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“Joining the Immortal Court is not my best choice indeed.” Brocade Emperor in black said indifferently, “But at least neither my worst.”

“I just dont want to end up in the worst result.

Even if I could see its not a good solution, I still want to give it a shot.”

Hearing his words, Sunlight Emperor frowned slightly.

In the meantime, Mars Halberd only listened to that in silence.

Between Brocade Emperor in white and Brocade Emperor in black, Mars Halberd hated the latter more.

Because after Mars Halberd had acknowledged Brocade Emperors condition, he made an easy assumption that it must be the ruthless part of the Brocade Emperor who hadnt been divided into to two persons that had used the emperors of the Immortal Court to attack him in the Nine Underworlds.

And that ruthless part had transformed into Brocade Emperor in black.

Even so, seeing Brocade Emperor in black ending up in a place where he had to seek refuges with the Immortal Court, Mars Halberd still felt complicated.

Black or white, ruthless or not ruthless, Brocade Emperor was always the most superior cultivator of the Three Clear Lineage.

After all, he was the one of the five emperors of the World beyond Worlds and also used to be the most powerful expert there.

Now, he was reduced to having no place to stay in the World beyond Worlds.

Because of the issue left over by Yin Tianxia and Hu Yuexin and the death of Wang Zhengcheng which had been caused by Yan Zhaoge, there were two opposite parties gradually appearing in the World beyond Worlds.

There would definitely be an outbreak of conflicts.

The ironic thing was it seemed that Brocade Emperor would be in a bad situation no matter which party won in the future.

Even if the two parties were in a stalemate, he couldnt gain any profits in risk.

As his enemy, Mars Halberd also sighed secretly.

However, Yan Zhaoge felt nothing for Brocade Emperor in black.

Because Yan Zhaoge knew this guy better than Mars Halberd.

In his view, it was very likely for the Brocade Emperor in black to force Earthly Sovereign and Concealed Sovereign to take his side instead of the Brocade Emperor in white by pretending to join the Immortal Court.

Although Brocade Emperor had been divided into two persons, his memories still stayed completely in each emperors brain.

And as a top-level expert of the World beyond Worlds, Brocade Emperor knew lots of things of the World beyond Worlds.

The information of the World beyond Worlds would be valued by the Immortal Court the most.

At that time when Brocade Emperor had become a True Immortal with the help of others, he had also become a nail in the World beyond Worlds.

Did Brocade Emperor in black want to join the Immortal Court

Of course he didnt, unless there was no other way.

Therefore, waiting for the best offer was what Brocade Emperor in black was doing right now.

He really was capable of doing that even if he had already detected that the Immortal Court had helped him pushed the door to the immortality at that time.

Nonetheless, it didnt stop him from making the best choice for himself under the circumstance like this.

Also, if there really was no other way, he might just join the Immortal Court when his life was threatened.

On the contrary, Brocade Emperor in white would never do something like this.

At the moment, Brocade Emperor in white hated the Immortal Court more than ever.

Due to this reason, Earthly Sovereign and Concealed Sovereign never worried that Brocade Emperor in white would go the the Immortal Court for shelter.

That was the most ironic part, as Yan Zhaoge saw it.

“Fellow daoist Fu, please think twice.” After a long while, Sunlight Emperor said slowly, “Some choices can never be reversed.

I hope you can be prudent.”

“Will you kill me, Fellow daoist Candle Sunlight” With a calm look on Brocade Emperor in blacks face, he said, “I am not that powerful man as I used to be.

Maybe you can defeat me with you Light in Mirror.”

Sunlight Emperor looked right into his eyes and asked, “Did you come here to join the Immortal Court”

“I only came here to chat with an old acquaintance.” Brocade Emperor in black shook his head, saying, “If I want to join them right away, I would have gone straightly to their territory.

There is no need for me to come here.”

“Then, Ill say that again.” Sunlight Emperor nodded and said with a softer expression in his eyes, “Please think twice.”

Brocade Emperor in black, without giving an affirmative or negative answer, passed Sunlight Emperor and said, “Since you wont fight me, Ill bid my farewell to you then.”

“This place is full of powerful experts of the Immortal Court with complicated surroundings.

Why dont we travel together” Sunlight Emperor said that.

“We didnt come here for the same reason.

I think its better that we separate with each other now.” Brocade Emperor in black walked in the misty nebula without turning back his head and gradually faded away.

Sunlight watched his back, being in silence for a long time.

Then, he talked again, “Now the situation in the World beyond Worlds is complicated and the Immortal Court has always cast covetous eyes on us.

Fellow daoist, please restrain yourself for the moment and dont look trouble for Fellow daoist Fu.

I hope you can make your moves after everything is settled.

Dont let the people of the outer dao take advantages of us.”

“It depends on what he will do.” Mars Halberd replied slowly.

Sunlight Emperor nodded and said, “Its good to hear you saying this.”

After they finished their conversation, they started off at once.

Not only were the spaces in the original nebula extremely large, they also kept changing in multiple layers.

No matter how much one was proficient at changing the time and space or how powerful ones cultivation was, it would still be super difficult for him to move freely in this space and find another person.

“We cant keep doing this.” Sunlight Emperor paused and sighed.

The light in the mirror which hanged above his head shook slightly.

Then Mars Halberds voice came through, “Exactly.”

“Fellow daoist candle sunlight, is it possible for you to reach to others of the World beyond Worlds”

Sunlight Emperor replied, “I dont know if Earthly Sovereign and Sword Sovereign have entered into this original nebula.

I tried to contact them just now but never got any response yet.”

After Mars Halberd had been in silence for a short while, he said, “Since that is the case, Ill try contacting Mingzhang.”

Suo Mingzhang, also known as the Exalted Fire Luminary, had wandered around in the endless outer space the whole time to search for Shao Junhuang.

And his whereabouts were always uncertain.

However, the only person he still had contacts with was Mars Halberd.

But they were also not able to contact with each other instantly because of the great distance between them.

Nevertheless, Mars Halberd never contacted Suo Mingzhang over these years.

He had never contacted Suo Mingzhang when he had been suppressed by the Dragon race and the descendants of the Prime Clear Lineage.

Nor had he done that when he had been seriously injured by the Immortal Court after he had broken the seal and revenged his enemies.

This time it only because Suo Mingzhang had returned to the dao universe by accident that he had known what had happened to Mars Halberd.

Then Suo Mingzhang had started a war in the Immortal Court.

“However, being in a place like this, Im not sure that Im able to contact him.

Let me try my best.” Mars Halberd said.

With a serious look on Sunlight Emperors face, he observed his surroundings cautiously and then said, “There is no one of the Immortal Court around this place for the moment.

Feel free to contact him.

Ill protect you.

But please be quick in case any people of the Immortal Court will notice us.”

“Some of the experts who have gathered in this place might be in a higher level than Profound Immortal.”

After the light in the mirror had shaken a bit, a red fire flew out of the golden candle light and fell into the space.

Then it transformed into a fire giant.

Mars Halberd stood there quietly for a short moment to feel intuitively of the chaotic space.

After that, he joined his hands together to interlace all those flames into threads of a ritual which started to burn in the space.


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