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Chapter 1289: Perish in Silence

As they were having a conversation, the Northern Exalt was analyzing the person that arrived.

Before Feng Yunsheng disappeared, her realm of cultivation was lower than average.

It wasnt hard for the Northern Exalt to analyze her.

However, when he remembered her relation with the Exalted Rahu Luminary – Jian Shunhua, this analysis might not be accurate.

Besides, when Yan Zhaoge and the Encompass Emperor returned to the World beyond Worlds, they mentioned the fact that Jian Shunhua wanted to be reborn using Feng Yunshengs body, and even plotted something against the Great Demons of the Nine Underworlds.

She wanted to use this opportunity to gain the Great Demons authority and power.

If Jian Shunhua wanted to be reborn using Feng Yunsheng.

She would have to start from Feng Yunshengs cultivation.

While being familiar with cultivation would increase the speed tremendously, it still required time to accumulate.

However, if the top-notch sinister devils of the Nine Underworlds were involved, things would get more complicated.

The Spirit Divinity Overflowing Lid would be the way to increase ones cultivation tremendously within a short amount of time.

In fact, it even far surpassed martial arts like the Seven Paths Centred Mechanism or the Thick Spirit Essence Congregating Art.

The reason was that because, from a certain perspective, it wasnt an art to help one cultivate.

Instead, it was the art that allowed the Nine Underworlds Great Demon to be reborn.

It allows the top-notch Great Devil which had perished to return back to life.

Reborn, not reincarnate.

After experiencing a short span of time remaining in a weakened state and developing, they would quickly return back to their glorious state.

Compared to others, it wasnt just thousands of miles of improvements per day.

Instead, even a myriad of miles wouldnt be able to describe such speed of improvement in cultivation.

In the past, the Devil of Aged Metal used Yin Shiyangs body to be reborn as a Sword Devil, and the Water Demon used Chu Hengs body as a medium to be reborn as an Ice Demon.

Just as they managed to be reborn for a short while, they were both killed again by Yan Xintang and Chen Xuanzong.

The two devils were still in a weakened state.

While their strength started increasing tremendously, they perished after lacking a few moments of crucial time.

In fact, if they were given a little more time, their improvements would skyrocket, and they would return to their glorious state.

The Northern Exalt agreed on one of Yan Zhaoges points of view.

For someone so prideful like the Exalted Rahu Luminary, the opportunities she grasps were naturally not comparable to normal Great Demons.

With Jian Shunhuas Tranquil Profound Immortal cultivation in the past, only someone with a daoist Heavenly Lord caliber would gain her attention.

In fact, her level might be even higher!

Under such circumstances, if she succeeded, it would end up in her strength tremendously increasing through the Spirit Divinity Overflowing Lid, but she wouldnt become a devil.

With that, it would be hard to tell if Feng Yunshengs current cultivation belonged to her or Jian Shunhua.

On the contrary, if they became a devil, they would experience the same results regarding their growth in strength.

At the very least, the Northern Exalt couldnt feel any hostility from her.

However, her strength was already very strong, and she had at least pushed open the Immortal Door!

If it wasnt for the World beyond Worlds boundarys defense mechanism which specifically deals with the Nine Underworlds devils, just the Northern Exalt alone wouldnt be able to fend her off.

“Her cultivation realm is really high.

I cant see through it.

Luckily, I can still see some of her past.

She did not purposely try to hide her divine information…” The Northern Exalt quickly used his divination.

If thats the case, she shouldnt be the disguise of a Nine Underworlds Great Demon.

The defense mechanism of the Northern Profound Heaven Territory of the World beyond Worlds did not reject her, like how it would normally reject the Nine Underworld Devils, which also proved this point.

Now, the thing he had to worry about was if the Exalted Rahu Luminarys plot against the Great Demon had backfired.

He still had to be wary of the ambush of the demons which planned on using Feng Yunsheng as an opportunity to open the “gate”.

As a result, the Northern Exalt was still being extremely cautious and did not open the formation.

At the very least, with the presence of the Sword Sovereign, Astro Sovereign, Yan Zhaoge, and the others, the risks involved would drop down dramatically.

Despite not intervening in the matters happening in the World beyond Worlds, the Northern Exalt knew about the situation about to befall upon the World beyond Worlds.

During these times, it was easy for others to gain benefits from it.

Previously, just when he felt that something was odd, he immediately shattered the jade piece and contacted the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei.

He should be arriving very soon.

“Your friends would definitely be very happy if they knew that you had returned.

Ill let them know about this news,” said the Northern Exalt.

“Thank you, senior.” The womans voice was polite.

The Northern Exalts hair immediately stood up!

Because this voice resounded behind him!

At the same time, the Northern Exalt realized that he couldnt move his body anymore.

A woman was standing behind him, and her feet were standing upon his shadow.

This woman had the appearance of Feng Yunsheng.

She looked around the snowy land, “Is this the world where the North Star Emperor is controlling everything behind the scene Such a decent place.

It makes me want to thoroughly take over this place.”

The woman smiled slightly, “The person that came out from here was really outstanding.

However, I still caught a flaw.

Borrowing her mechanism, I could silently enter this world.”

However, it could only allow one person to breach the barrier.

“Of course, its also thanks to the North Star Emperor and the others holding each other back.

They dont have the time to spare me any concentration.

The Northern Exalt was trembling in fear.

Based on her tone, he could tell that she wasnt Feng Yunsheng nor the Exalted Rahu Luminary – Jian Shunhua.

This was the most top-notch Great Demon in the Nine Underworlds, the Ancient Devil!

“That brat had always wanted to return here, so I just decided to come here to let her fall into the trap by herself.” The woman reached the front of the Northern Exalt.

Currently, the old mans shadow had defied logic.

As the woman continued striding forward, the shadow turned to the other side and reached the front of the old man.

“If I made a huge ruckus, it might alarm North Star and the others.” The woman smiled, “Youre a decent cover.”

As she was talking, her outer appearance changed, and the gender of her voice changed as well.

In an instant, an old man appeared in front of the Northern Exalt, which looked exactly the same as him.

The two stood face-to-face, and even he himself couldnt differentiate between each other.

“Its not the Imitation Killing Jade, nor is it the Form Dispelling Pill.

Theres no need to kill, and there are no limits to how many people they transform into…”

At this moment, the Northern Exalt only felt that his soul was being obliterated.

In an instant, as if he was having a terminal lucidity, many thoughts flashed across in his mind.

“The reason why I couldnt read her divine information wasnt that the gap between our strength was too huge, which made me unable to see any phenomenon.

Instead, she wanted to show me a mirage…”

This meant that the gap in their strength was much bigger than he expected.

Then Ancient Demon had inserted fake memories within her mind and manipulated her into thinking that those memories were real.

The difficulty in this act was far greater than purely making one lose memories.

“Such proficiency in transforming.

Even the circulation of my true essence was replicated until this detail…”

“However, how could he infiltrate the dao universe, and infiltrate the World beyond Worlds!”


The Exalted Rahu Luminary must have had some hidden mechanisms within herself.

However, it ended up benefiting him, and she managed to bring danger within the World beyond Worlds!” The Northern Exalt stood still on the spot.

His murky eyes suddenly exploded with a shocking radiance, but immediately died down.

On the opposite side of him, the old man which resembled him lifted his index finger, and placed it in front of his lips, “Shhh…”

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