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Chapter 1250: How Many People Are There In The World


The ones who were getting closer to the pill storage werent Yan Di and the others.

Through the North Ocean Clone, Yan Zhaoge had already known beforehand that someone else came into the Pill Hall after them.

Although he wasnt sure if they were of the Demon Race or the Roving Jade Heavens, he knew that quite an amount of people had come.

One of the members in the group was either lucky or had other clues.

Without going through the central command center, he could find the pill storage after spinning around.

Compared to Yan Zhaoge who was finding clues along the way, the other persons speed was much faster.

Due to the fact that the surroundings of the pill storage were engulfed in shadow, the North Ocean Clone wasnt able to continue observing.

Now, Yan Zhaoge himself could vaguely feel that someone was already at the outside of the pill storage.

And then, at the next moment, that person touched the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace.

While Yan Zhaoge was still unable to fully control the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace, he still had a slight spiritual connection with it.

Now, he immediately felt that someone else was touching the furnace, and was trying to move it away.

Even when Yan Zhaoge was in pill storage, he could also feel the world moving around non-stop.

All of a sudden, he felt that the world was spinning around.

“Heh!” Yan Zhaoge snorted, and his body quickly rose upwards.

As if he was floating on top of a water surface, he passed through the light screen and reached the outside of the pill storage.

Just as his head appeared outside of the light screen, a crimson red sword light suddenly appeared in front of Yan Zhaoge.

“Immortal Trapping Sword!” Yan Zhaoge didnt panic.

His figure flickered, and the red light also surged out.

Using the same Immortal Trapping Swords sword light to fend off the opponents sword light, he managed to dodge the opponents attack.

After taking a closer look, he saw a teenager standing in the void beside the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace.

He wore a Daoist robe, but his hair was not tied together.

The teenagers gaze was sharp.

His eyes which were originally staring at the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace shifted towards Yan Zhaoge.

“Nine Heavens He, He Mian” Yan Zhaoge laughed softly, “Your way of greeting others isnt really pleasing.”

The teenager with messy hair in a Daoist robe was one of the very few geniuses of the younger generation in the Roving Jade Heavens, the Sacred Court Exalt, “Sword Shaking Nine Heavens” He Mian.

He and Yu Ye were the twin supreme heavens favorites among the Roving Jade Heavens.

After “Little Sword God” Long Xueji, he was the most outstanding martial practitioner in the Prime Clear lineage.

He Mian was younger than Long Xueji and was older than Yu Ye.

In the past hundred years or so in the World beyond Worlds, after Long Xueji managed to make himself famous, the next supreme figure that appeared was Heavenly Young Master, Chen Qianhua.

After that would be Shocking God Sword, Nie Jingshen.

In the Roving Jade Heavens, the most outstanding figure that appeared after Long Xueji would be He Mian who would dominate those of the same age as him.

It was until Yu Ye had appeared that both of them gained the same reputation.

Counting based on their age, He Mian and Chen Qianhuas age were almost the same.

Now, he had already become an Exalt for a few years.

After Long Xueji had ascended to become an Immortal, there was a statement that spread around the Roving Jade Heavens.

There was a very high possibility that He Mian had already surpassed Gao Xuebo, and was the number one Martial Saint in the Roving Jade Heavens.

His master was the owner of the Ashen Spirit Valley, Cloud Emperor.

He was also known as the Cloud Conquest Emperor.

A few thousand years ago, he had the same reputation as the Profound Sovereign Gao Qingxuan.

He was one of the Roving Jade Seven when the Roving Jade Heavens was just founded.

Now, hes one of the two Roving Jade Seven remaining who was still at the Roving Jade Heavens.

Based on age and experience, he was even older than Yan Zhaoges grandmother Di Qinglian.

Although he was still a Leakless True Immortal and had not overcome the True Profound Tribulation yet, Yan Zhaoge felt that he might actually be capable of doing so.

However, the Cloud Emperor had other stuff to worry about.

He Mian was Cloud Conquest Emperors final disciple.

He was praised for his accomplishments when he was in the Martial Saint Realm, as he had already surpassed the Cloud Conquest Emperor.

After ascending to Exalt and becoming a Human Immortal, rumors had it that He Mian had only lost once when fighting against other Martial Saint Realms.

He was defeated by Long Xueji.

However, the Long Xueji of that time had already been an Exalt for a long time, but He Mian had just become one not long ago.

