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Previously, the Immortal Court was the one searching around, killing all orthodox Daoism martial art practitioners that were left alone.

Now, the two sides positions swapped.

Yan Zhaoge and the others started searching for the Immortal Court experts nearby.

This time, two Virtual Immortals of the Immortal Court were deployed.

However, one had already perished by Yan Zhaoges hand.

After the heretics got wind of it, most of them started playing more defensively.

They were already fighting against the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, to begin with, and couldnt afford to diversify their troops too much.

Now that they were suffering losses and couldnt take advantage of anyone any longer, they intended to retreat.

However, Yan Zhaoge and the others would naturally not let them go just like that.

They started pursuing and capturing all the Immortal Court experts they came across.

To their surprise, they found the whereabouts of the Viridescent Thunder Heavenly Monarch.

Viridescent Thunder Heavenly Monarch was fighting against someone else.

His opponent and him were in a stalemate, with the victor still undecided.

When Yan Zhaoge arrived, he saw the dense viridescent flashes of lightning blotting the skies, covering the boundless void with its presence.

Compared to the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor, who could create a world that enveloped numerous heavens and permeated the demeanor befitting of a lord of myriad flashes of lightning, the Viridescent Thunder Heavenly Monarch paled so much in comparison.

It was like comparing the light emitted by a firefly with the brilliance of the sun.

However, the sea of lightning spanned across the vast void.

As bolts of lightning continued exploding, it made one feel as if they were caught within a lightning purgatory, making ones heart shudder in fear.

Amidst the sea of lightning, two silhouettes could be seen continuously writhing about.

As Yan Zhaoge looked closely, he recognized the two to be of the Demon Race.

One of them seemed like a Red-Crowned Crane.

However, one of his legs was blue, and the surface of his body was filled with red spots.

Also, his long beak was white.

Red lights were radiating around this queer bird, yet no flames were to be seen.

The scorching temperature he released around him made one dubious, as if a calamity of fire was about to descend.

The scorching red lights continuously clashed against the surrounding thunders.

Its ferocity was on the same level as the lightning, causing them to enter a stalemate.

This was a divine bird species called “Bi Fang.”

The other Great Demon had the appearance of a wolf.

His upper torso resembled a canid, while the lower parts of his body resembled a human.

His entire body was covered in glistening black fur, while his eyeballs were blood-red.

Currently, he was spitting out dark gases from his mouth.

His Demonic qi wasnt as strong as the Bi Fang beside him.

Being surrounded by the viridescent lightning, he showed signs of faltering.

However, with the help of the Bi Fang, he held his ground for the meantime.

The two Great Demons cultivation were the equivalent of Daoisms Tranquil Profound Immortal Realm experts.

The Viridescent Thunder Heavenly Monarch oppressed his foes using his cultivations advantage and could attack and retreat as he willed.

However, the Bi Fang was extremely ruthless.

If his Demonic Aura could harm a Virtual Immortals Five Qis Unification physique, the Viridescent Thunder Heavenly Monarch would face serious trouble.

The Demon Race had always been assisting the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

When unintentionally encountering the Immortal Courts Viridescent Thunder Heavenly Monarch, the two sides instantly entered the state of battle.

As the two sides were fighting intensely, Yan Zhaoges sudden appearance caught them by surprise.

Without waiting for them to react, Yan Zhaoge immediately strode forward and joined the fray.

“Im merely here to find some heretic trash.

Those unrelated to this situation, scram.” Yan Zhaoge stared at the Viridescent Thunder Heavenly Monarch and said expressionlessly.

Although they were all targeting someone of the Immortal Court, the two Great Demons were enraged by Yan Zhaoges words that lacked courtesy.

However, when they saw how Yan Zhaoge Heaven Splitting Halberd shattered the sea of lightning apart, the curses that were about to escape their mouth did a U-turn and headed straight back to their hearts.

“Suit yourself.” The two Great Demons didnt say anything else.

They immediately escaped the battlefield and stayed far away from it.

Meanwhile, the Viridescent Thunder Heavenly Monarch scowled in his heart.

If he werent caught off guard by these two Great Demons, which wasted too much of his time, he wouldve left this universe long ago.

