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Chapter 1235: Suppress Everyone!


Black-clothed Brocade Emperor immediately knew that something was wrong when he saw Yan Zhaoge destroying the Five Elements Sun Devouring Formation that the five emperors of Immortal Court formed together with two attacks of the Cyclic Heavenly Seal.

Black-clothed Brocade Emperor still hadnt given up yet, even after confirming that Yan Zhaoge had reached the Martial Saint Exalt Realm.

After all, this fight wasnt just him and Wang Zhengcheng anymore.

There were many others participating in the fight.

Although the Immortal Courts strength was slightly weak, every single one of them were experts that had pushed open the Immortal Door.

They bring an Immortal Artifact wherever they go, and they had a strong battle formation to rely on.

However, Black-clothed Brocade Emperor thoroughly gave up on that thought when he saw Yan Zhaoge shattering the Five Elements Sun Devouring Formation, suppressing the five emperors of Immortal Court until they were unable to fight back anymore, and even took down Ruan Mingyan with ease.

Even if the Candle Sunlight Emperor that was keeping the Mars Halberd at bay was to join the seven of them in this fight, they might also be unable to withstand Yan Zhaoges attacks.

Since that was the case, Black-clothed Brocade Emperor naturally decided to not dwell on the matter any longer.

He fights when he wants to, and flee when he wants to as well.

Being indecisive would only bring him harm.

Black-clothed Brocade Emperor immediately turned around and wanted to leave this area.

However, at this moment, a fist appeared in his sight.

Yan Zhaoges fist.

Grand Clear Lineage, head of the Grand Cosmos Five Manifestation, Taiyi Fist!

Understanding the profoundness of Taiyi Fist was something Black-clothed Brocade Emperor had always dreamt of.

He spent his whole life researching the Grand Clear Supreme Martial Arts, and he had the foundations for the other four Supreme Techniques of the Grand Cosmos Five Manifestation.

He had confidence that with enough time spent and contact with it, he could make out the profoundness of the Taiyi Fist.

His fight with Yan Zhaoge outside of the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion and him fighting Yan Zhaoge just now was for this goal.

However, at this moment, Black-clothed Brocade Emperors heart sank.

It was because this fist of Yan Zhaoge presented an attitude.

It wasnt saying that Black-clothed Brocade Emperor was unable to understand the profoundness of the Taiyi Fist.

Rather, it was a declaration that even if Black-clothed Brocade Emperor leant any gains, and understood the profoundness of the Taiyi Fist, Yan Zhaoge had the confidence to prevent him from escaping.

Dont think about leaving anymore today!

Yan Zhaoges fist this time was not swift.

It wasnt as majestic as Cyclic Heavenly Seal, and wasnt as relentless as the Heaven Splitting Halberd.

However, it was as if this fist was filling up all the surroundings spaces of Black-clothed Brocade Emperors, and was covering even the space and void itself.

Black-clothed Brocade Emperor extended his spiritual senses.

He felt that no matter which direction he faced, Yan Zhaoges fists were launching towards him.

This wasnt an illusion, nor was it a feint.

It wasnt a myriad of illusory fists, with only one fist being the real fist.

It wasnt the kind of attack where it was hard to determine where the fist would land.

Instead, a myriad of fists were a myriad of fists.

If it was coming from all directions, then the fists were all launching from all directions, and was going to land on Black-clothed Brocade Emperors body.

At this moment, it was as if there were many realistic Yan Zhaoge launching their fists at him.

It filled the space, and was everywhere.

Black-clothed Brocade Emperors facial expression displayed no emotions.

His body suddenly evaded.

His body seemed to remain at the same spot, but the actual spot was already empty.

It was just like how a shadow remains on the spot when someone moves too quickly.

However, that shadow was Black-clothed Brocade Emperor himself.

It was as if his whole body had turned into shadow, and wasnt existing in the real world anymore.

At the same time, multiple plain-coloured clouds emerged, and fused together with Black-clothed Brocade Emperor that seemed to only have a body outline remaining.

Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form and Grand Plainness Immeasurable Form fused with each other, and raised Black-clothed Brocade Emperors defence to the maximum to block Yan Zhaoges heavy fists that were everywhere.

