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A young man was sitting beside the broken walls with one of his legs stretching forward and the other leg bending toward his body.

With his arms on his bent knee, he leaned on the wall leisurely while looking at Yan Zhaoge and Mars Halberd.

“You are here, old buddy.” As saying this, the young man stood up from the ground.

“I almost walked into their trap and brought troubles to you.” The fire giant who was transformed by Mars Halberd fell on the ground while saying this.

Yan Zhaoge hit the ground with Mars Halberd and observed the young man in front of him at the same time.

That young man wore short hair, which was very rare.

Yan Zhaoges hair had been getting shorter and shorter because he had insisted to do so.

And that had made him widely different from other males of this ancient world.

However, the man in front of him had shorter hair than him.

His hair style was like the brush cut in Yan Zhaoges cognition.

Whats more, although his hair was dense, each of his hair stood very straightly, which might prick the hands.

This man had a huge figure with a perfect proportion.

Thus he looked very strong and vigorous instead of clumsy and corpulent.

And with that short hair, this man looked extremely masculine.

As he opened and closed his eyes, Yan Zhaoge could even see the vast universe inside of his eyes.

“You wont bring any troubles to me.” Hearing Mars Halberds words, the man shook his head and said, “Im just not in the mood of dealing with them.”

After that, he looked at Yan Zhaoge and asked, “Where does this young fellow come from”

Though it was the first time Yan Zhaoge saw this man, he was pretty sure who the man in front of him was.

This man was one of the New Nine Luminaries of Kunlun, like Yan Zhaoges grandfather, Astro Sovereign, Earthly Sovereign and Exalted Solar Luminary!

He was Exalted Fire Luminary, Suo Mingzhang!

Comparing to the painting of him which had been drawn by Shao Junhuang on the folding fan, Yan Zhaoge found the real Exalted Fire Luminary not that uninhibited.

Right now, he was like a peerless immortal weapon being sheathed.

However, Yan Zhaoge could still sense that wide and scary aura from him.

He didnt know why and when that domineering fire dragon had turned into a quiet man like this.

But no one would assume this short-hair man to be really harmless to others.

Not long ago, on the territory of the Immortal Court, he had deliberately stepped into the trap which had been set the people there.

And even he had been besieged by lots of experts, he had still managed to kill the bait and walk away.

And that bait was a Profound Immortal Emperor who had already transformed his immortal qi to immortal gang.

“Exalted Fire Luminary, I am Yan Zhaoge.

Its an honor to meet you.” Yan Zhaoge, being neither humble or pushy, gave his obeisance to Exalted Fire Luminary.

“Last time we met each other, I have mentioned to you that this young man was the descendant of Fellow Daoist Yan Xingtang and Di Qinglian.” Mars Halberd said that.

Having looked at Yan Zhaoge, Suo Mingzhang said slowly, “A descendant of an eminent family but also excels his ancestors.”

“Theres no needs for the formalities.” Exalted Fire Luminary nodded to Yan Zhaoge and then turned to Mars Halberd, saying, “Ill talk with you later.

Now I need to deal with my previous business.”

Mars Halberd said, “I have just acknowledged another thing.”

“The Grand Master of Yan Zhaoges mother is Hu Yuexin, also...

Shao Junhuang is the Great Grand Master of his mother.”

“Really” Suo Mingzhang suddenly turned around.

Yan Zhaoge made an obeisance to Exalted Fire Luminary while saying, “I didnt know if Senior Mars Halberd had told you about what Yin Tianxia and Hu Yuexin have done at that time.”

“What have happened at that time still affects my mother and I.

And we are trying our best to solve the problems.”

Yan Zhaoge didnt hide anything and only said blankly, “I have wandered in the space outside of the World beyond Worlds only to find my mothers Great Grand Master, who was also Exalted Wood Luminary.

In the meantime, I have heard from others that you were an old acquaintance of Exalted Wood Luminary, so I was also looking for you.”

Hearing that, Exalted Fire Luminary, without expressing any of his opinions, only said simply, “I am looking for Junhuang now.

You can come with me.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded and followed Exalted Fire Luminary with Mars Halberd.

Suo Mingzhang walked ahead of them on the ruins.

As Yan Zhaoge walked, he tried to feel the aura which was contained in the broken walls while connecting his Myriad Dragon Palace.

“This place is completely ruined.

All the spirit qi here has almost disappeared.

The construction here is even worse than the pillars and beans of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace and the White Jade Gate.” Yan Zhaoge sighed secretly.

After the Great Calamity, after such a long time, after the changes which had brought by the Original Nebula, this place had already turned into a wasteland for real.

There wasnt even a nice piece of tile being left.

Then there was no need to combine this place into the Myriad Dragon Palace.

However, as Yan Zhaoge felt pity about that, he suddenly reminded of something.

He felt that one of his treasures which he had never managed to control now had a slight reaction.

The Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace!

“This place might have something to do with the Pill Hall.

Or maybe there is a time tunnel inside of the Original Nebula which connects to the Pill Hall”

Exalted Wood Luminary had been famous for her skills of refining pills.

Actually, she had been recognized as the best alchemist of all the experts after the Great Calamity.

She had dedicated herself in searching for the Pill Hall of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace.

Even if she did have found some clues, it was very reasonable.

However, what she had already found was still uncertain to others.

As Yan Zhaoge pondered that, he suddenly saw Exalted Fire Luminary stopping in front of him.

The place where the three of them stayed was ruined.

And the surroundings seemed quite ordinary.

After Suo Mingzhang had looked around, he raised a finger to write something in the air.

The marks which were left by the dim light froze into a special seal quickly.

As Yan Zhaoge saw that seal, he flashed a light in his eyes.

Because he had seen that seal before.

And that was the personal seal of Shao Junhuang.

“You have seen it before” Suo Mingzhang asked that randomly without turning back his head.

“I have been to the Fire Dragon World before to visit your former residence.

And I saw a folding fan in the cottage.” Yan Zhaoge knew that Suo Mingzhang hadnt meant to ask Mars Halberd.

Then he confessed that.

As saying this, Yan Zhaoge looked at Mars Halberd.

The latter only nodded silently when hearing of the name of the Fire Dragon World without saying anything.

As expected, Suo Mingzhang didnt show any sign of discontent and only asked, “It has been a thousand years I havent gone back there.

Hows the situation there”

“The Six Feet Fei Yi there has taken good care of the tomb of your parents.” Yan Zhaoge replied.

During their conversation, the space in front of them was suddenly opened while the seal was flickering.

The three of them entered into the crack and arrived at another independent world.

The first thing that came to their sights was a huge spirit tree, which was straight and flourish.

“The Aged Splendid Tree...” When Yan Zhaoge saw that tree, he only felt his heart sinking.

“If you see the Aged Splendid Tree, that...

might be transformed by the corpse of my Great Grand Master, which means she might have deceased...”

Yan Zhaoge suddenly reminded of his mothers words.

Then he fell into silence.

When he came back to his sense, he looked to Suo Mingzhang.

Then he found that short hair man stood still in silence for a long time.

After a long while, Suo Mingzhang stepped forward again and reached to the spirit tree.

When he arrived there, the luxuriant branches and leaves all started to wave without the wind.

After that, white flowers bloomed on the Aged Splendid Tree without any signs.

As the branches and the flowers swayed, there seemed to be sound of the bells coming through.

However, that sound just disappeared in a flash.


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