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Chapter 1288: Return of an Acquaintance from the North

“The demeanor of your blade is starting to mature.

Its right for you to persist on advancing, and not retracting at all.

Many kinds of martial arts require you to control your attacks with your will and require you to release the power and retract it as you will.

However, its not the right path for you.”

“The momentum of heaven and earth was supposed to be continuously moving forward.

The one who falls into a dire situation after retracting their power should be your opponent, not you.”

“For you, the problem is that the framework is already done, but its too hollow.

Theres a need for improvement.”

He didnt need to fill up the details of the changes.

Instead, he should turn illusory into reality.

From the illusory conception, it could become a reality within this world.

From then onwards, would it truly materialize.”

“Whats commendable is that you had realized this, and have no needs for my blabber anymore.” Suo Mingzhang looked at Yan Di with a hint of compliment in his eyes.

Yan Di said calmly, “When the momentum goes forward, the changes in creation have two categories, new and old.

Only by discarding the old and welcoming the new, would you be able to break the old rules and create new ones.

This is the momentum of the heavens and earth.”

He shaped his palm into a sword.

He calmly slashed forward lightly, “I havent experienced the real change of an era.

However, it truly exists, Its not just some concept introduced to me from some ancient books differentiating the eras.”

“Not bad, your train of thought is correct.” Suo Mingzhang nodded and said, “Yan Xintang and Di Qinglian, your descendants are really something.

If this supreme art that you created were to continue being developed, it would definitely be a magnificent merit.”

Within his brows, a rare hint of joy appeared.

He smiled and said, “Its such a satisfaction to be able to witness such a supreme art being born.

It makes my heart relieved.”

Yan Di said, “Senior, you compliment me too much.

The path ahead is still filled with thorns.

I should definitely fulfill my duty, and do my best to prevent my progress from remaining stagnant.”

Suo Mingzhang nodded.

He turned to look at Yan Zhaoge, “You cultivated the Three Prime arts together”

“Senior Suo has such a sharp eye.” Yan Zhaoge smiled.

He did not deny it.

Suo Mingzhang smiled as well, “Great job.”

He looked at Yan Zhaoge thoroughly for a while and said, “If you have the Jade Clear Peerless Heavenly Scripture or the Prime Clear Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture, your path forward might be slightly better.

However, its only slightly.

The difficulty contained within is still extremely hard.”

“While this is someone trying to walk three different old paths, its also someone trying to walk a new path.”

Yan Zhaoges heart pounded a little.

However, his expression was still calm, “I will always remind myself of it.”

“I really look forward to seeing you continue progressing in the future, and seeing more kinds of different phenomena within the great dao.” Suo Mingzhang placed his hands by his back.

He walked towards the exit of the Pill Hall, “The Canghua Divine Tree would temporarily be kept within this hall.

Please do take good care of it.”

Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di, and Xue Chuqing looked at each other.

Xue Chuqing answered, “Since the Great Grand Master is nowhere, I would definitely take care of her with all my best.”

“Then thats great.” Suo Mingzhang exited the Pill Hall and stood within the cosmic void.

He turned his head and looked at the illusory Pill Hall floating within the void.

He then looked at the faraway land of the World beyond Worlds.

His gaze was distant but peaceful.

The tall short-haired man sat in a lotus position within the cosmos, He closed his eyes, and waited quietly.

Waiting for the storm to arrive.

Within the Pill Hall, Yan Di looked at Yan Zhaoge, “From today onwards, I shall enter absolute seclusion.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “I will take care of the matters happening outside.

The matters with World beyond Worlds still require time to prepare.”

“If the heretics arrive first, even if the Exalted Fire Luminary lures the enemies away, he would also be held back by his opponent.

Later on, the Exalted Earth Luminarys attack would be unobstructable.”

Astro Sovereign said quietly, “If there arent any accidents, Daoist Jiang would return to the World beyond Worlds before the heretics.”

