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Chapter 1403: Immortal Bewitching Pil, Secluded Immortal Mantra

The layers of water screens crumbled together and fused with the entire Starry River Tributary.

At this moment, the majestic Starry River Tributary turned completely dark yellow.

Atop the dark yellow river, chilly winds blew, while black mists shrouded the area.

Even the lusters released by the undulated water surface were shrouded away, with no traces to be seen.

Li Xingba and the Crane Race Small Saint were being swept by the dark yellow river waters, being blown by the chilly winds, and were shrouded by the dark mists.

They could feel their mind going blank as if they were currently drunk.

To the two Grand Virtual Immortals that had come in contact with the essence of the great dao, such a situation was undoubtedly abnormal for them.

However, it truly happened at this moment.

As the chilly winds blew, the sonorous voice of the great dao seemed to have been muffled and was covered away by the sounds of winds.

After being blown by the chilly winds and being shrouded by the dark mists, the two felt a sense of dizziness and had a sudden urge to enter their slumber.

“Nine Bends Yellow River Formation!” Li Xingba stared in disbelief and couldnt help but gasp in surprise.

He had acquired dao during the Ancient Investitures of the Gods era and had attended the Prime Clears lectures before.

How could he be oblivious of the Prime Clear bigwig – Ladies of the Three Skies Nine Bends Yellow River Formation, whose name was renowned throughout history

However, he was even more shocked precisely because of this.

Compared to others, he was even more familiar with this paramountly ruthless formation.

After seeing the runes that appeared by the dark yellow river waters, Li Xingbas entire face turned black, “Secluded Immortal Mantra!”

The legendary Nine Bends Yellow River Formation contained miraculous effects of the heavens and earth.

It contained the Immortal Bewitching Pill and the Secluded Immortal Mantra, being able to dwindle the minds of Immortals and disperse their souls, trap their forms, damage their qi, dispel their cores and harm their bodies.

The formation manifested the wonders of all creation, unraveling all those almighty immortals.

Among them, the Secluded Immortal Mantra and the Immortal Bewitching Pill were the core, and it was practically impossible for outsiders to replicate them.

Only the Immortals that received the Three Immortal Islands heritage were able to refine them.

In the past, Yan Zhaoge wasnt able to refine the Immortal Bewitching Pill, nor was he able to inscribe the Secluded Immortal Mantra within the World beyond Worlds due to how low his cultivation was.

He was only able to create the outline using the environment to his advantage when laying down the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation.

Now, he had already pushed open the Immortal Door and achieved an Immortals physique.

All sorts of qualifications had already been met.

At this moment, although the Starry River Tributarys momentum wasnt as tremendous as an actual Starry River, it was vastly more robust than the mortal realms water veins.

When Yan Zhaoge stepped into this Starry River Tributary, before he started locating the Bright Connection Emperors burial spot, he purposely halted for some time to insert the runes released by the Secluded Immortal Mantra within the rivers waters as a means of preparation.

Before Feng Yunsheng and he entered, this place had already become Yan Zhaoges playground!

Although he hadnt noticed his enemys traces during that time, Yan Zhaoge didnt mind making some preparations beforehand to prevent things from going haywire.

Unfortunately, Chen Qianhuas original body didnt enter the Starry River Tributary.

Otherwise, no matter how many Phantom Mirage Pearl he possessed, Yan Zhaoge could drown him within the Starry Rivers waters.

Chen Qianhua managed to dodge the bullet, but Li Xingba was unable to do so.

Placed within the colossal formation, Yan Zhaoge sat in a lotus position.

He manifested a hand seal with one hand, while his other hand held a vermillion red pill.

Within the pill, black mists gushed out from within and fused with the river water.

With the Profound Sky Purple Golden Furnace and the remaining medicines and treasures stored within the Pill Hall in his possession, Yan Zhaoge didnt waste his time and managed to refine his Immortal Bewitching Pill.

The Nine Bends Yellow River Formation finally managed to display its accurate usage!

