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Chapter 1294: Martial God Severing the Heavens

The six majestic starlights fused with each other and became one when they engulfed Suo Mingzhangs body.

Above the sky, within the clouds, rays of golden lights shone down, forming numerous spiritual sentences that filled the entire cosmic void.

Previously, he was just suppressing his own aura.

Now, the North Star Emperor finally decided to take action personally!

Although the North Star Emperors attack wasnt focusing on the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei and Yan Zhaoges North Ocean Clone, the two were experiencing a large amount of pressure.

Yue Zhenbeis condition was still fine.

Only his Immortal Essence was being suppressed, and he wasnt able to move his body due to the numbing sensation.

However, Yan Zhaoges North Ocean Clone was only of the Immortal Bridge Martial Saint Realm.

It had a massive difference with the North Star Emperor, who was a legitimate Immortal.

It was as if he was just a mere speck of dust.

Currently, even his mind seemed to have stopped working.

This clone of his was about to be refined by the North Star Emperor; it wouldnt belong to him anymore.

The North Star Emperor had no intention to do so.

It was a minor leak of his strength, causing this effect to happen.

Fortunately, Yan Zhaoge had already made preparations beforehand.

His original body secretly circulated the Peerless Heavenly Scripture previously, which managed to re-establish the connection between him and the North Ocean Clone.

He didnt end up losing his clone just like that.

Yan Zhaoge never underestimated how strong the North Star Upper Palace Heavenly Sovereign Emperor was.

The Grand Heavenly Immortal of the orthodox Daoism had disparities in strength as well.

As for the North Star Upper Palace Heavenly Sovereign Emperor, who was within the Four Imperials, he wasnt just a mere pushover.

His ruthless killing intent wasnt leaking, but they were intense and profound.

It was complicated and hard to be analyzed.

It was as if a divine voice had descended from the Nine Heavens.

After being engulfed by the starlight, Suo Mingzhangs figure couldnt stand beyond the heavens and earth anymore.

He seemed to have been pulled back to the heavens and earth and returned to being a mortal.

He could only lower his head to listen to the Heavenly Immortals befalling their decree upon him.

Even the thunder and rains were the grace of the heavens.

“The North Star Emperor that governs over the warfare within the human realm doesnt contain any killing intent when he attacks.

It seems like he doesnt plan just to kill the Exalted Fire right here.”

Yan Zhaoge thought, “He wants to oppress the Exalted Fire and bring him away”

Jiang Shen and Yang Ce remained still without any movements.

However, the disparity between heavens and earth made it seem like they were standing upon the clouds while looking down at Suo Mingzhang and the others standing upon the mortal realms soil.

“Daoist Suo, the emperor is very benevolent.

Hes willing to spare you.

Dont miss your chance, and quickly leave together with the emperor.” Jiang Shen advised him.

Under the brilliance of the clouds and the starlights, his voice seemed ethereal as if he was the representative of an Immortal giving an edict.

Suo Mingzhangs posture remained still.

However, his entire body seemed to be shaking.

As if a giant tree was being pulled out by someone.

“Jiang Shen, you forgot about it, but I havent.” Suo Mingzhangs gaze turned cold, “This Little Friend Yans mother is Junhuangs descendant.”

As he was talking, he suddenly extended his hand and raised it to his chest level.

After that, he slashed towards his front!

When he slashed, a line seemed to have appeared within the void wherever it passed by.

This line was overriding every single being that existed!

In front of Suo Mingzhang, everything seems to be interchanging from the illusory back into reality.

Even the world created by the North Star Emperor became flat, like a piece of drawing.

It wasnt dimensional anymore, it wasnt profound anymore, and it wasnt as ingenious anymore.

Suo Mingzhang escaped beyond the world again, and his figure immediately stabilized.

He wasnt trembling anymore.

This slash had directly severed through heavens and earth, severed through the cosmos, and severed through the alterations of creation!

The starlights that the North Star Emperor lowered to capture him were also severed!

“Heaven Severing Scripture…” The Concealed Sovereign – Yang Ce muttered to himself.

The Exalted Fire – Suo Mingzhang started his cultivation in the Fire Dragon World within the Astro Mountains Starry Sea.

His martial arts originated from an incomplete Dao martial arts scripture.

Although it was the Jade Clear Lineages Spatial Heavenly Scripture, there were too many empty sections.

Suo Mingzhang continuously studied it and slowly walked on a path different from others.

It was a path of no return in the eyes of many others.

At first, it was just the basics.

However, after Suo Mingzhang managed to acquire more Jade Clear supreme arts, he ventured deeper into the path.

He practiced the Primordial Heavenly Scriptures in reverse!