Yan Zhaoge spread his hands, “Id rather hope that the Exalted Earth Luminary arrives later.

Otherwise, we would have to worry about the North Star Emperors actions.”

Everyone went silent.

Yan Zhaoge said contemplatively, “The situation is very chaotic.

There would be many people who would intervene in this.”

“Previously, I still dare not affirm my guess.

However, after seeing my mother completing the Area Latitude Formation… Yep, through the Area Latitude Formation guided by the Exalted Solar Luminary – Gao Han, Im sure that my previous guess was correct.” Yan Zhaoge massaged his temple.

“Of course, guessing right is one thing.

Whoever manages to take control of the situation is another.”

Yan Di nodded slowly, “Its fine as long as the general direction is right.

Nothing is absolute after all.”

“Yeah.” Yan Zhaoge narrowed his eyes.

After bidding Yan Di and Xue Chuqing farewell, Yan Zhaoge returned to the World beyond Worlds together with the Astro Sovereign.


At the same time, in the World beyond Worlds.

Northern Profound Heaven Territory in the Extreme Northern Lands.

Within the void, there were passages leading to the land of tranquil streams by the outskirts and were constantly in turmoil.

For the past few years, the Northern Exalt had never left this area.

He had remained silent throughout the dispute between the Broad Creed Mountain, the Jade Capital Crag, the Jade Sky Peak, the Qilin Cliff, and the Restful Immortal Valley.

He never paid attention to the situation, and never joined the fray.

The Cloud Pavilion Mountains Profound Remnant Locale under the Northern Exalt had the Heavenly Mysteries Pavillions token plate as well.

For the matter of his subordinates interacting with those of the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion, the Northern Exalt seemed to be approving it in silence.

However, he never came into contact with it personally.

Most of the time, the Northern exalt wouldnt even remain in the Profound Remnant Local.

Instead, he would go to the Extreme Northern Lands and quietly pay attention to the movements of the space boundary.

He was there to take note of the changes in the land of tranquil streams and its corrosiveness.

Yan Zhaoge and the Encompassing Emperor had requested him to pay attention to the news of Feng Yunsheng.

While he agreed to do so, he never had any other contacts with them.

The old man stood within the snow.

He looked at the faraway skies and saw a black line appearing.

His heart pounded slightly.

As if he felt something, his gaze became concentrated.

“This doesnt feel like… a Great Demon, but a human” After contemplating for a while, the Northern Exalt took out a jade piece and shattered it.

With him as the center, rays of lights surged out and shone the vast frozen lands of the Extreme Northern Lands.

Wherever the rays of lights illuminated, the cracks within the void stopped.

This wasnt solely because of the Northern Exalts cultivation.

Instead, the World beyond Worlds boundary mechanism started to function.

The Northern Profound Heaven Territorys mechanisms were exceptionally sensitive to the devils of the Nine Underworlds.

It was set here specifically for the lands of tranquil streams.

After a short while, the feeling of someone getting closer became more apparent.

However, the Northern Exalt felt that the person was extremely familiar.

“This… She came back by herself” The old man was surprised and frowned.

“It might also be possible that shes… the Exalted Rahu Luminary”

Very quickly, a strong will was delivered to him, “Broad Creed disciple Feng Yunsheng greets the Northern Exalt.”

The Northern Exalt remained silent for a while, and said, “Is it Little Friend Feng, or is it the Exalted Rahu Luminary”

“Im still your junior.” The other person replied, “However, in a day, the Exalted Rahu Luminary would be in control thirty percent of the time.”

The Northern Exalt said, “The Sword Sovereign would arrive very soon.

If you dont mind, how about waiting for a while Let me inform your friends as well.

If they knew that you came back safely, they would definitely be joyous.”

He wasnt worried about the Exalted Rahu Luminary – Jian Shunhua.

Instead, he wanted to prevent the Great Demon from transforming, and take the chance to slip in.

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