalted Wood Luminary.

However, according to most of the rumors, Suo Mingzhang and Shao Junhuang had always had conflicts with each other.

So it was hard to say if they were in a good relationship.

Nonetheless, now that Yan Zhaoge had arrived at Suo Mingzhangs former residence and saw the folding fan in the cottage.

He then had a feeling that the relationship between these two luminaries were more complicated than he had thought.

Yan Zhaoge wasnt sure what intention Suo Mingzhang had had by keeping this folding fan here.

But it definitely wouldnt be hatred or hostile.

That was a good thing.

At least the thing in his hand now was not from the old enemy of the man he wanted to ask a favor from.

As for the story between Suo Mingzhang and Shao Junhuang, although Yan Zhaoge was quite curious about it, it still wasnt the thing he concerned about the most.

Right now, Yan Zhaoge just came back to the beginning, which was how to find that Exalted Fire Luminary who had a mysterious movement.

“Should I take a chance in the Immortal Court” Yan Zhaoge murmured that, “Going to the Immortal Court is no big deal.

But I couldnt count on the chances.”

Then he turned around the fan.

As he did that, the fire dragon on the fan seemed to come to life right away.

This fan was obviously just a paper fan without any spirit qi.

However, there was a scene showing up in Yan Zhaoges mind.

In the dark universe, a huge fire dragon which filled the whole sky was soaring.

That imposing manner held all the places in this world in awe and almost made people bend their knees in worship.

That aura was not from the dragon of the formal dragon race, because it didnt contain the royal spirit.

Instead, this dragon seemed more arbitrary, more ruthless and more overbearing.

It looked as if the real dragons would prostrate themself before this fire dragon.

In this world, the blood lineage was feeble, the royal power was feeble, but only the power was real.

Even the emperors or sovereigns who ruled all the places would bend their proud heads in front of the real powerful experts.

Like the emperors in the human world still needed to worship the heaven even if they were above all the civilians.

The overbearing aura was lonely, like the sky which those ordinary people were never able to reach.

The mountains were silent but might still be trod underfoot by the humans.

Even if the humans were way smaller than the mountains.

But the silent sky would never be overcome by the humans.

For them, the sky was always vast and lofty.

On the day the humans really reached the sky, they would only find there were actually wider universe in front of them.

Yan Zhaoge watched the fire dragon alternating between a human figure and a real dragon in the fire.

The human figure was a tall man whose face was vague.

But Yan Zhaoge knew that the man was no other than Suo Mingzhang, the Exalted Fire Luminary.

The man in the painting which had been drawn by Shao Junhuang was Suo Mingzhang.

“Hmm” Yan Zhaoge suddenly reminded of something.

He found that there was actually something else hidden in this painting.

It seemed that not only did the fire dragon in his mind relive the imposing manner of Exalted Fire Luminary, it also contained some kind of will of Exalted Wood Luminary.

Maybe the appearance of Shao Junhuangs will in the painting was only a spontaneous outflow of her emotion instead of a deliberate act.

Yan Zhaoge weighed and considered carefully and then restored a unique seal.

“This seal is more like a personal subject of Exalted Wood Luminary.

I bet even her mother or the Bright Connection Emperor dont know about it.”

Yan Zhaoge couldnt get hold of the secrets of the seal in a short while.

So he decided to remember it by rote.

Having stood there for a short while, he closed the folding fan and put it back into the shadow which was still hanging in the center of the cottage.

Then he bowed to the shadow and took back his ritual.

After he had walked out of the cottage, he gave his obeisance to the tomb which was not far away from him.

Then he jumped into the hand of the North Clone.

After that, with the wings of the North Clone opened, he flew to the sky and went far away instantly.

Now he had also gone to the former residence of Mars Halberd.

However, he still didnt get anything.

When compared to Suo Mingzhang, Ye Yang whose spirits had entered into Mars Halberd didnt have any good feeling for the Fire Dragon World.

To be more specific, Ye Yang might even detest this dragon world.

As a matter of fact, he wasnt that affectionate to his parents either.

Now Yan Zhaoge understood why so many people would reach a consensus that Mars Halberd was an independent True Immortal Emperor while Mars Halberd only regarded himself as a weapon.

It seemed that Mars Halberd, or Ye Yang, was really repelled by his own blood lineage, his family background, his destiny and his past experiences.

And that was the reason why he had had a strong tendency of self-denial and refused to accept all the things in his previous life after he had relived as Mars Halberd.

Becoming an immortal weapon might be a brand new start and a brand new life for him.

Thinking of that, Yan Zhaoge couldnt help but sigh.

It was clearly to see that Ye Yang was actually a person with a great tolerance.

When he had faced Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di, Fu Ting whose power had been inferior to him, he hadnt show a single sign of arrogance.

Instead, he had been quite tolerate at that time.

However, the hatred he had for the dragon race was extremely strong.

Perhaps his family background was the only thing this generous man couldnt get over with.

The North Clone soared up into the sky.

After he had gone out of the Fire Dragon World, he entered into the endless space again.

Although Yan Zhaoge had been to the Immortal Court before, the position of this mysterious place was still hard to locate in the vast outer space.

After all the things he had been through, he targeted at the Immortal Court again.

Then, Yan Zhaoge returned to the Loathing Square Immortal Realm in the vicinity of the Lofty Towering World.

He was more cautious than last time he had got here.

There were good reasons to doubt that his name had already been registered in the Immortal Court.

As the disciple of Dim Radiant Emperor, Yan Zhaoge could also be recognized as the disciple of Bright Connection Emperor.

Therefore, the Immortal Court would definitely pay attention to him.

If his whereabouts were revealed, the people there might besiege him right away.

‘I should nose for the news... As Yan Zhaoge pondered that, he headed to the other places instead of the Lofty Towering World.

The power of cultivators of the Immortal Court in the Lofty Towering World was limited.

So they were not capable of receiving the news about the experts of Exalted Fire Luminarys level.

Even those experts in the Loathing Square Immortal Realm might know nothing except for the ones who had pushed the door to the immortality.

Yan Zhaoge had captured lots of people to interrogate them.

At last, he even got out of the Loathing Square Immortal Realm.

As he was wandering through those Immortal Realms, he also kept observing the situation in the Immortal Court while inquiring about the news of Exalted Fire Luminary.

Last time he had been here, he had had a low cultivation base and the only thing he had wanted had been defending himself and leaving this place as soon as possible.

Now he finally had a chance to have a deep insight about the Immortal Court.

Nevertheless, when he finally got the news he wanted, he couldnt help being shocked.

First, the good news was that Mars Halberd hadnt been captured by the Immortal Court.

It was just he had been seriously injured and nearly broken at that time.

After that, Exalted Fire Luminary had really appeared in the Immortal Court.

He had revenged for Mars Halberd by creating disturbances in lots of the Immortal Realms, which had brought a great trouble to the Immortal Court.

But at last, Suo Mingzhang had left abruptly.

“He has taken an expert of the Immortal Court with him when he left” Yan Zhaoge muttered that with his eyebrows raised.


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