Everywhere the fist hits, the plain cloud emerged without stopping.

Black-clothed Brocade Emperor was almost hit until he was going to materialise, and was about to return to normal form forcefully from the void.

Black-clothed Brocade Emperor focused his eyesight.

Using the two Supreme Martial Arts to create a strong defence to temporarily block Yan Zhaoges fists, he used that moment and pointed his finger forward.

Anywhere the Grand Commencement Divine Finger reached, space and time seemed to have lost its meaning.

At this moment, Black-clothed Brocade Emperor seemed to have found an escape route, and a chance to live.

His body flashed and rushed forward.

However, in the next moment, Black-clothed Brocade Emperor helplessly looked at the uncountable amount of iron fists launching towards him.

Yan Zhaoges attack seemed to have taken over the past and the future, and all of time.

No matter which node of the river of time, or whatever moment, no matter the past or future, his fist existed.

They were waiting for Black-clothed Brocade Emperor.

This punch seemed to have originated before the genesis, and was waiting after everything had ended.

Black-clothed Brocade Emperors Grand Commencement Divine Finger vaguely escaped the constraint of time.

However, Black-clothed Brocade Emperor could never escape the shackles of time forever.

He still had to come back.

When he returned, Yan Zhaoges fist would be waiting there.

It still launched towards him from every direction.

Black-clothed Brocade Emperor was helpless.

He used both Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form and Grand Plainness Immeasurable Body to protect himself, and used both Taiji Yin Yang Palm and sceptre arts together to counter attack.

He used both his fist and palms together, and fused his attack and defence together to block the iron fist coming from everywhere.

Yan Zhaoges fist wouldnt hurt him, but it would block his escape path, and render him unable to move.

He could already see the Mars Halberd trying to escape from the Sunlight Emperor, and was rushing to Yan Zhaoges side.

The Sunlight Emperor did not leave him alone without caring about him anymore.

However, if Yan Zhaoge and the Mars Halberd were to join together, Black-clothed Brocade Emperor and the others wouldnt just face the problem of being unable to leave.

They would really be in danger.

He had to quickly shake off Yan Zhaoge.

Only by then could he escape.

“I believe that Black-clothed Brocade Emperor will have the confidence to suppress a Martial Saint Realm while fighting these True Immortal heretics.”

While Yan Zhaoge was smiling, his left hand exerted more force, and completely crumbled Ruan Mingyans stance.

The unparalleled power of the Reversal formed a whirlpool, and trapped Ruan Mingyan inside.

“Coincidentally, I can do the same.” Yan Zhaoge launched his fist again as he was talking, and trapped five of the other emperors of the Immortal Court.

While they were trembling around, Yan Zhaoges palm flipped again.

In his palm, twelve light cycles spinned together, and fused into one.

However, the bright light had vanished, and only darkness remained.

After that, the Dim Radiant Light was like a black hole.

It directly devoured the middle-aged scholar that had been suppressed by the divine mountain that his true essence formed.

Dim Radiant Twelve Arts.

Eleventh art, Wilderness Devouring.

Twelfth art, Peerless.

With the two arts combined, the divine mountain was suddenly devoured by the Dim Radiants chaos, and disappeared entirely.

In Yan Zhaoges other hand, Yin Yang started circulating.

It formed into a huge suction energy, and pulled the other four emperors of the Immortal Court into his palms.

The four of them tried to maintain their position.

However, they were still slowly being pulled towards Yan Zhaoge.

After that, Yan Zhaoge suddenly teleported in front of Black-clothed Brocade Emperor, and launched his Taiyi Fist again.

Although it wasnt fierce, it was still very profound.

It was as if the space and time had stopped, and the Black-clothed Brocade Emperor had to receive this punch.

Black-clothed Brocade Emperors eyes flickered, as if he suddenly remembered something.

However, facing this iron fist of Yan Zhaoge, he could only counter attack with his finger.

As the two of them collided with each other, Dim Radiant Light could be seen surging on Yan Zhaoges fist.

Among the dusk light, the silhouette of the middle-aged scholar looking emperor of the Immortal Court was sandwiched within the attacks of Yan Zhaoge and the Black-clothed Brocade Emperor in despair.


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