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Yan Di opened up the path ahead, while Feng Yunsheng settled with the enemies tailing them.

Gao Qingxuan was rid of her worries with them, and she could focus on maneuvering the sword-light.

By casting the Immortal Trapping Sword along with her clone and working together with the divine vessel, almost no one among the Grand Virtual Realm could match its speed.

The dark-red sword soared through the cosmos, breaking through hurdles after hurdles, leaving all their foes behind.

The group of Great Devils was unable to do anything to hold them back.

Even if they besieged the sword-light, the sword-light would always break through them.

This matter was related to the Earth Devils reincarnation, and the Infernal Devils werent willing to give up just like that.

Even if they were thrown behind, they continued to regroup, reposition themselves, and continue besieging the sword-light.

Most importantly, a group of Buddhism bigwigs and Demon Race experts had entered the fray, imposing further pressure upon Yan Zhaoges group.

Just like what happened when the Water Devil was reincarnating, the Buddhists and Demons merely wanted to massacre the Great Devils reincarnation physiques.

At the same time, they wanted to capture Yan Zhaoges group as well!

Contrary to when they were suppressing the Water Devil, Yan Zhaoge and the others had to find a way to escape from the Nine Underworlds, no matter if they failed or succeeded.

If they managed to flee, the Devils would face insurmountable difficulties locating the Awakened Sky Cosmos.

As such, the Buddhists and Demons were also attempting to besiege the dark-red sword.

However, they didnt consider themselves to have allied with each other.

After all, the Western Pure Lands and the Demon Race had many sorts of conflicts against each other.

While the three sides were all hunting down the Daoisms successors, they merely prioritized their own factions benefits.

Their movements werent in sync at all.

It was already surprising for the three not to have clashed against each other.

However, with this, the number of people besieging Yan Zhaoges group grew larger and larger.

Suddenly, a golden light flashed across everyone.

Using the moment others slowed the sword-light down, the golden light came closer to the dark-red sword-light.

The figure of a middle-aged Daoist emerged from the golden light.

He was the Roc of Thousand Cloudy Miles son, a Demon Race Small Saint – Fuluo Zi.

His speed was considered one of the quickest among all the Grand Virtual Realm experts.

When Yan Zhaoges group broke through others hurdle, and their speed slowed down a little, Fuluo Zi had already chased up to them.

He didnt instantly attack the vessel.

Instead, his golden wings flapped about, sending waves of thunderstorms resembling golden lights towards the dark-red sword.

Dark saber-light arose from the hilt, causing meteor shower-like attacks to descend upon the Great Roc.

Fuluo Zis gaze turned cold, and he retained his composed self.

He first ensured that he wouldnt be thrown behind and finally used the attrition battle technique to hold Yan Zhaoges group back.

Simultaneously, the other experts who entered the fray hurled their ranged attacks to the side of the dark-red sword-light.

Both the dark-red sword and Fuluo Zis flying speed were rapid.

While many others had already predicted the colossal swords estimated location, their attacks still missed completely.

When the horrifyingly destructive attacks arrived, the sword-light had already left the spot long ago.

However, since so many people attacked, a few among the densely-packed attacks managed to hit the dark-red sword-light.

Since their foes hastily attacked, the might contained within was bound to be limited.

However, those that could strike the dark-red sword-light were all in the Grand Virtual Realm, who had already achieved the Five Qis Unification.

Any one of their casual attacks was already capable of forcing Profound Immortals into submission.

Every time the enormous dark-red sword was attacked, it would tremble slightly in mid-air.

Yan Di and Feng Yunsheng both stood on opposite ends.

The former was responsible for breaking through the enemys hurdles, while the latter was responsible for dealing with Fuluo Zi, who was hunting them down.

At this moment, none of them could divert their attention to those waves of attacks.

Being affected by this, the sword-lights soaring speed slowed down slightly.

Their enemies became overjoyed and continued putting more effort into their attacks.

Suddenly, a layer of glimmering white light appeared by the dark-red sword-lights surface, circulating dimly by the sword.

The external attacks were all dissolved by the white light, causing little influence unto the sword-light itself.

Beneath the sword-light, Gao Qingxuan and her clone remained standing on their original location, while Long Xingquan sat in a cross-legged manner by the deck.

In front, a longsword was pierced into the deck.

The Exalted Lunar Luminary – Ling Qing stood beside him.

She just came out from the vessels cabin and helped Feng Yunsheng, Yan Di, and Gao Qingxuan shoulder a part of their pressure.

With Ling Qings assistance, the vast dark-red sword accelerated once again.

However, other than Fuluo Zi, the smog-like Devil Monarch reappeared by everyones sight.

He was gradually chasing up to the vessel.

Being chased after by two opponents possessing such speed would undoubtedly place them in a disadvantageous situation.

However, just as the Devil Monarch was about to get close, the soaring dark-red sword-light suddenly changed its direction!

Gao Qingxuan and her clone executed their attacks together, bending yin and yang into reverse.

As the dark-red sword-light flickered, it suddenly slashed towards Fuluo Zi, who was tightly chasing after it!

There wasnt any direction when soaring through the void or when leaping through different planes of space.

However, Fuluo Zi had been studying the intricacies happening when the void transforms.

While chasing after the dark-red sword by the void, he turned the twos brawl into a straight line.

However, the straight line in his sight underwent an abrupt change.

The sword-lights tail suddenly turned around and came piercing towards him.

While Fuluo Zi was startled, he didnt panic.

He wasnt just proficient in speed alone.

Even among the Demon Race Grand Virtual Realm experts, he was among the more outstanding individuals.

All of a sudden, purple, white, black, and red brilliance rays radiated from the swords edge, bringing about an unstoppable momentum!

Fuluo Zis expression changed slightly.

Knowing that he was unable to withstand it, he could only avoid the attack.

The sword-light passed through Fuluo Zi and instantly dashed away from the besiegement before the smog-like Devil Monarch arrived.

Others ranged attacks had utterly missed the sword-light.

“Continue chasing them.

If this continues, their space of movement would only lessen over time.” Fuluo Zis expression turned calm.

He flapped his Great Roc wings and continued chasing after the dark-red sword once again.

Other experts did the same actions as him.

However, the Nine Underworlds Devils had become even more anxious.

The Demons and Buddhists werent only targeting the reincarnating Earth Devil alone.

Yan Zhaoges group was also listed among their capture list.

However, to the Nine Underworlds Infernal Devils, being unable to settle the score quickly would result in the Earth Devils reincarnations failure!

Currently, they could already feel the Earth Devils aura weakening to the state of being unstabilized.

Yue Zhenbei, Long Xingquan, and Daoist Cloud Conquest had already left the cabin and ascended to the deck to assist Feng Yunsheng, Yan Di, and Gao Qingxuan in fending off their foes.

Yan Zhaoge remained by the cabin alone.

His hand signs continued changing, continuously manifesting one rune after another, which all landed upon the massive tree in front of him.

The trees lush green had already disappeared, being replaced by a tree close to withering.

However, the ritual used to suppress the Earth Devils reincarnation was close to its end.

Shi Jun and the others had a considerable chance of success now.

However, right at that moment, the lightning mirror hovering by the deck trembled slightly and turned dim!

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