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Chapter 1314: Supreme Exalt Yan Zhaoge!

After personally witnessing the ratan shoes Daoist perished, the other Immortal Court experts minds all went blank.

Not only had they not heard of the matters they had just witnessed, but it was also unprecedented, defied the logic they held towards the world, and their understandings.

At this moment, they heard something breaking within their hearts.

Three Clear Lineages successors average combat prowess was higher than the martial art practitioners originated from the Immortal Court when comparing two people of the same realm.

They knew about this deep within their heart.

Like what the Vast Yang Exalt – Pei Hua said, he wasnt able to defeat a Human Exalt of the orthodox Daoism, which was the same realm.

A True Immortal Emperor from the Immortal Court would be dispatched to deal with a Human Exalt.

When facing the True Immortal Emperor of the Three Clear lineage, they would naturally dispatch a Sovereign from the Immortal Court to go against him.

It would continuously move up like this.

This was Pei Huas, as well as the ratan shoes Daoists confidence.

While this was their ambitions and hopes, it was also one reason for their sense of security.

However, the sense of security was currently crumbling!

For the Immortal Court experts with a denser foundation, they were already aware of numerous secretive rumors.

They had also heard of the legendary Immortal Exterminating Formation before.

However, the Immortal Exterminating Formation was lost for a long time and became an ethereal myth.

It didnt hold any feelings of truthfulness to it.

However, today, someone managed to overcome the disparity between an Immortal and a Mortal without using the Immortal Exterminating Formation!

While Yan Zhaoge overcame such a barrier, it also crushed the pride and persistence within Immortal heretics hearts.

As a result, everyone became confused for a while.

The seeds of doubt started sprouting deep within their hearts.

As a result, the treasured light imbued with faith power radiating throughout the group of Immortal Court experts started becoming unstable.

Yan Zhaoge strode forward with a carefree expression.

The Immortal Courts martial arts practitioners were all surprised at first and started retreating uncontrollably.

However, they were currently within the Pill Halls internal cosmos.

The space around them was like a cage, and it would be impossible for them to escape.

The people could only regroup their attacks and attacked Yan Zhaoge while putting their life on the line.

Their attacks were much more ruthless than their previous one, and it was even more rashful.

It contained the intent of despair.

“Purple Thunderclap Aura Scripture, Bloodish Hell Combat Qi, Heavenly Rainbow Treasured Form, Long Spring Three Saints Hammer…” Yan Zhaoge took a look around him and identified all the martial arts around him.

These supreme martial arts were all incredibly profound martial arts passed around during the era where martial arts flourished, before the Great Calamity.

They had their specialty and werent any weaker than some of the Three Clear Lineages supreme martial arts.

Even if an Immortal Court martial art practitioner were the one using it, its full power would be unleashed as well.

The people of the World beyond Worlds, separated by the sea of radiances, could only hear Yan Zhaoges voice vaguely.

They werent able to communicate with the group of Immortal heretics.

The Immortal Courts experts current attack had the force to destroy the world.

The sight of it was engraved deep into their eyes, and everyone in the World beyond Worlds were frightened.

However, from Yan Zhaoges perspective, the people from the Immortal Court that were already divided were currently feeling uneasy.

With their rashful attitude, they were succumbing to a disadvantageous state.

He smiled and shook his head.

With his fingers as a sword, rays of sword-lights shot out.

The Purple Thunderclap Aura Scripture refined bolts of purple lightnings.

After the lightning took its own form, they transformed into numerous lightning spears.

As they intertwined with each other, the force became extremely sharp, and they shot towards Yan Zhaoge like thunderstorms.

It contained its profoundness within.

The spearheads sharp intent would first pierce through any defense its enemies possessed, and the destructive force of the lightning would then be displayed vividly.

If someone were to receive it, they would be pierced numerous times.

Then, the lightning would explode from the wound, and turn the receiver into dust.

The Bloodish Hell Combat Qi was already close to being devilish.

When the Immortal Court Emperors Immortal qi was unleashed, it resembled a blood mist field and instantly turned the entire world into a blood-filled underworld.

The dense death intent and killing intent filled the air and caused ones mentality to tremble out of fear.

The bloody corrosive aura buried its foes within the hell filled with blood.

The Heavenly Rainbow Treasured Form was on display.

The casters figure became like a rainbow and could reach tens of thousands of miles instantly.

His figure became illusory as if he was everywhere.

