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Within the Purple Divine Pavilion, Yan Zhaoge pressed one of his hands on the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace, and the finger of his other hand was placed between his brows.

Within the Purple Divine Pavilion, nine streams of radiance lit up based on the position of the Nine Halls Diagram, and the radiances all focused on Yan Zhaoges body.

Yan Zhaoge started to feel that his mind was slowly being connected together with the Pill Hall.

Following this process, the chaotic cosmos within the Pill Hall gradually returned back to normal.

The huge Pill Halls door was closed.

Layers of golden radiance and purple steam engulfed the Pill Hall, which made the hall made by white jade look even more like a divine realm within the heavens.

If there wasnt only this lonely hall, and the surrounding buildings were still present, everything would resemble the Heaven Courts Divine Palace by the Nine Heavens before the Great Calamity.

Yan Zhaoges expression turned serious.

He hadnt gotten too prideful of his accomplishment yet.

After he had gained control over the Pill Hall, the first thing he did was to retract the aura and radiance released by the Pill Hall.

He didnt want his Pill Hall which he worked so hard to benefit others.

Especially the bigwig experts like the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord or Future Buddha.

They shouldnt be underestimated at any cost.

Especially the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.

More clues had been collected regarding what happened that year.

Although everything was still pretty vague, a general idea had been formed within Yan Zhaoges mind.

Immeasurable Heavenly Lord might not have appeared only after the Great Calamity!

At the very least, he had already started looking into the treasured light imbued with faith power very early on.

He might have been some kind of Heavenly Lord of Daoism before this.

From the looks of it now, this Heavenly Lord of Daoism was a certain huge figure from the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace.

Chaos was stirred up from the insides of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace.

After that, with the interference of Buddhism, everything became worse till the point of no return.

Yan Zhaoge wasnt sure about the specific details.

After he had thoroughly taken over the Pill Hall, he would slowly investigate the phenomena that happened in the past.

That way, he might have a much more rewarding acquisition.

The hall spirit – Awakened Sky wanted to perish together with everyone but was constricted by Yan Zhaoge.

In the end, before he could harm Yan Zhaoge and the others, he had already perished on his own and disappeared from the world.

Although Yan Zhaoge couldnt ask for more information, he didnt mind.

He could slowly analyze the things he wanted to from the Pill Hall.

Only with the perishment of the hall spirit would an outsider be able to control the Pill Hall.

Even if the hall spirit did not perish, Yan Zhaoge would still dispose of him after all the information had been interrogated.

Otherwise, he might as well just slack off.

There wouldnt be a point for him to work so hard.

As for the hall spirit being a buildings spirit as well, and regard him as an acquaintance, that was just a complete joke.

Not only did they not have any relations with each other, the hall spirit – Awakened Sky would definitely squeeze out every information from Yan Zhaoges mind if he knew that Yan Zhaoge was the Martial Repositorys spirit.

After all, with such a huge difference in their cultivation, the hall spirit – Awakened Sky would definitely pry upon this matter first.

“En, this Pill Hall had received some damage from the Great Calamity.” Yan Zhaoge thoroughly checked the Pill Hall.

He now had a clearer understanding of the whole situation of the Pill Hall.

Although the catalyst for the phenomena of that year was this Pill Hall, the battles quickly spread towards other places.

As for the place where all started, everything was kept in good condition.

That destructive palm which descended from heavens did not hit the Pill Hall directly.

“… The area where the Martial Repository I was in seems to be where the palm landed.” Yan Zhaoge thought and rolled his eyes.

The nine streams of radiance slowly faded within the Purple Divine Pavilion.

Yan Zhaoge and the others had also retracted their formation.

The body forged by the Pill Halls hall spirit using all the divine pills and treasures had already collapsed and had reverted back into the spirit pills and medicines.

After that, they transformed into layers of brilliance.

As the formation changes, the brilliance was circulating around the sutras engraved on the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace.

After Yan Zhaoge and the others retracted the formation, the brilliance transformed into mist.

The mist scattered around and went towards the five of them.

Other than the Mars Halberd who was an Immortal Artifact, Yan Zhaoge and the others inhaled the mist with their nose.

The medicinal power was so great that even with their cultivation, they werent able to refine it within a short amount of time.

“I cant use it, and Mingzhang wont need it.

Just take it,” said Mars Halberd.

Mars Halberd was a Leakless Immortal Artifact.

He wasnt a normal True Immortal Emperor.

The divine pills and medicines which were very beneficial for humans had no use for him.

As for the Exalted Fire – Suo Mingzhang, he didnt care much about these.

The Pill Hall and the treasures within werent what he cared about.

“Luckily, Exalted Fire – Suo Mingzhang managed to reach in time.

Thanks for your help as well.” Yan Zhaoge and the others nodded towards Mars Halberd as a form of courtesy and absorbed the medicinal qi within the Purple Divine Pavilion.

Such a majestic pill essence was undoubtedly a huge opportunity for them.

Other than Yan Zhaoge who was busy refining the Pill Hall, the other three of them sat in a lotus position and started absorbing the medicinal effects.

“Ill let you handle the rest,” said Yan Di.

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Dont worry.”

As he commanded within his heart, within the boundless outskirts of the void, the gigantic Divine Palaces hall slowly became illusory, and gradually disappeared within the cosmos.

After it entered such a drifting state, Yan Zhaoge did not stop.

He stood in the middle of the Purple Divine Pavilion and wrote numerous runes in the air.

After the seals condensed, they turned into three flashing talismans and flew out of the hall.

After finishing everything, Yan Zhaoge started to refine the Pill Hall without any worries.

As he managed to take over the Purple Divine Pavilion and managed to gain control over the hall, more and more important pieces of information were flooding towards him.

For example, other than the control authority towards the Pill Hall, the most important item within the Pill Hall was the number of pill formulas it possessed!

In the past, the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace had been continuously amassing, fathoming, and perfecting the pill formulas for divine pills and spirit pills.

However, because of the lack of resources, not every pill formula would be able to manifest actual pills and medicines.

Despite that, even the parts which could be materialized were an abundance of treasure.

There were some precious pill formulas that Yan Zhaoge had never seen before even in the Martial Repository.

They were only present within the Pill Hall.

While looking through these pill formulas and medicinal formulas, Yan Zhaoge felt as if he was reading through the sea of books, just like what he did in the past.

With the addition of the abundance of spirit pills and medicines within the pill storage and the precious medicinal resources which had been extinct since the Great Calamity stored within the medicine storage, Yan Zhaoge only felt one thing.

I become rich overnight.

Im in the money.

After a short while, two pieces of talismans flew back.

After seeing them, Yan Zhaoge lightly patted the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace.

As the furnace was vibrating, the Pill Halls door opened, and streams of air shot out from within.

The streams of air were coiling and retracting within the void, and it brought two people along.

However, the void outside of the cosmos started distorting again.

If one wanted to follow them, they would be thrown off guard by this, and lose their target.

As for the two people, they followed the retracting streams of air into the Pill Hall.

The white jade hall closed its doors again, and it disappeared within the dark cosmos.

The two stood in the halls interior.

It was Yue Zhenbei and Long Xueji.

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