At the very least, Yan Zhaoge and the others wouldnt have caught up to him.

Now that they caught up, the Viridescent Thunder Heavenly Monarch could only welcome the incoming battle.

“You vile heretics are all the same.

Soon, you shall face heavens retribution!” He snorted coldly.

He transformed into lightning and enveloped himself within the bolts of viridescent lightning.

These bolts of viridescent lightning spread out toward all directions.

Yan Zhaoge coldly watched his actions.

Then, he raised his palms and clasped them together.

A thunder suddenly resounded within the surrounding void.

The surrounding universe started trembling as if amorphous bolts of lightning were scattered all around.

Then, they amalgamated together, trapping all the scattered viridescent lightning together in one spot.

“Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder” The viridescent lightning converged together, manifesting the silhouette of a daoist.

Under the basking radiance of the lightning, his expression seemed abhorrent.

Yan Zhaoges Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder exploded, instantly forcing him back to his original location.

Before the Viridescent Thunder Heavenly Monarch could say anything else, Yan Zhaoge had already reached the front of him.

With Yan Zhaoges palm lifted, it came crashing toward his head.

The horrifying momentum capable of overwhelming the world engulfed the surroundings, making the Viridescent Thunder Heavenly Monarch lose all hopes of escaping.

Although he was of the heretics, a heretic Virtual Immortal Realm wouldnt just be some random joe.

Facing Yan Zhaoges domineering Cyclic Heavenly Seal, the Viridescent Thunder Heavenly Monarch remained poised.

Viridescent lightning in the void coalesced toward him, forming a spear capable of piercing even the heavens.

Then, he shot it toward Yan Zhaoges palm.

Yan Zhaoge remained expressionless.

Like a divinity of yore, he lifted a divine mountain and threw it toward the Viridescent Thunder Heavenly Monarch.

From the Viridescent Thunder Heavenly Monarchs view, it seemed to have crushed through the skies, crushed through the earth, the universe, and even creation itself.

The Cyclic Heavenly Seal clashed against the lightning spear.

In that instant, the Cyclic Heavenly Seal stopped operating.

As for the lightning spear, it was obliterated instantly, ceasing to exist any longer.

After the brief pause, the Cyclic Heavenly Seal continued descending, crushing toward the Viridescent Thunder Heavenly Monarch!

The Viridescent Thunder Heavenly Monarch was aghast and quickly dodged aside.

However, even if the lightning spear managed to obstruct it for a moment, the Viridescent Thunder Heavenly Monarch still couldnt escape the crushing attack.

Yan Zhaoges Cyclic Heavenly Seal landed on the Viridescent Thunder Heavenly Monarchs shoulder, causing his entire body to shudder.

With the Five Qis Unifications protecting him, the Viridescent Thunder Heavenly Monarch wasnt injured.

However, at that moment, he felt as if boundless weight was being crushed upon him.

As if a pillar suddenly appeared in the universe, which served to support one side of the vast cosmos.

Yet, the other side was crushing unto him, rendering him unable to move.

Yan Zhaoge calmly stared at him as if he was already a dead man.

The Fallen Deity Sword befell upon him, instantly bringing the Viridescent Thunder Heavenly Monarch down to the Profound Immortal Realm.

The boundless strength that previously rendered him motionless instantly crushed him flat, causing blood to spew out from each and every pore of his!

“You vile heretic, you dare kill me” The Viridescent Thunder Heavenly Monarch was aghast when facing the Fallen Deity Sword.

“You had a part in hunting down senior apprentice-brother Nie and senior apprentice-sister Yu.

Once you did that, your fate of perishment had already been sealed.” Yan Zhaoge coldly said, “The He Mian that you forced into submission as well.”

The Viridescent Thunder Heavenly Monarch struggled to let out a weird smile, “When we encountered the two Demons, I stayed behind to stall them, while that He Mian had already returned to the Immortal Court.”

“You want to kill him If you dare, find him in the Immortal Court.

I guarantee that you wont ever return.”

“While you are strong, youre merely in the Tranquil Profound Immortal Realm.

What can you do While you can show off here, we have several other Heavenly Lords presiding over the grounds of our Immortal Court.

Lets see if you can still be as arrogant when youre there”

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