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Chapter 1248: The Core Location of the Pill Hall


There were shadows at the control centre.

It could be imagined how much of a problem that area was facing.

Yan Zhaoge differentiated the location, and realized that place was the crucial location of the Pill Hall.

The core centre of the hall, the core pill room, pill storage, medicine storage…

These crucial departments were all engulfed in shadows.

Needless to say, if the control centre was like the reception desk or the main hall, that place would be the head of the control department.

A thing to note was that this place had stored many precious divine pill recipes and spirit pill recipes.

It was much more than what was recorded in the Martial Repository.

There were some pill formulas which werent recorded in the Martial Repository, and were only recorded here.

The core pill room was mostly used as a quiet room to refine pills.

That place was the one with the best and biggest environment.

In the past, the Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces few top-notch pill refining furnaces, including the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace were stored inside there.

There were only a few people in the Heavenly Court with the qualifications to use the core pill room to refine pills.

The pill storage was the place that was most attractive for others.

The reason was because that place stored a huge amount of successfully refined divine pills that wasnt brought outside by anyone.

The hall wasnt destroyed during the Great Calamity.

If nothing went wrong, the pill storage shouldnt be any different from last time.

As for the medicine storage, it should have stored many kinds of treasures prepared for refining pills, spirit grass as well as spirit medicines.

Based on their value, they shouldnt be that far off compared to the pill storage.

Yan Zhaoges gaze swept around, and paid attention to the spots which were like impurities within the radiant light.

These represented Yan Di and the others who entered the Pill Hall.

They werent like Yan Zhaoge who was able to find his own path in the Pill Hall.

Because of that, they stopped, and werent moving forward.

If one didnt know the technique to walk around in the space and void within the Pill Hall, it was no different from stepping on the same location over and over again.

Only those with a cultivation high enough till a certain extent would be able to ignore these rules, and could walk around as they please.

However, the cultivation of Yan Zhaoge and the others hadnt reached such an oppressing level yet.

“Its a pity you cant just open a specific limitation.

You have to open everything in one go.” Yan Zhaoge gritted his teeth and said with a sense of pity, “If someone else enters later, itll be smooth for them already.”

Yan Zhaoge would naturally not easily give up on the advantage of coming early.

After complaining in his heart, he then started to write in the air.

One seal after another was made in the air, which then transformed into a beautiful and profound scripture.

Yan Zhaoge summoned out the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace once more, and printed it onto the scripture as if it was a signature chop.

After that, the profound runes flew up into the sky, and disappeared into the void filled with radiant starlight.

At the next moment, the light that was like the full sky of stars trembled together, and turned into blue.

The light clusters flowing speed slowed down, and stopped forming the line of light flowing continuously without stopping.

Instead they formed into light clusters, and were moving slowly based on a systematic orbit which was easy to differentiate.

After that, the “impurities” in the light clump slowly turned clear, as if they were human figures.

However, the shadows were still blurry, and it couldnt differentiate who was who.

However, the silhouettes movements had clearly became active.

They started searching for their own path, and were not staying on the same spot any longer.

“Im still not too familiar with this place.

If only I could continue staying here for some time to study it, I would have been able to control this place much better.

At that time, it would have been a simple task to directly contact dad and the others.

Its a pity time and tide waits for no one.” Yan Zhaoge thought as he continued observing the area.

At the same time, he vaguely felt that someone was interfering with him, which prevented him from being able to further control this area.

He must be the one that used the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace to lay down the traps.

Yan Zhaoges figure swayed.

As if he had a shadow clone, another person appeared by his side.

It was his North Ocean Clone.

The North Ocean Clone had transformed back into a human body.

After appearing, he also lifted his head to look at the “starry sky”.

After leaving his clone there, Yan Zhaoge himself left this place to continue his journey.

As for the laws of the change in universe in the Pill Hall as well as pathways, he already had an understanding towards them for the most part.