Long Xueji himself also agreed that fighting with He Mian was one of the most difficult fights he faced against those of the same realm.

Everyone thinks that despite losing, He Mian was still very glorious.

However, based on his title “Eight Heavens Exalt” which seemed like a joke, it was obvious that he wasnt feeling all that glorious, and wanted to fight again with Long Xueji in the future.

Although Long Xueji had already become an Immortal, He Mian still had the chance to dispose of his shame.

“World beyond Worlds Fallen Deity, Yan Zhaoge.” Despite it being the first time they met each other, He Mian could still recognize Yan Zhaoge.

Within his eyes, crimson light was vaguely flashing, “The Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace fell into your possession that year”

“It was just a matter of luck.” Yan Zhaoge said calmly.

“I feel sorry for Old Man Tang and the others, as well as the three people from the Ingenious Flying Peak.”

He Mian said, “I also feel sorry for them.

Luckily, theres a chance for me to make up with it.”

He extended his hand and grabbed the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace.

Then, he lifted it up.

Yan Zhaoge acted as though he was oblivious to it as he said plainly, “Without mentioning the Demon Race interfering with us, this Pill Hall itself has something weird going on with it.

It isnt that easy to deal with.

“Youre from the Ashen Spirit Valley lineage, and had always been unfriendly towards senior apprentice-grandmaster Long just like the Profound Sovereign.

Its normal to despise me.

However, dont you think that its too early for us to have an internal conflict”

He Mian shook his head, “Practitioner Yan had been mistaken.

Im very happy to see both of you fighting against each other in the World beyond Worlds.

The worse it gets, the better it will be.

This is why I dont hold any grudge towards you.”

At least, not for now.

“Im also not planning to interfere with whatever is happening here.”

“The reason why I came here was for this Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace.

Now that I have acquired it, my goal has been fulfilled, and Ill be retreating now.

Im not planning to be greedy for other stuff.”

In his distant gaze, crimson lights were flashing around.

“Sadly, I met you.”

Yan Zhaoge was a ninth level of the Martial Saint Realm.

When he was in the Late Immortal Bridge Realm, he shocked the heavens with one battle.

He defeated the Black-clothed Brocade Emperor and killed the Earth Exalt Wang Zhengcheng who had the Yin Yang Earth Mountain River Diagram in his hand.

At the same time he shocked the whole World beyond Worlds, he also shocked the whole Dao universe.

Among them, the Roving Jade Heavens was included.

The average or lower-level martial practitioner might not know about it, but as an expert who could be placed at the top ten experts in the Roving Jade Heavens, Exalt Martial Saint – He Mian must have heard of it.

Facing the Brocade Emperor without the Four Grands Earlier Heaven Flag, even if the Earth Exalt Wang Zhengcheng that had the Yin Yang Earth Mountain River Diagram were to attack him together, He Mian wouldnt be afraid at all.

However, when meeting each other now, he could tell that the Yan Zhaoge in front of him wasnt a ninth level Martial Saint and a Late Immortal Bridge anymore.

Instead, Yan Zhaoge was the same as him now.

All of his acupoints had already reached the Seeing Divinity stage, and he had a Human Immortal Body with a complete universe in his body.

Yan Zhaoge is definitely an Exalt!

He felt that it was impossible for Yan Zhaoge to reach the tenth level of the Martial Saint Realm within such a short period of time.

However, the truth was presented right in front of him.

One thing for sure was that the current Yan Zhaoge was definitely stronger than the time he won the Black-clothed Brocade Emperor and killed Wang Zhengcheng.

However, He Mian did not waver.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, the crimson red light beamed in his eyes became even sharper.

“Im not kidding.

Let me tell you something very sincerely.” Yan Zhaoge opened his palm.

He smiled and said, “It will be better for you to try to ambush me when Im fighting with others.”

He Mians sword aura became even stronger, “If I were to run away from an Exalt of the same realm without any courage to fight, I would just kill myself.”

“I have heard of Practitioner Yans name for a long time.

The last time you were in the Roving Jade Heavens, its a pity we didnt meet each other.

Nows a good time to make up for it.”

Yan Zhaoges eyelids raised slightly.

He looked at He Mian and nodded indifferently, “Oh.”

The next instant, a red light appeared!

Yan Zhaoge instantly reached the top of He Mian and the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace!

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