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HSSB127: You can wait to regret it


The current atmosphere at the scene turned awkward.

Yan Zhaoge stood where he was composedly, his vision turning elsewhere.

There, Sikong Qing and Hou Xiang were actually still locked in battle.

The two were completely engrossed in it, to the point of completely ignoring everything else around them.

It might not be that they had not noticed the arrival of Fu Enshu, Shan Shiweng, Elder Zuo and the others, but they had still not stopped at it regardless.

The fight was much too vigorous, such that whoever first let it go and retreated would possibly be injured by the other party.

The two could only fully focus their attentions on their contest.

If they wanted to break it off, it could only happen through the interference of someone of a higher cultivation.

Fu Enshu and the others having arrived, they had naturally first come to focus on Yan Zhaoge’s and Ji Hanru’s side.

Afterwards, Yan Zhaoge mentioning the matter of the blazing fire on the mountain influencing the spiritual flow of the earth vein here and thereby causing the Giant Spirit Magnetite vein to be damaged had also been too shocking to the ears.

To the point that no one had even gone to interfere with Sikong Qing and Hou Xiang’s battle.

Fu Enshu looked towards their battle, looking as though she was very much enjoying it.

Elder Zuo and the other Infinite Boundless Mountain martial practitioners were momentarily silent, before they too began intently focusing on the fight between the two inner aura Martial Scholars.

In a certain way, they also greatly valued the things displayed in this contest.

Hou Xiang was a young genius of their Infinite Boundless Mountain who had recently risen to prominence, seldom meeting an opponent amongst his peers as he presided over them.

Earlier, Broad Creed Mountain’s Jing Yunzhi who was older than him yet also similarly in the mid inner aura Martial Scholar realm, in actual combat, had been suppressed by him to the point of facing great danger.

Now, there was actually a girl who might even be younger than Hou Xiang who was able to stand up to him; this naturally caused the people of Infinite Boundless Mountain to secretly take note of this within their hearts.

Undoubtedly, this was yet another elite genius of Broad Creed Mountain’s younger generation just newly rising to prominence.

They of Infinite Boundless Mountain all paid much heed, because Yan Zhaoge’s earlier performance had really been too stunning!

A late outer aura Martial Scholar, facing off against an early Xiantian Martial Scholar, had actually somehow strode past that massive gulf in ability.

Speaking from their hearts, Ji Hanru had still underestimated Yan Zhaoge a little just now, not having gone all out from the start, such that Yan Zhaoge had instead managed to snatch the upper hand.

When he discovered that something was wrong, the him who had fallen to a disadvantage was already hard pressed to reverse the situation, in the end being completely suppressed by Yan Zhaoge’s momentum with his continuous barrage of unforgiving attacks.

Till finally, even his full defence with the Great Chaotic Elements Palm had been broken through by Yan Zhaoge.

Ji Hanru had lost whilst being a little useless and incompetent, but Yan Zhaoge’s victory could not be attributed to luck, because from the start to the end, he had appeared to be dealing with the situation with relative ease, causing others to be unable to easily estimate how strong he truly was.

The Infinite Boundless Mountain disciples could argue that Ji Hanru had not used his full strength, but who could say for sure that Yan Zhaoge had

Of course, going down that train of thought, regarding Yan Zhaoge’s strength, they all felt that it was terrifying to the extreme.

It was fine for Shan Shiweng and the other bigwigs.

In observing the battle between Sikong Qing and Hou Xiang, it was just to avoid awkwardness, whilst also appraising the strength of Broad Creed Mountain’s new generation of disciples.

The younger generation Infinite Boundless Mountain disciples, however, were paying close attention to the battle situation, seemingly even more nervous than the one in the midst of battle, Hou Xiang, himself, as they desperately hoped that Hou Xiang would be able to defeat Sikong Qing and get some face back for Infinite Boundless Mountain.

A portion of Yan Zhaoge’s attention, however, was on that boy.

He didn’t forget that Zhao Ming’s retainer had earlier mentioned that the family of the manor encroached on by the Iron Yuan Sect had had the manor owner’s son injure one of their men.

The person that the Iron Yuan Sect had come asking for was that manor owner’s son.

The victims in this medicinal field, those garbed in the attire of the Scarlet Rainbow Sect aside, were all from that manor.

