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Not only did he manage to extract numerous realms from the World beyond Worlds, but various other lower realms connected to the World beyond Worlds were also now contained within the Pill Hall’s internal universe.

Compared to other realms of the World beyond Worlds, different world’s boundaries were still in good condition and were comparatively more stable.

Even if their boundaries were much more fragile compared to the World beyond Worlds, it was no problem under Yan Zhaoge’s careful management.

However, this transfer still caused a massive uproar within various lower realms.

The spirit qi pulsation of every other world was now in a complete disorder.

In the Floating Life World, the Snow Crane Sect within the Jade Ridge Snowy Mountains by the western mountain range.

The whole family – Su Yun, Shen Nuo, and Shen Rong were present within.

They both raised their heads and looked at the sky at the same time.

The sky was initially sunny.

Now, the skies were a field of iridescent colors.

Rays of brilliances were flickering throughout the void and were presenting an unforgettable sight.

Beside them, with the Green Dragon Mountain Sect’s Sect Master – Luo Jinghao at the front, a group of Floating Life experts were gathered here.

They started at the apocalypse-like phenomena and dared not voice out anything.

For so many years, even though the Snow Crane Sect was very low-key within the Floating Life World, everyone here knew that the seemingly different martial sect that focuses on the Dao of refining qi was the true monarch of this world, where demon blood martial art practitioners were the mainstream.

No matter how strong other sects are, they couldn’t deal with those people “above” the Snow Crane Sect.

Due to the uncertainty that she would face, Xue Chuqing hadn’t gone to the Floating Life World to visit Su Yun’s family, even if she could walk around openly within the World beyond Worlds.

She tried to lessen the relations between her and Su Yun’s family.

The Broad Creed Mountain had assisted in delivering a message.

It was to notify Su Yun about Xue Chuqing’s safety.

“Mother…” Shen Rong looked at Su Yun with a worrisome look.

Su Yun smiled lightly, “Don’t panic.

Wait for the results silently.

Even if the Floating Life is destroyed, we won’t be able to redeem anything.

Might as well face it peacefully.

She wasn’t sure of the plots Yan Zhaoge, and Xue Chuqing had towards the World beyond Worlds.

She wasn’t aware of the shocking changes happening outside of the Floating Life, within the Dao universe and the World beyond Worlds.

However, she knew that the Floating Life World’s startling changes weren’t something someone of the Floating Life World was capable of doing.

It could only be the changes that happened by the higher realms.

“But, believe me.

The Lady, Young Master, the Lord, and the others will be safe,” said Su Yun in a calm voice.

The people surrounding her had their emotions reassured.

Even if they weren’t feeling safe, they weren’t in a panic as they previously were.

Everyone silently stared at the skies and awaited the final results.


Everyone was similarly panicked within the Vast Ocean World.

Due to the Dragon Tomb’s influence in the past, the Vast Ocean World that had experienced numerous catastrophes had mental preparations for the violent changes within the world and were also exceptionally sensitive towards it.

The Dragon Tomb was already history, but the current catastrophe affecting the entire world had yet to come to a halt.

However, they had experienced Yan Zhaoge’s ascension after his seclusion in the past and witnessed the world’s terror on the brink of destruction.

The Vast Ocean World’s martial art practitioners were far clearer of the concept of “humans beyond humans, sky beyond skies” compared to people of other lower realms.

People from other sects were all gathering by the Changli Mountain, no matter how bad their relationship with each other was.

Everyone knew that someone from the Broad Creed Mountain was residing by the Changli Mountain.

It was precisely because of the communication between the Changli Mountain and the World beyond Worlds’ Broad Creed Mountain, that allowed the Changli Mountain to be the governor of the Vast Ocean World.

The Vast Ocean’s eternal legend, the Fallen Deity – Yan Zhaoge, was someone of the Broad Creed Mountain.

“Now, the phenomena within the Vast Ocean World has changed.

And yes, it’s related to the actions of my sect within the higher realm.

Everyone stay calm and wait for the results.”

A youth that looked to be in his twenties or thirties said calmly, “Please forgive us for the various commotions caused.”

The Changli Mountain’s previous Sect Master – Gao Tianzhong, was the number one expert within the Vast Ocean.

He represented the group of Vast Ocean martial art practitioners, and said, “You’re too formal, Mr.


Our cultivations are weak and are powerless to help.

We can only pray that the Broad Creed succeeds in whatever they are doing and achieve their goals.”

Although he was a Martial Saint Third Level, and the man in front of him was a Martial Grandmaster, Gao Tianzhong wasn’t disrespectful in the least.

The older generation of the Broad Creed Mountain had already gone to the World beyond Worlds to condition themselves.

After all, the spirit qi present was an abundance, and the environment was much better.

The newer generation had already risen and was upholding the older generations’ responsibilities had initially been carrying.

The elder representing the Broad Creed Mountain by the Vast Ocean World was Yan Zhaoge’s junior apprentice-brother of his peers – Lan Wenyan.

“Thanks for your wishes, Senior Gao,” said Lan Wenyan with a smile, “Senior apprentice-brother Yan and the Chief would settle things down appropriately.”

The Broad Creed disciples beside him were all displaying a calm expression.

Since they had confidence in their sect, their emotions were incredibly calm, and they weren’t feeling afraid.


Eight Extremities World, Turbid Wave Pavilion.

With An Qinglin standing in front, the other people from the Turbid Wave Pavilion were all looking at the sky above them as well.

Different from other lower realms, this place had been specially conditioned by the Broad Creed Mountain before.

The circulation of spirit qi here was much more stable than other lower realms.

However, after receiving the outside world’s influence, the Eight Extremities World’s spirit qi circulation was also experiencing a drastic change.

“A report came from the Broad Creed Mountain.

They confirmed that a huge change was happening within the higher realms.” said someone softly.

An Qinglin nodded, “It’s pointless to overthink about it.

Let’s wait patiently.”

The same situation was also happening in other top-notch forces within the Eight Extremities World’s sects.

Everyone by the Heaven Domain’s Broad Creed Mountain had also returned to their cave manor.

They calmly cultivated and waited for everything to come to an end.


Similar things were happening throughout various other lower realms consistently.

Only some people knew of what was happening.

Most of the others were unaware and were panicked.

The cosmos within the Pill Hall seemed to have giant bubbles floating within.

The thing surrounding these bubbles was the sea of lights formed when absorbing the space of the World beyond Worlds.

Everything went into the Pill Hall and made the originally vast and boundless cosmos become a little congested.

Yan Zhaoge smiled within the Purple Divine Pavilion, “Everyone, welcome to a whole new world.”

Bringing these worlds with him, the white jade hall finally left the World beyond Worlds.

It broke through the shapeless “barrier” and left the Dao universe.

After entering the seemingly boundless void’s outskirts, Yan Zhaoge did not relax.

Instead, he continued with the Purple Divine Pavilion ritual and caused changes to occur within the Pill Hall slowly.

The golden brilliance became dim, and the sea of purple clouds was retracted.

The white jade hall slowly became invisible, and became one with the dark void, as if it had disappeared into thin air.

“Although we had managed to leave the Dao universe and ventured deep into the void’s outskirts, we still risk exposing ourselves.

We still have to remain cautious.”

Yan Zhaoge let out a long sigh of relief and turned around to look at Feng Yunsheng and Yue Zhenbei, who entered the Purple Divine Pavilion under his lead.

“However, the first step of the plan is finally complete.


Yan Zhaoge said with a smile, “Wife, I’ve finally managed to await your return!”

Before he finished speaking, Feng Yunsheng had already jumped into his embrace.


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