In history, there had been many prodigies.

Just like those that cultivated all the Three Clear lineages arts, someone in history attempted to cultivate the Primordial Heavenly Scripture in reverse.

Cultivating the Jade Clear lineages arts in reverse seemed to have some references with the Prime Clear lineages art.

However, the disparity was huge.

Those that attempted to walk this path had failed.

And yet, Suo Mingzhang succeeded!

He created his supreme martial arts scripture and named it Heaven Opposing Scripture, also known as the Understandings of Opposing Essence.

He used this scripture and managed to push open the Immortal Door.

When he reached the Dao universe and came in contact with more legitimate martial arts, Suo Mingzhang never changed his martial arts form and did not relearn a new martial art.

He also wasnt being prideful of him being able to create a martial art by himself.

He fused the Heaven Opposing Scripture with many other supreme arts, disposed of the impurities contained within, and only kept the essence within.

Ultimately, he managed to improve the art he had created.

The improved version of it became the Heaven Severing Scripture!

Opening the heavens and splitting the earth, alterations of creation, living beings ultimately meeting their end, and returning into nothingness.

This was the law of the great Dao circulating.

Now, the laws of the great Dao were severed and stopped!

There were no more signs of declination after being too prosperous.

No matter if the civilization started declining during the development phase or its peak, they would be forced to a stop whenever an order was issued, forbidden from advancing any further.

The momentum of heavens and earth were continuously moving forward.

Those who dare oppose it would be crushed, like a mere praying mantis trying to block a chariots advancement.

Under the Heaven Severing, even if a vast mountain were blocking the path, it would be obliterated to pieces.

Currently, Suo Mingzhang wasnt strong enough to forcefully prevent civilizations declination and didnt have the terrifying strength to defy creation itself.

However, the Grand Heavenly Immortal, the North Star Emperor with a Heavenly Lord position, had his attacks forcefully severed by Suo Mingzhang!

“His Heaven Severing Scripture is becoming better and better…” Jiang Shen seemed to be praising.

After launching an attack, Suo Mingzhang didnt stop his pace.

With a flicker of his body, he immediately arrived in front of Jiang Shen and Yang Ce.

He launched his fist.

The fist seemed to resemble both an axe and a halberd.

It opened the heavens and split the earth, and crimson red flame surged out.

Under the engulfment of the horrifying power, Yang Ces entire body went numb.

It was hard for him to move at all.

The dim radiance protecting his body immediately faded away completely.

Jiang Shen had a serious expression on his face.

While facing the fiery fist, the unmovable earth was on display.

It was as heavy as creation itself and as thick as the life force of all the worlds lives.

Suo Mingzhang didnt even bother looking at it, and his fist just continued its advancement.

At this moment, the fire transformed into a star.

The horrifying fire did not explode outwards.

Instead, it was continually collapsing inwards!

All of a sudden, a burdensome feeling appeared with Suo MIngzhangs fist as its center.

An immeasurable amount of weight was collapsing in one focused point, and was much heavier than the earth Jiang Shen had displayed!

As if it was a real star, it was experiencing a supernova!

One punch was enough to smash the thick earth into pieces!

Suo Mingzhangs punch could almost shatter the entire World beyond Worlds!

Above the Nine Heavens, starlights started befalling again.

It protected Jiang Shen and Yang Ce from the hefty fiery steel fist.

“Severe it!”

However, as Suo Mingzhang displayed the Heaven Severing Scriptures profundities, the starlights were severed by him again.

His fist was continuously moving forward, continuing its attacking path!

At this moment, killing intent loomed over the starlights.

The boundless Evil Qi imbued with dense killing intent burst out and prevented Suo Mingzhangs starlight from accumulating.

It then completely vanquished the starlight!

Under the clashing of the two forces, Suo Mingzhangs figure went backward.

His fist did not hit Jiang Shen or Yang Ce.

The strength of the North Star Emperor wasnt comparable to those heretic Heavenly Lords.

However, everyone understood that even this Grand Heavenly Immortal among the Four Imperials wasnt able to deal with Suo Mingzhang.

The tall and short-haired man stood calmly within the void with a calm expression.

However, he shifted his gaze towards the World beyond Worlds.

Jiang Shen didnt display a happy expression despite escaping from the disaster.

Instead, he let out a soft sigh, “Theres not enough time.”

Before he completed his sentence, the Dao universe trembled again.

One strong aura after another filled up the entire space as they strode forward.

The treasured lights that filled the skies were constantly sparkling.

While they werent as domineering as the North Star Emperors starlights, there were so many that they filled up the entire skies!

A group of Immortal Court experts finally descended upon the Dao universe!

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