This included that boy’s parents, whose clothes were the most luxurious, as Yan Zhaoge even saw a damaged high-grade demi-artifact beside that man’s corpse.

For a small family, having a high-grade demi-artifact was already extremely rare.

Looking at that boy once more, despite his simple and foolish appearance, even from his clothes that were stained with dust and soil and no longer clean, one could still tell that his background was not simple.

There was a ninety percent chance that this boy and his parents were the family that owned the manor.

Then the problem arose: such a child who was but about ten years old-he could injure an Iron Yuan Sect martial practitioner

Even if one wanted to plant evidence, this would also be way too unconvincing.

Unless, this boy was really out of the ordinary!

Not saying a word, Yan Zhaoge took up that boy’s hand, checking his pulse as he carefully examined his body’s situation.

The boy raised his head to look dazedly at Yan Zhaoge, before lowering his head once more to look at his parents.

“…this child!” Yan Zhaoge’s gaze flickered, before he asked in a gentle tone, “Child, what’s your name”

While that boy appeared somewhat simple and foolish, once could tell that his parents had always been educating him with care, as he replied dazedly on hearing the question, “Han…Long…er…”

Han Long’er raised his head as he answered Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge focused intently on his eyes, as though he was trying to penetrate into his mind with his gaze.

Han Long’er shook his head, lowering his head once more after having given his name.

“Good fellow; I still thought that I had made a mistake.

Now, it seems that I did not see wrong,” Yan Zhaoge sucked in a deep breath as he swept over Ji Hanru’s group from the corner of his eyes, “You lot can wait to regret using your head to slam into a mountain, trying to knock down Infinite Boundless and Cloud Portent.”

Feng Yunsheng, Zhao Ming and Jing Yunzhi stood by Yan Zhaoge’s side, also not having perceived Yan Zhaoge’s mood, instead being focused on the fighting Sikong Qing and Hou Xiang.

“Junior apprentice-sister Sikong is of the same style as yours, also facing the people of Infinite Boundless Mountain head-on ah!”

After watching for a time, Zhao Ming exclaimed somewhat appreciatively to Yan Zhaoge.

The Jing Yunzhi beside him nodded, her face also full of admiration.

Of the current six great Sacred Grounds, all of them had their own complete systems of martial arts, encompassing everything under the sun.

Compared to the other first and second-rate powers out there, the martial arts of the Sacred Grounds possessed an all-round advantage in most areas, presiding over the rest of the world.

However, between Sacred Grounds themselves, there more or less still existed comparisons of shortcomings and strong points, each of them possessing their own special style.

Infinite Boundless Mountain was renowned for their deep strength and heavy momentum that was unyielding and vigorous.

Their attacks were like the suppression of Mount Tai, toppling mountains and overturning seas, suppressing others head-on with a strength that evoked despair.

Their defence was firm as rock, solid and impregnable, causing others to feel like they were faced with a towering mountain that could not be easily surpassed.

The martial practitioners that hailed from Infinite Boundless Mountain were most proficient in dealing and taking on attacks head-on.

Generally speaking, whilst at the same cultivation level, very few would be able to gain an advantage over martial practitioners of Infinite Boundless Mountain whilst taking them head-on.

Therefore, Yan Zhaoge’s earlier victory had left Ji Hanru and the others exceptionally without face.

Perhaps it was a coincidence, but what made the faces of these younger generation Infinite Boundless Mountain disciples so black was that Sikong Qing was also using a similar method, meeting offense with offense as she clashed with Hou Xiang head-on.

Looking first at Sikong Qing and then at Yan Zhaoge, a hint of a smile surfaced at the corner of Feng Yunsheng’s mouth.

Yan Zhaoge tilted his head, “You’re definitely not thinking of something good.”

“I only remembered that while roaming the outside world earlier, I heard a jingle that some of those first and second-rate powers privately weaved up about our six great Sacred Grounds,” Feng Yunsheng didn’t attempt to dodge his question, instead answering him poised and gracefully, “Originally, I had thought that this made some sense, but looking at you and senior apprentice-sister Sikong now, I feel that there is a great difference.”

Yan Zhaoge got a little interested, “Oh How did they weave it”


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