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“Stand up, and answer me.”Dragon King Huanchen spoke, “Chen Xuanzong”

Fuluo Zi said, “Indeed, Jade Clear Chen Xuanzong is of the Jade Clear lineage.

Although he isnt as outstanding as the Suo Mingzhang, who had ascended to the Grand Heavenly Immortal Realm, he is still one of the few stronger people among the Three Clear Lineage after the Great Calamity.”

“Previously, when Yan Zhaoge and the others concealed themselves within the voids outskirts along with the Pill Hall, this person had also left the Dao universe along with them.” After contemplating for a while, he continued, “The origins of his lineage date back to history, and he should be from the Master Amidst Clouds lineage.”

The White Deer Demon said, “There shouldnt be any mistake.

This person is related to Pill Hall.

Previously, I found a trace of him contacting the successors of the Prime Clear lineage.

Only, I wasnt able to stop him.”

Dragon King Huanchen looked at his son and asked, “Where is this person currently at”

The man in armor bowed and answered, “In the universe where the Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces Pill Hall reappeared within the world.”

“Oh” The Great Demons both looked at each other and muttered in their hearts, “This is getting interesting.”

Since they had already acquired the Pill Hall, why is he going back there

“Could it be there are still some special mechanics for the Heavenly Courts Divine Palaces Pill Hall These Daoists must be facing some form of difficulties to refine and take control of it thoroughly.

As such, they returned, in search of clues and solutions for it” said the Dragon King Huanchen with hesitation.

Great Immortal Ru Yi looked at the White Deer Demon, “There should be such a possibility, right After all, the Pill Halls original hall spirit harbored its intelligence.

Such is an unprecedented matter.”

“After the hall spirit had perished, only did it fall into the possession of the Three Clear successors.

Some changes might have happened.”

The White Deer Demon pondered for a moment, and said, “Im not sure.

However, Daoist Ru Yis words make sense.

Great Immortal Ru Yi said, “If thats the case, that means the entire Pill Hall might be hiding within that universe, while people are being dispatched all over to search for clues”

All the demons said together, “Its possible, but its hard to believe it as well.”

“How about this Lets send one of us to have a look.

As for the others, we would continue to stick to the plan.

Hows that” said Fuluo Zi.

“Of course, we would have to notify the Nine-headed Great Sage and the others first.”

“This is a great method.

If the traces of the Pill Hall are located, quickly contact us.

We shall abandon this place and go along with you.” The demons looked at each other, “But, who will go”

Fuluo Zi said, “I wont be going there, nor remain here.

I shall be on guard against the Western Pure Lands monks.

If they decided to come over, I have some small tricks that might hinder their path for a while.

It would be more convenient for all of you to complete your tasks.”

“Daoist Fuluo, youre truly admirable.

We salute you.” All the demons present nodded.

“Daoist Hundred Eyes and Daoist Huanchen would be staying here to invade the Roving Jade Heavens,” explained Fuluo Zi.

“Only when the two of you take action will our enemies relate it to the personal grudges of the past, and not the Pill Hall.”

It goes without saying that the White Deer Demon had fought for the Pill Hall.

Some Bull Demons accompanied him into the Pill Hall.

As such, it wasnt appropriate for Great Immortal Ru Yi to make an appearance.

Otherwise, others would instantly think of the Pill Hall.

If Great Immortal Ru Yi appears too early, it would be effortless to relate him to the Great Sage who Pacifies Heavens, which would increase their enemies wariness.

As for the Profound Rime Fairy, she originated from the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace before the Great Calamity.

If her foundations were exposed, relating her to the Pill Hall would be inevitable.

Without including Fuluo Zi within, it was only appropriate for the Hundred Eyed Demon Lord and Dragon King Huanchen to make an appearance and cause havoc within the Roving Jade Heavens.

“Its better for you to remain here as well, Daoist Ru Yi.” As Fuluo Zi was talking, he looked towards the White Deer Demon and the Profound Rime Fairy, “The two of you, who would be willing to take the burden”

Both the White Deer Demon and the Profound Rime Fairy were aware that Great Immortal Ru Yi was required to remain by the Dao universe.