His opponent was a Virtual Immortal, after all.

The disparity of cultivation between the two was far too massive.

He didnt possess the Chaotic Origin Golden Cup after all.

He still had to consider how to entrap Li Xingba and the Crane Race Small Saint within the formation.

However, since his opponents were currently situated within the Starry River Tributary, they were trapped within the formation the instant it was laid down.

With the last problem settled, everything was done according to Yan Zhaoges will.

Under the sudden operation of the vast formation, a queer yet absolute all-encompassing power hit the two in an attempt to devour them.

“Is he related to the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace, just like that Gao Han” Li Xingba swore within his heart, “Otherwise, hows he able to get his hands on the Nine Bends Yellow River Formations array pattern”

The Crane Race Small Saint possessed exceptional senses as well.

He recognized the mightiness of said formation and looked towards Li Xingba in anger, “Nine Bends Yellow River Formation! Why havent I heard of this before”

“Lets think of a way to get out first.” Li Xingba was exasperated.

He lifted his Earth Splitting Pearl and attempted to dash out of the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation.

However, how could one easily dash out from the majestic water dimension formed by the Starry River Tributary

As the chilly winds howled, and the dark mists surged, Li Xingbas strength continued to weaken, and his intelligence was slowly being sealed away.

Fortunately, the stars were still undulating by the river.

Despite being affected by the formation, they were always moving around.

Relying on the faint starlights, Li Xingba and the Crane Demon vaguely managed to differentiate their directions by stumbling around.

Unfortunately, under Yan Zhaoges control, the waters momentum changed, and space convoluted, preventing the two from dashing out of the formation.

Under the fritter of the Nine Bends Yellow River Formation, the brilliance atop Li Xingbas head turned dim and thoroughly disappeared.

He was anxious, afraid, and angry.

He was filled with rage, yet he was unable to do anything.

The Crane Demon was in the same situation as well.

Through the formations powers, his Immortal physique and his soul were being damaged as well.

He furiously said, “What should we do If this goes on, things will turn for the worse.

If we fall into slumber just like this, our thousand years of cultivation will go to waste!”

“Hes merely a True Immortal.

Even if he can lay down formations, its not so simple when dealing with two Virtual Immortals.” Li Xingba forcefully calmed himself down, “Lets continue circling the formation.

If we cant get out, well only end up perishing here.”

“Only by breaking the formations core would we have the chance to turn the tables around.

At the very least, we would still be able to escape.”

Li Xingba pointed towards the glittering starlights by the dark yellow rivers waters, “Lets advance according to the starlights.

The starlights are constantly changing, and were unable to exit the formation.

However, if we specifically find a spot where no starlights are located or are unable to near it, thatll be the core of the formation.

That little brat should be there as well!”

The two clenched their teeth and forcefully withstood the weakening effect brought about by the Nine Bends Yellow Rivers chilly winds and black mists.

They didnt attempt to walk out of the formation anymore and instead rushed towards where the formations core was located.

In the past, when Yan Zhaoge laid down this formation for the first time in the World beyond Worlds, his enemies who were entrapped within this formation used the same method, which allowed them to survive.

The two activated their Immortal Essence and Demonic Essence to ensure the cleanliness of their state of mind.

Then, they followed the starlight directions and finally reached where the formations core was located.

Yan Zhaoges figure reappeared within their sight.

However, before they could rejoice, Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “Youve arrived at the right time.”

Then, he raised both of his hands.

Both hands were pinching onto a vermillion red Immortal Bewitching Pill.

As Yan Zhaoge raised his hands, the two vermillion red pills flew out from his grasp and were enveloped by the vast, chilly winds and black mists.

The roving dark yellow river was carried by and instantly crashed unto Li Xingba and the Crane Demons head!

The two Virtual Immortals were caught by surprise, and they both fell backward.

While they remained confused, Li Xingba felt that his Immortal Essence had leaked out.

Then, they started dissipating in the form of Immortal Aura.

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