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“You mustnt fight any longer,” said Nie Jingshen softly.

Yu Ye widened her eyes and smiled faintly, “Im fine.”

Nie Jingshen checked her condition.

His expression turned more solemn, “Besides, your body isnt capable of traversing through the boundaries of space any longer.

We cant use the spatial distortion to escape any longer.”

“Without the Lord of Plentiful Treasures sword sheath, senior apprentice-uncle Zhang wont find us so easily,” said Yu Ye with a weak tone.

Nie Jingshen asked her to shut her eyes and focus on recovery.

Then, he brought her along with him, “If thats the case, let us find a place to hide.

Well leave clues behind and await junior apprentice-brother Yan, master, Senior Gao, and the others to locate us.”

After leaving behind some special marks, he traversed through the vast void along with Yu Ye a little longer.

Finally, he came across a plateau of meteorites and decided to hide there.

However, before they managed to regain their sense of relief, Nie Jingshens expression changed.

He could feel someone else closing in.

The opponents cultivation wasnt as high as Zhang Buxu.

As such, Nie Jingshen didnt plan on attacking at all.

However, after the newcomer arrived, he started searching the surrounding nebula.

Nie Jingshen decisively chose to attack.

There were two True Immortal Realm Immortal Court experts!

Despite being extremely fatigued, two here heretic True Immortals still wouldnt be capable of contending against him.

One was killed on the spot, while the other was captured.

Utilizing the profundities of the Faceless Devilish Scripture taught by Yan Zhaoge, Nie Jingshen wasnt worried about the treasure lights leakage upon death, which would expose the locations of Yu Ye and him.

Upon capturing his target, his opponent was already boasting about the Immortal Court Heavenly Monarch nearby without the need to interrogate.

Moreover, with how many experts were around, Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye would have no chance of escaping.

They were initially here for Zhang Buxu.

Of course, if they could capture Yu Ye or illuminate Nie Jingshen, it would undoubtedly grant them colossal benefits.

“Zhang Buxu is alone.

Even if hes strong, he cant possibly scan through the broad universe within such a short amount of time.” Nie Jingshens expression turned solemn, “However, while these accursed heretics are weak, they surpass us in terms of number.

If they expanded their search force, we wont have an easy time hiding any longer.”

They could repeat what they did and kill the heretics that discovered them.”

However, the heretics kept in contact with each other.

If someone became unresponsive, it would gain traction, causing the heretics to search through the disappeared individuals surroundings.

With this, remaining in one hiding spot was out of the question.

After all, the Immortal Court had a Grand Virtual Immortal in the lead of the search.

Moreover, there would be Profound Immortal Sovereigns joining this action.

The two were heavily wounded and werent in a condition to fight against others any longer.

Moreover, Zhang Buxu was still aside, coveting after them.

Although the Immortal Court was also hunting him down, he could escape the heretics hunt with much more ease than Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye.

Being unable to do anything else, Nie Jingshen could only continue traversing together with Yu Ye, evading the Immortal Court and Zhang Buxus pursuit.

The number of Immortal Court troops was of abundance.

The continuous pursuit heavily restricted the twos movement space, reducing possible paths of advancement.

After continuing on for a long while, Nie Jingshen suddenly frowned.

He stared into the distance, where the void seemed abnormal.

The cosmic void was dark to begin with.

While that direction was also dark, it gave off more of a murky feeling.

The murkiness gave someone the feeling of repulsive filth.

“… The land of tranquil streams.” Nie Jingshen frowned.

Not long ago, he was fighting against the Nine Underworlds Great Devils.

Yet, right now, he was about to enter the Nine Underworlds territory.

Being within the Nine Underworlds devilish domain was beneficial in hiding himself.

If they were in the Nine Underworlds, Zhang Buxu and those of the Immortal Court would have a much harder time searching for them.

However, if possible, Nie Jingshen didnt intend on entering the Nine Underworlds.

With how heavily injured Yu Ye was, she definitely shouldnt move around in the Nine Underworlds.

Her mentality was resolute, and she wasnt afraid of the Infernal Devils corrosion.

However, if the devilish qi were to contaminate her wounds, she would have a much harder time recovering.

Nie Jingshen looked back and sensed the presence of an expert by the distant dark void.

He shook his head and moved around the border of the land of tranquil streams along with Yu Ye.

Right now, they only hope for Yan Zhaoge and the others to quickly locate him and discover the mark left behind by them before their enemies captured them.

Indeed, someone had discovered the mark left behind by Nie Jingshen.

He wore a daoist robe but didnt tie his hair.

He was a teenage daoist whose hair was draping down.

Within the void, his hair flutters.

Rays of sword-lights remained undissipated after a long time, its traces embedded by the void.

Then, the sword-light sucked in the surrounding glittering starlights.

The starlights fused with the sword-light, causing distortion to the traces, forming a brand-new seal.

Upon seeing this, he tapped again, causing the seal to expand.

It transformed into a light screen, causing incantations to light up by the light screen, which served as a medium of delivering messages.

“The Lofty Sovereign… the heretics…” After scanning through it, the teenage daoists expression changed.

He quickly took out a talisman and prepared to kindle it.

However, before doing so, the teenage daoists actions stopped for a moment.

He looked at the talisman, with hints of hesitation flashing across his eyes.

After a moment of hesitation, while his movements were still sluggish, he still kindled the talisman.

The talisman lit up, causing green smokes to arise, which gradually solidified into shape.

The firelights reflected on his face, undulating between the state of brightness and darkness.

Before the green smoke took a solid form, he suddenly killed the fire burning the talisman.

The teenage daoist stared at the talisman and looked at the mark-formed light screen left behind by Nie Jingshen.

His sight bounced through the two, and he remained silent for a long time.

Finally, as his movement got slower and slower, the teenage daoists face was fixated on the light screen.

The radiance shone on his face, blurring his look, making one unable to discern his appearance.

The teenage daoist slowly kept the talisman, and extended his fingers.

When he was about to come in contact with the light screen, his fingers stopped momentarily.

After a short while, he extended his fingers again, touching the light screen.

The light screen converged, transforming back into a seal, and quietly hung by midair.

The teenage daoist softly waved his hand, causing a faint layer of mist to emerge, which proceeded to cover the seal.

He breathed out a long breath and turned around a little hurriedly.

Without even looking behind, he quickly left the area.

After advancing for a short while, his expression changed slightly, and he froze on the spot.

After a while, the teenage daoist finally moved once again.

He searched the nearby area for a while and uncovered another seal left behind by Nie Jingshen.

After a momentary silence, he reenacted what he previously did.

He unlocked the seal and enveloped it in a layer of thin mist.

After completing his action, he continued further without hesitation.

After searching through the surrounding area thoroughly, he discovered a few other seals and dealt with them one by one.

Upon feeling the presence of other experts closing in, the teenage daoist covered his tracks and didnt remain any longer, leaving the area silently.

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