When attacked by someone, his body would be like the rainbows lights.

It would become illusory and hard to come in contact with.

The opponents attacks would then pass through the rainbow lights, making it hard to deal any damage.

The Long Spring Three Saints Hammer was a martial art focused on ensuring longevity.

It would condition and nurture the casters own body, and birthed a dense life force.

When fighting against someone, it wouldnt remain soft.

Instead, it would transform the vital life force into a majestic force and destroy its opponents.

Other than that, various other martial arts were unleashed and were currently attacking Yan Zhaoge.

In the next instant, blood spewed out from the Xuanwu.

Rays of brilliant lights shot out and forcefully slashed apart yin and yang.

It destroyed the purple color lightnings.

After dispersing the sea of thunders, the Slaying Xuanwu Sword did not stop.

It forcefully broke apart the long rainbow.

Although the rainbow lights were illusory, it lost its bizarreness in front of the Slaying Xuanwu Sword.

It slowly materialized from its illusory state and was instantly slashed apart.

Almost at the same time, the Azure Dragon was spewing its blood as well.

The sharp sword-light filled with chilly killing intent massacred the Long Spring Three Saints Hammers boundless life force.

The dense life force had all turned into killing intent, as well as death intent.

It nurtured the Azure Dragon instead, which caused it to be even more ruthless and relentless.

As for his opponents bloodish hell filled with gruesome auras of blood, it was slain by the White Tiger.

It returned to tranquility, and the blood qi disappeared.

Yan Zhaoge dispersed one supreme martial art after another.

As for the rays of sword-lights that fused, it seemed to have formed the Heavenly Rivers waters descending upon the mortal realm.

They were all pouring down towards the group of Immortal Court experts.

Currently, Yan Zhaoge seemed to be on a light boat.

He was floating upon the river water and was coming down along with it.

On the way down, blood appeared.

One True Immortal heretic after another perished.

Witnessing this scene, everyone from the World beyond Worlds within the sea of brilliance could not react to what had happened.

He didnt only kill the ratan shoes Daoist alone.

From the looks of it, Yan Zhaoge wanted to kill all the True Immortal Emperors present!

Previously, everyone was already shocked by the death of the ratan shoes Daoist.

Currently, it made things even more terrifying.

“This… This should be the first Martial Saint in history to kill True Immortals bare-handedly on his own, right” The Wind Thunder Manors Manor Lord – Heng Xianda mumbled to himself, “There doesnt seem to be any even before the Great Calamity.”

“In fact, he didnt only kill one of them.” Wang Pus expression became numb.

Heng Xianda asked, “Could it be, weve seen it wrongly Is it possible that those arent True Immortals”

“They should be…” said Wang Pu.

His gaze then went towards the few Human Exalts present.

Cao Jie, Liu Zhenggu, and the others were also shocked.

However, they quickly recovered from it after feeling Wang Pu and Heng Xiandas gaze on them.

“Theyre the real thing.

They are indeed Leakless True Immortal Emperors that had already pushed open the Immortal Door.” The Northeastern Exalt – Liu Zhenggu let out a sigh, “Leakless True Immortals, near impossible to be wounded in the mortal realm… Its like this for others as well.”

Heng Xianda and the other became speechless.

“Junior apprentice-brother Yans sword art doesnt seem to be the Numinous Treasure Four Swords,” said Wang Pu softly.

“It doesnt look like formation either.

Does that mean that its unrelated to the Prime Clear Immortal Exterminating Formation”

Liu Zhenggu said, “After the Immortal Exterminating Formation, theres finally a second martial art that mortals can use to defeat True Immortals.”

He looked at Yan Zhaoge, “In front of Fallen Deity Yan, the disparity between Immortals and Mortals is nothing.”

Heng Xianda had a weird expression on his face.

He didnt know whether to cry or laugh, “Previously, the World beyond Worlds was still spreading the Fallen Deity rumors ascending the Exalt position.

He would undoubtedly be the next Upper Exalt.

Even if the previous Upper Exalt remains in the mortal realm, he would have to hand over the position to Fallen Deity.”

“However, from the looks of it now, it feels like the Fallen Deity is overqualified for the Upper Exalts title…”

The Southeastern Exalt – Cao Jie suddenly said, “Supreme Exalt!”

Everyone was surprised, and they looked at Cao Jie together.

“Supreme Exalt, Yan Zhaoge!” Cao Jie paused and repeated slowly.

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