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This huge spirit tree with luxuriant foliage nearly filled in the whole space with its trunk covering the sky.

The towering tree had stayed there in silence for so long.

Only until Exalted Fire Luminary had arrived did those white flowers suddenly bloom on the spirit tree which flashed dim green light.

As the branches swayed without the wind, the petals floated from the trees like snows.

Suo Mingzhang raised his head to watch the tree without uttering a word for a long time.

Right now, Yan Zhaoge found Suo Mingzhangs face which used to be clear seem quite vague.

However, that huge stress which was sent from Suo Mingzhang was exposed right at this moment.

It seemed that Exalted Fire Luminary who had restrained himself for so long finally decided to show his true colors now.

For a moment, Yan Zhaoge even felt vaguely that this spacious Original Nebula might be destroyed right away.

However, only after a second, everything went back to normal.

That imposing manner of Suo Mingzhang disappeared, which made people think what had just happened was just their illusions.

However, both Yan Zhaoge and Mars Halberd knew that it was not their illusions.

Yan Zhaoge, as strong and tough as he was, also felt a strong sense of sadness right now.

Although Exalted Wood Luminary was Xue Chuqings Great Grand Master, Xue Chuqing still never really got in touch with her.

Therefore, acknowledging the death of Exalted Fire Luminary wouldnt make Yan Zhaoge feel so grieved.

The sentiments he had now was more like sympathy.

However, at this moment, he was still drowned in sorrow.

That deep feeling didnt come from himself.

Actually, his feelings were all stimulated by Exalted Fire Luminary.

Suo Mingzhang didnt mean to do so.

Nonetheless, the voiceless sadness had already affected the whole world.

Everything in this space emphasized with his sorrow.

The time, the space all seemed to decay.

Yan Zhaoge closed his eyes while employing his profound martial arts in order to cool himself down.

After a short while, he got his tranquil mind back.

As he looked at Suo Mingzhang who was still standing under the tree, he asked Mars Halberd who was beside him without any scruples, “Senior, why did Exalted Fire Luminary and Exalted Wood Luminary separate with each other”

“Minglan was keen on the cultivation of martial arts since his childhood.

He hoped that he could keep making progress in his cultivation and comprehend all the dao principles in the world while he is still alive.

Those are the things he treasures the most.” After a short moment of silence, Mars Halberd said that slowly.

Perhaps Suo Mingzhang had regarded anything else as unimportant things due to that reason.

Mars Halberd and him were both hybrid and shared the same miserable childhood.

But Suo Mingzhang never really cared about that.

A hot-tempered man like him had had many conflicts with others and got seriously injured, but he never really kept those things in his mind.

The only thing that he had always been dedicated to was making advances in his cultivation.

He didnt want to prove himself to anyone, nor did he want to revenge the people who had injured him.

And he never wanted to gain anything either.

The desire toward the dao principle and the curiosity to the unknown realms were the only things that pushed him forward.

Mars Halberd didnt give any details, but Yan Zhaoge could still understand what he meant.

“And Fellow daoist Shao Junhuang...

was the most sincere person.

She was willing to die for her faith with no regrets.” Mars Halberd said softly, “Though Fellow daoist Shao and I were not so close, I know her biggest dream was revitalizing the Three Clear Lineage, bringing order out of chaos, purging away the outer dao demons and eliminating all the evils in the universe.”

Hearing that, Yan Zhaoge closed his eyes slightly.

He had already guessed why the two lovers couldnt be together.

Although Exalted Fire Luminary had a short fuse and always did things in his own way, he actually preferred quietness.

In other words, he was a passive person.

What had happened in his childhood still had some influences on him.

He preferred to soak himself in his own world where he could study the martial arts alone and explore the unknown area.

And he was capable of concentrating on the thing he was studying no matter how wildly arrogant he was.

It might seem a bit inconsistent but was actually a very natural thing.

To conclude in Yan Zhaoges words, Exalted Fire Luminary was more like an odd and hot-tempered scholar.

Now wonder why Exalted Fire Luminary had always the one who remained neutral among the New Nine Luminaries of Kunlun.

He never biased the party of the North Star Emperor, nor did he support the party of Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor.

Unfortunately, although Exalted Wood Luminary was a woman, she was more like a revolutionist who had a strong sense of responsibility and mission.

“Fellow daoist Shao hoped Mingzhang could stand by her side and help her.

However, Mingzhang only wanted the both of them could focusing on seeking after the dao principles at least for most of the time.

He never wanted to run hither and thither.” Mars Halberd tried his best to give an objective description about the differences of opinions between Suo Mingzhang and Shao Junhuang.

“They have gone through thick and thin together.

But eventually, they still chose to separate with each other because there was no way for them to be together.”

Yan Zhaoge frowned and said, “But...

I dont see their intentions so contradictory with each other.

Cultivating the martial arts always needs actual combat experiences.

Also, even if Exalted Fire Luminary devoted himself in learning the dao principles, they could still benefit each other.

Since people like Shao Junhuang had gone hither and thither, they actually had provided a steady environment for people like Suo Mingzhang to cultivate themselves.

The other way around, after people like Suo Mingzhang had succeeded in their studies because people like Shao Junhuang had bought time for them, the dao universe would surely develop.

“If things went on like that, there wouldnt be any problems between them.” Mars Halberd turned around and looked at Yan Zhaoge with a meaningful look in his eyes, “But the problem is, Fellow daoist Shao is willing to sacrifice her life for the revitalization of dao universe.”

“And Mingzhang didnt mind any kinds of danger when looking for dao principles...”

Hearing that, Yan Zhaoge sighed and asked, “But things are different the other way around”

Mars Halberd nodded silently.

Suo Mingzhang and Suo Junhuang wouldnt hesitate to sacrifice their lives for each other.

But they were not willing to sacrifice themselves for each others dreams.

They were both too proud.

So they didnt want to use their own lives as bargaining chips to force the other one to fight for their own life goals.

Perhaps after all those concessions and compromises, they had finally chosen to let each other go.

Yan Zhaoge recalled all the things his mother had told him about Shao Junhuang before he had left the Broad Creed Mountain.

Xue Chuqing never met Shao Junhuang in person and only learned the story of Exalted Wood Luminary from her Grand Master, Hu Yuexin.

“Stubborn, once she had decided on something, no one would be able to persuade her...”

“She loved good wine but was a wimpy drinker.

Every time she took a sip of the wine, she would get drunk.

Then she just went mad...”

“She was fond of sleep.

The afternoon nap was her favorite.

Every day she would rest a short while in the afternoon.

She preferred sleep more than wine.

And if she was awakened, the consequence would be really scary...”

Yan Zhaoge twitched the corner of his mouth when he recalled those words, thinking, “The Bright Connection Emperor did have no intention to respect her master.

If some other ones disciple comments his or her master like that, that disciple would be kicked out of the sect already.”

However, Hu Yuexin also described Shao Junhuang as a person who was doughty, domineering and mean but also merciful, compassionate and had a soft heart...


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