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“I never thought that would be the last time we met each other.”

Suo Mingzhang gradually recovered from his dazed state with his eyes brimming with radiant vigour again.

However, the oppressive aura in the world still existed and even became more violent.

“Junhuang, I have been waiting for you to tell me about the third thing...” Suo Mingzhang gently stroked the trunk of the Ancient Splendid Tree.

After a short moment, he paused his hand and said softly, “Others dont know about you, but I do.”

“I know you have already found the Pill Hall.

But theres not enough time for you to enter into that place.” Suo Mingzhang said in a low voice, “The Pill Hall will belong to the Three Clear Lineage.

Ill definitely bring you in.”

Although he didnt move his hand, the huge Ancient Splendid Tree in front of him was starting to go up with his body!

As the towering ancient tree rose straight from the ground, even the earth was lifted up.

After the Ancient Splendid Tree had completely deviated from the ground, there seemed to be a huge hole appearing in the world beneath.

The earth had disappeared and there was only a huge black hole in the middle of the space.

As Suo Mingzhang moved his hand, the huge Ancient Splendid Tree shrank to a small size and at last disappeared in his palm.

However, there were rays of colorful lights gushing out from the earth and the huge black hole.

Yan Zhaoge and Mars Halberd who stood beside Suo Mingzhang were both clouded in mind being exposed under the colorful light.

Only after Yan Zhaoge had tried his best to gain his sense back was he able to stand steadily.

Then he smelled a slight scent of herbal medicines.

The smell was not very strong, but seemed to be everywhere.

Actually, it was not precise to say that Yan Zhaoge had smelled the scent.

Because the fragrance had entered into his body through every pore of him.

Whats more, Yan Zhaoge was pretty sure that the fragrance was harmless and even very beneficial to his body.

Therefore he didnt close his pores.

Instead, he used his true essence to guide the fragrance of the herbal medicine to enter into his body.

Then he felt his body was totally refreshed.

In no time, Yan Zhaoge felt warmness all over his body.

While bathing in the colorful light, Yan Zhaoge also felt his energy being increased to the full extent.

In the meantime, Mars Halberd also benefited a lot in the light even though he was just a weapon.

Yan Zhaoge looked to the deep of the black hole beneath him.

He saw the rays of colorful lights forming into a long river which extending toward the place in the distance as if they were connecting to something.

‘Exalted Wood Luminary was only one step away from finding the the Pill Hall of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace. Seeing that, Yan Zhaoge nodded and thought of that secretly.

This marvellous Original Nebula was connected to countless spaces, so it was able to lead them to the missing Pill Hall.

Yan Zhaoge could feel his Myriad Dragon Palace shaking violently when he was enveloped in the colorful light.

Meanwhile, the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace in the Myriad Dragon Palace also kept vibrating.

“Ill fill the last step for you.” Suo Mingzhang who was standing above the black hold said that slowly.

While he was pressing down his hands, the private seal of Shang Junhuang showed on his palm again.

As the light was flickering, there were rays of jade green light showing in the chaotic space inside of the black hole.

As all of the green lights gathered together, they gradually wound around the colorful flowing light.

After that, the green lights began to drag the colorful light at full stretch.

“I dont need anything from the Pill Hall.” Suo Mingzhang said that in piece.

“I just need to take Junhuang to see the place which she always wants to go.”

“You are the descendant of Yan Xingtang and also a disciple of Junhuangs lineage of the Three Clear Lineage.

How much you will obtain from the Pill Hall all depends on your own ability.

Wish you luck.”

After Yan Zhaoge had given his obeisance to Suo Mingzhang, he closed his eyes and settled to focus his attention.

He felt his soul being freed from himself at this moment and traveling trough the endless space along the river-like colorful lights to the other end in the distance.

After he didnt know how long, he sensed his speed being slowed down all of a sudden.

Also, the colorful lights around him seemed to get dimer.

A huge shadow was approaching him now.

And as it got closer and closer to him, it gradually became clear.

Yan Zhaoge was cheered up right away.

The thing that appeared in his sight was the Pill Hall of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace!

However, the construction in front of him was not exactly like the Pill Hall in him memory.

It ought to flicker the dim golden light as if it was constructed by the impeccable white jade.

However, now the Pill Hall only looked dim and even a bit somber.

However, at this moment, a stream of cold aura suddenly came out from the Pill Hall in front of him.

The cold and dry aura seemed to have no emotions but also contain strong sentiments of anger and hatred.

The two contradictory feelings which intertwined with each other were transmitted to Yan Zhaoge precisely.

The coldness almost froze Yan Zhaoges soul in a second.

“It feels so familiar, but not exactly the same...” Yan Zhaoge suddenly reminded that he had come in contact with such kind of aura when he had gained the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace.

However, this time he only felt that the emotion which was contained in the aura was more obvious and more vigorous.

Whats more, the one who had sent out the aura seemed to still remember Yan Zhaoge who had taken away the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace!

Therefore, this time, Yan Zhaoge sensed not only anger but also surprise and hatred from the aura.

“Huh” Suo Mingzhangs voice came through again from a remote place.

Then that weird and cold aura fluctuated and disappeared right away.

Yan Zhaoge came back to his sense and opened his eyes.

Suo Mingzhang looked at the black hold and said, “Something tricky might happen in there.

After I finish what I am doing right now, I will go have a check by myself.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded slightly.

Next, all the experts of the Immortal Court would be distracted by Suo Mingzhang.

As long as the thing with Suo Mingzhang wasnt settled, Earthly Sovereign wouldnt have the intention to come back to the World beyond Worlds.

Now was the best chance for Yan Zhaoge and the Broad Creed Mountain.

Having stared at the black hole and pondered for a long while, Yan Zhaoge said to Mars Halberd, “Senior, may I ask you to go to the World beyond Worlds to contact my father”

“Something might be hidden in the Pill Hall.

I have an idea in consideration of safety.

But I need five people to join hands together to do it.

So, I still need three people except for me and you.” Yan Zhaoge said to Mars Halberd.

The latter nodded slowly and said, “Fine.”

Then he turned around to look at Suo Mingzhang.

“The thing you are going to do...” Obviously, Mars Halberd knew about Suo Mingzhang quite well, “You want to revenge for Shao Junhuang”


The Immortal Court must send the experts who are familiar with the environment in order to catch you in the Original Nebula.

Those people who have chased Junhuang here must be sent here too if they are still alive.”

On the one hand, those people were familiar with the features of this place.

On the other hand, they could also keep Suo Mingzhang here.

However, Suo Mingzhang never planned to flee anyway.

“You have already made a scene in the Immortal Court.

This time they are well prepared.” Mars Halberd tried to persuade him.

“Immortal Court” Suo Mingzhang said in a flat tone, “They are nobody except for Heavenly Lord.


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