Now, he was going to venture into those shadowy areas.

The opponent seemed to be busy with other stuff, which rendered him unable to stop them from barging in.

This was obviously a good start.

However, on the other hand, since he wanted to complete his task no matter what, Yan Zhaoge and the others would have to suffer if he had really completed it.

It would naturally be the best to stop the opponents plan halfway through.

Yan Zhaoge walked alone for a while.

After traversing through layers of void, he slowed his steps down.

Based on the construction of the Pill Halls internal structure in his memories, he was already close to an area which the shadow had engulfed.

The place he was at wasnt at the important and crucial parts yet.

It belonged to an outskirts area, which was nearer to the pill storage.

After he reached the shadowy area, Yan Zhaoges heart trembled a little, “A very strong oppression…”

This place seemed to have a shapeless energy that was oppressing Yan Zhaoges true essence from circulating.

Yan Zhaoge silently chanted his profound art to cancel the effect.

However, he also became more wary.

If he were to fight someone in a place like this, the level of exhaustion would be much larger compared to fighting outside.

“This areas medicinal fragrance is too plain.” He sniffed with his nose, and the feeling of this areas unusualness grew even deeper.

Yan Zhaoge had no reaction when walking around the dark void area while feeling the shapeless power.

While he was wary of his surroundings movements, he stopped his legs.

He found a door within the void, and opened it.

This was a quiet room used for refining pills.

After opening the door, Yan Zhaoges pupil contracted suddenly.

There was a silhouette in the room.

A dead person.

Yan Zhaoges first reaction was to increase his alertness to the maximum.

He was waiting for an enemy to approach while investigating the inside and outside of the room.

After confirming there wasnt a second person alive anymore, he walked in and towards the side of the dead persons body.

This was an old man with a skinny and handsome face.

He seemed really healthy, and didnt look old at all.

His eyes were shut, and his expression was very calm as if he was asleep.

Yan Zhaoge had seen him before.

At that time, he didnt know that guys identity or name yet, and only knew it afterwards.

World beyond Worlds Kunlun Mountains Ingenious Flying Peak; Grand Clear Lineage Brocade Emperor, Fu Yunchis senior-apprentice brother.

He was a Ninth Level Martial Saint, and at Late Immortal Bridge Realm, “Broad Clear Old Man” Ran Chi.

In the past, he was also one of the most famous experts of World beyond Worlds.

During that time, he was the one leading the team to participate in the battle for the possession of the Profound Sky Purple Golden Palace.

However, he fell into a trap, and disappeared along with two Immortal Bridge Martial Saint experts as well as three Prime Clear lineages expert.

After so many years, their whereabouts were still unknown.

From the looks of it now, it seemed like they had already perished.

After silently mourning them for a while, he said lightly, “Forgive me.”

He extended his palm, and placed it on Ran Chis wrist.

Although Ran Chi didnt have any more pulse, Yan Zhaoges true essence was still venturing inside.

Almost immediately, he felt a mysterious energy contained within Ran Chis body.

This energy wasnt dangerous.

However, because of Yan Zhaoge contacting it, it almost went out of control, and might cause damage within Ran Chis body.

Yan Zhaoge didnt panic.

He immediately suppressed the power.

“Hes perished for so long, and yet his body hasnt rotted yet.

Its not because of his Immortal Bridge Martial Saints cultivation.

Instead, its because of this energy thats maintaining it.”

“His body… was already destroyed a long time ago!”

It wasnt ruined.

Instead, every inch of his body from his flesh, blood, meridians, viscera, even the blood veins which were as thin as hair were all shattered.

The old man in front of him was just like a sand sculpture.

If there wasnt that energy maintaining the shape of his body, he wouldve already turned into dust.

If Yan Zhaoge didnt suppress the energy in time when he came in contact with it, the old mans corpse would have crumbled.

The instant Yan Zhaoge came in contact with the power, he felt the ice cold will again.

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