Otherwise, if their clash against the Daoism worsened, it might cause the appearance of the Incongruence Divine Mother, or even various other Daoism Heavenly Lords.

Other than the Nine-headed Great Sage, at the very least, the Great Sage who Pacifies Heavens would have to take action.

Even though they werent sure if the Great Sage who Pacifies Heavens would appear.

“I have been running around in that area for a long amount of time.

Allow me to do so,” said the White Deer Demon automatically.

“Id have to leave the burden here to you guys.”

If he found a clue, he would notify the others.

If he didnt find anything, he would return to the Astro Mountains Starry Sea.

Here, the actual war was going to happen.

If the Incongruence Divine Mother or the god of killing – Suo Mingzhang, were to appear, a fierce battle would happen, and their life would thus be filled with uncertainties.

None of the Demon Race experts present might know of how strong the Incongruence Divine Mother was.

However, the White Deer Demon was the one with the most in-depth understanding of Suo Mingzhangs strength.

As such, although he was reluctant to leave this place after taking guard of this area for so long, the White Deer Demon still decided to back out from this place with the duty as an excuse.

He didnt intend to cower away from the battle.

Instead, it was merely distributing troops into two different paths.

After everything ends, he would have his portion of spoils of war as well.

“Then well have to burden you with that task,” said the Profound Rime Fairy with a faint smile.

The others also said, “Well have to burden you with it.”

The White Deer Demon instantly turned around and left, disappearing by the boundless void.

“Let us take action as well,” said Fuluo Zi.

“Even if the news source from the White Deer Demon indicates that a huge problem would befall upon us, we still have many people secretly holding the line.

It wont be hard for us to leave quickly.”

The Hundred Eyed Demon Lord said, “What Daoist Fuluo said is right.

I shall take my leave now.”

He turned his head to look at the Dragon King Huanchen.

Although their personalities werent compatible with each other, he still said, “Please do assist me.”

“Youre too courteous.

Please,” said the Dragon King Huanchen as he nodded.

The Hundred Eyed Demon Lord immediately walked towards the Dao universe.

Dragon King Huanchen brought along a billow of colorful clouds beside him.

His dragon disciples and troops followed along.

They hid within the colorful clouds and entered the Dao universe.

As the crowd of Great Demons rampaged within the universe, their demonic aura surged towards the skies.

They traversed through fabrics of space and arrived near where the Roving Jade Heavens was located.

Under the intrusion of the mighty aura, the entire Roving Jade Heavens seemed to be vibrating.

The sharp qi leaked by the Green Duckweed Mountain became even sharper.

The entire Roving Jade Heavens spatial boundary seemed to have transformed into the edge of a sword and continuously expanded towards the outer cosmos.

“Daoist Chuan Hes disciples, come out!” The Hundred Eyed Demon Lord ignored it, and his gaze was filled with disdain, “Daoist Chuan He, in the past, you killed my disciple.

Today, I shall take revenge on your disciples as well.”

His voice transformed into a visible yellow halo and came crashing towards the Roving Jade Heavens.

It crushed the boundary of the Roving Jade Heavens, causing dense sword qis to appear.

Within the Roving Jade Heavens Green Duckweed Mountain, the Vine Sovereign had come out of her cave manor.

Beneath her feet, a vast formation expanded.

With the Green Duckweed Mountain as its center, it spanned across hundreds of millions of miles, enveloping the entire Nine Regions of the Roving Jade Heavens.

An air column arose from the Green Duckweed Mountains prominent peak.

It was like a pillar that supported the skies and was also as sharp as a blade.

The air column shot towards the sky.

An even mightier sword qi arose from the Roving Jade Heavens spatial boundaries to fend off outsiders invasion.

The Vine Sovereigns expression turned serious.

Her opponent had merely spoken and used the sonorous voice of the great dao.

He had yet to take any action.

Yan Zhaoges North Ocean Clone had already returned to the Green Duckweed Mountain.

He frowned and looked towards the sky, “Demon Race”

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