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Within his fanatical laughter, hints of anger and sadness could be heard.

Being in such an environment, the monkeys fanatical laughter made their scalps tingle.

Although Yan Zhaoge was a little surprised, it was exactly how he expected it to be.

If one were to compare to the types of contradicting mental state, the latter would be much more possible.

Previously, the monkey didnt know which bigwig experts had already transcended.

Yan Zhaoge had only mentioned the Middle eras Mystical Mountains Tathagata Buddhas transcendence.

The monkey was revealing a secret.

The Ancient eras Daoist Zhunti was the Middle era central Blessed Lands of Sahas master.

He was the Mystical Mountains Tathagata Buddha – Gautama Buddha!


The rageous roar engraved within space resounded once again.

Assuming this monkey here had never bowed his head down to Buddhism and was being suppressed here the entire time.

Then, the Buddhist monk Sanzang couldnt possibly be his master at all.

Only one of such existence existed.

That would be the one who thought the Great Sage Equalling Heaven – Sun Wukong, the legendary Grand Master Bodhi.

From ancient times until now, the most popular rumor regarding the Spiritual Mountain of Mind and Hearts Cave of Slanting Moon and Three Stars Grand Master Bodhi was that he was the manifestation of the Ancient eras Western Second Patriarch – Daoist Zhunti.

After the ancient era, Daoist Zhunti barely appears anymore, and thus his whereabouts were unknown.

Compared to what the Great Sage Equalling Heaven had said, Daoist Zhunti was undoubtedly his master – the Grand Master Bodhi.

Grand Master Bodhi, who taught him the cultivation methods, was the Tathagata Buddha that suppressed him here!

The monkeys current emotions were extremely complex.

Other than rage and unresigness, disappointment and sadness were contained within.

“So this is why he insisted that the Tathagata Buddha was a liar.

He was lying to the monkey from the start.” Feng Yunsheng sighed, and she started feeling down.

Yan Zhaoge gently grabbed her hand and shook his head, “The one that lost was the Eastern Sovereign.”

Maybe, this was the true reason why Sun Wukong was sad.

The precious stone lands its possessor in jail [1].

As a manifestation of the Earthly Essence Stone, he could break through the Humanly Essence Stones bizarreness.

This was something he was born with, and such was his fate.

Since the Eastern Sovereign used the Humanly Essence Stone to lay down the formation, the Buddhists would require the Earthly Essence Stone to break through the formation.

As such, Daoist Zhunti, who transformed into the Mystical Mountains Tathagata Buddha, transformed once more into Grand Master Bodhi and secretly took Sun Wukong in as his disciple.

Unfortunately, the Great Sage Equalling Heaven had no intention of converting to Buddhism.

Although the monkey was indebted to Grand Master Subuthi, breaking through the formation to obtain the Humanly Essence Stones fragments would imply that he would fight against his old friends.

Regardless of which side Sun Wukong was standing on, he wouldnt be able to accept such an outcome.

As far as Yan Zhaoge knew, some legends from the Journey to the West era differed from how the novel described in his memories.

The most notable among them was that the Traveling Monk Sun had killed off other Great Demons of the Seven Great Sages!

The Great Sage who Pacifies Heavens – Bull Demon King, was already lucky enough to have his life spared.

The Great Sage Equal of Havens had been suppressed here the entire time and was isolated from the outside world.

As such, his knowledge of the outside world was limited.

However, as long as he thought about the possibilities that might happen during the pilgrimage, he would become furious and angry, causing him to go mad.

Unfortunately, most of his guesses had turned true.

Although not all of the Demon Races Great Sages had perished, a majority of them didnt manage to survive.

According to Yan Zhaoges guess, the Eastern Sovereign should have been paying attention to the Earthly Essence Stone in the past.

Unfortunately, the Tathagata Buddha managed to beat him to it.

With this, other than the Human Race, all other ancient races had indeed suffered.

Meanwhile, the central Blessed Lands of Saha flourished because of this, and Buddhism teachings thrived.

Then, the Tathagata Buddha successfully transcended, allowing Buddhism to experience an absolute victory.

Fortunately, the Eastern Sovereign was decisive enough.

He led various other races to retreat to the Astro Mountains Starry Seas and isolated themselves from the world.

After years of recuperation, the Demon Race finally recovered their vitality.

As such, they emerged once more during recent years, in an attempt to fight for their destiny once more.

Only that, the Great Sage Equalling Heaven in the past, was still being suppressed here.

“Great Sage, please be at rest.” Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng sighed.

They couldnt think of any ways to console Sun Wukong.

Any sorts of condolence would sound too fake.

“The seal here is too strong for us to break apart.” After contemplating for a while, he said, “How about I try to report your condition to the Eastern Sovereign”

Having said that, it would be hard to predict the outcome.

Yan Zhaoge wasnt sure if the Eastern Sovereign was aware that the Great Sage Equalling Heaven was being suppressed here.

If he were to guess, Dong Huang probably knew of it.

However, even if Dong Huang knew, whether he would release the monkey was uncertain.

After all, this seal was left behind by the Tathagata Buddha, who had already transcended since long ago.

Although they were opponents in the past, the Tathagata Buddha had already transcended.

Since the matters were already bygones, no one would be willing to provoke the Tathagata Buddha until he re-descends upon the world.

Being able to let go and moving forward would be the logical way of doing things.

Currently, his opponent was already someone different.

Just like how everyone views the Supreme Elder Lord now.

Although the Supreme Elder Lord was unpredictable, he could possibly not care about Daoism anymore, just like what he did before the Great Calamity.

If one wasnt forced to, or if the benefits outweigh the risks, no one would massacre the entire Daoism lineage.

At most, they would only suppress and limit the Daoisms movements.

In the past, when the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace had gone through the Great Calamity, the main reason why the Three Clear Lineage had experienced such troubles was because of the internal disorders happening within Daoism itself.

Yan Zhaoge deeply suspected that the internal disorder was instigated by other forces as well.

However, these forces remained by the sidelines and didnt join forces to destroy Daoism.

While they seemed like they were wasting some unnecessary efforts, they were wary of the Three Clear Grand Masters that had already transcended.

Especially when the Supreme Elder Lord was still around.

Only, the Elder Lords thoughts were too unpredictable.

Similarly, one wouldnt know if the Tathagata Buddha would be angered if the Great Sage Equalling Heaven was released.

“No need.” The monkeys eyes burned, “After so many years, Ive come up with my plans.

Only, there are some difficulties in executing it.”

“If you truly want to help me, you only have to find me some helpers.”

“It cant be the two of you.

They must be of the Demon Race.

Even if its someone of the Human Race, they would need to possess the Yin Yang Earthly Spirit.”

Yan Zhaoge raised his eyebrows slightly.

Sun Wukong was very clever.

Upon seeing Yan Zhaoges looks, he smiled, “Do you think that Im looking for a scapegoat Youre underestimating me too much.”

“Please explain, Great Sage.” Yan Zhaoge cupped his hands.

“Indeed, Id like to borrow their bodies.

However, not only would they not suffer, Id even grant them a huge opportunity.” Monkey Suns eyes were blazing, “Ill transfer my cultivation to them!”

“Theyll obtain a huge amount of benefits while Ill regain freedom!”

The Great Sage Equalling Heaven raised his head, “That old man Tathagata had taught me in the past.

Now, Im going to cut off all the teachings he had taught me!”

“Theres no need to fear restarting all over again, even if it takes up to a thousand years, ten thousand years, a hundred thousand years, or even ten million years!”

“I would transcend and find that master of mine!”

[1] A person will get into trouble for merely possessing something precious due to other peoples greed.

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