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The blue Buddha was naturally the Buddha of Sandalwood Merit.

He looked at the three Demon Monkeys and asked, “Is the Great Sage Equalling Heavens well”

As he spoke, radiances surged from his mouth, forming lotuses in mid-air.

The blooming of these lotuses presented a truly marvelous sight to behold.

Blossoming lotus flowers were spread throughout the air, obstructing the three Demon Monkeys paths.

The Golden Body of the Great Sage harnessed by the North Ocean Clone leaped first, attempting to leap through the sea of lotuses.

“If that is thy wish, relinquish thyself of such thoughts.

Desist from thy actions as once, and leave,” said the Buddha of Sandalwood Merit.

As the lotuses remained in the air, Yan Zhaoge realized that his Golden Body of the Great Sage was being obstructed by the lotuses, preventing him from nearing the Buddha of Sandalwood Merit.

The lotuses didnt just shift the veil of space itself.

Instead, it was more toward distorting a particular law within the world, which brought about such effects.

When he said “desist from thy actions,” it prevented Yan Zhaoge from continuing any further.

When he said “leave,” everyones field of vision was overwhelmed with the lotuses, which were about to hurl them back to the ground.

“Nice speech technique!” Yan Zhaoge praised.

Regarding the myths of the Middle Journey to the West era, the matter which deviated the most from his memories and impressions wasnt the Jade Eminent Emperors potentness.

After all, other than the movies, he had read other writers novels before.

The biggest difference was that this worlds “Monk Tang” – Banaka Sanzang, which was the Buddha of Sandalwood Merit before attaining enlightenment, wasnt as impotent as his impression made him out to be.

His strength and cultivation were, without a doubt, extremely vigorous.

It wasnt like those jokes where a muscular elder version of him would say, “Step back, Wukong.

Allow me to handle this.” However, being an Arhat, Banaka Sanzang was indeed the most outstanding talent among his peers.

The marvelousness of his Buddhist arts – the Tongue of Lotus, could easily slay Immortals and Devils.

They werent just humorous blabbers.

Instead, what was said would manifest into truths.

As he spoke, doctrines would follow suit, allowing him to kill his foes with words alone.

When facing an opponent of the same cultivation, his words were truly unrivaled.

“However, as the saying goes, someone proficient in swimming is still bound to drown if they get careless.

Be careful of sinking yourself into a purgatory of tongue-plucking.” The Demon Monkey harnessed by Yan Zhaoges North Ocean Clone bellowed, and his figure trembled incessantly.

His humongous demonic figure became ethereal, its exquisiteness being hard to describe.

It rendered him unable to be perceived through normal means.

The lotuses which intended to strike him down passed through his body and disintegrated.

The Demon Monkeys harnessed by Xu Fei, and Pan-Pan did the same.

As the three humongous monkeys continued leaping forward, they evaded the lotuses hindering their path.

However, at that moment, the Victorious Fighting Buddha attacked again.

While his vitality had yet to recover completely, he was still in the Grand Heavenly Realm, which implied that his attacks still carried overwhelming prowess.

During a one-on-one situation, he could suppress one of the Golden Body of the Great Sage in Yan Zhaoges group.

Moreover, he didnt need to face three enemies at once.

As long as he could interrupt the three monkeys and cause his foes attention to be disrupted, the Buddha of Sandalwood Merits abilities would become much more efficient.

The Great King of Inspiration was also assisting from aside.

At the same time, he also attempted to repair the destroyed ritual on the Immortal Courts territory, intending to thoroughly entrap Yan Zhaoge and the others using the territorial advantage.

In turn, it would cage Yan Zhaoges group at the Immortal Court.

Rays of jade radiances arose once again, taking the form of a cage.

The Demon Monkeys movements slowed down a little.

The Victorious Fighting Buddha then took the chance to wrap his arms around the three Demon Monkeys at the same time.

The Buddha of Sandalwood Merit whispered, “Cease thy movements.”

As his words came out, lotus flowers wreathed around them, causing the three Demon Monkeys weight to become heavier and heavier, as if shackles of insurmountable mass were being bound unto them.




The three Demon Monkeys yelled, with their eyes turning blood-red, causing Demonic qi to skyrocket.

The horrifying Demonic qi solidified, causing the originally humongous Demon Monkey to turn even larger.

It filled up the entire universe and sanctimoniously looked down upon the Immortal Territories.

The Victorious Fighting Buddha, the Buddha of Sandalwood Merit, and the Great King of Inspiration imprisoned them, not giving them a chance of escaping.

Ultimately, there were two Grand Heavenly Realm Buddhas present and the Great King of Inspiration, who was utilizing the territorial advantage of the Immortal Court.

With the three working together, even with the three Golden Bodies of the Great Sage, they were still unable to escape.

However, with the three Demon Monkeys fierce struggle, the shackles became a lot looser.

At that moment, the Golden Body of the Great Sage protecting Yan Zhaoge suddenly extended his finger and pointed it to the air.

Then, the intangible grand commencement of early heavens prana from the primordial gulf shot out from Yan Zhaoges fingertip.

This Grand Commencement One Prana shot out from the mouth of the Demon Monkey harnessed by the North Ocean Clone.

It separated into three within the void, forming three Clear Qis.

Then, just as he was about to move, the entire world underwent a drastic change!

At this very moment, the Immortal Courts exquisite realm brimming with profound etherealness seemed to have turned flat.

The divine palace so high up in the skies seemed to have plunged to the Immortal Territories, with no difference in altitude to be seen.

This situation only occurred because an existence even more exquisite had appeared.

As a result, the entire Immortal Court seemed to have transformed into specks of dust lying on the ground.

A quaint Immortal Door seemed to have opened atop the Immortal Courts boundaries, with jade radiances vaguely leaking from within.

Being tainted by this jade radiance, more radiances arose throughout the entire Immortal Court.

The commotion that the Great King of Inspiration had caused was but a mere speck of insignificant dust when compared to this.

At the same time, a white lotus bloomed out of nowhere.

While the Immortal Door wasnt affected, the jade radiances arising from the Immortal Courts territories disappeared.

On the other side of the sky, a green lotus appeared, which floated toward the Immortal Door and the white lotus.

Immediately, a melodious bell resounded, with an atavistic bronze bell appearing together with the green lotus.

The Immortal Door deterred the white lotus, while the bell deterred the green lotus.

Then, they all disappeared together.

With their disappearance, the phenomena returned to normal.

The divine palace was still as ethereal and mighty as ever and still resided above the skies.

It looked down upon the millions of Immortal Territories and the myriad of worlds.

Yan Zhaoges movements didnt stop either.

Three Clear Qis flew out, landing on all the Golden Bodies of the Great Sage.

When the Immortal Door, the green lotus, and the other objects appeared, the Buddha of Sandalwood Merit and the Victorious Fighting Buddha felt immense danger.

Just as they intended to make their moves, the Demonic qi permeating with gold radiances surged explosively once again!

An unprecedented surge!

Under the gold radiances engulfment, the three Demon Monkeys disappeared, replaced by a deafening roar!

The sound waves materialized, sweeping through the surroundings.

Its gallant demeanor was like waves, incessantly undulating.

With speed even the three Grand Heavenly Realm experts present couldnt react to, a furry hand which blotted the skies extended from the gold radiances with a “swoop!”

Fortunately, the Buddha of Sandalwood Merit and the Victorious Fighting Buddha had already been put on their guard.

They retreated backward, barely managing to evade this grab.

However, the Great King of Inspiration wasnt as lucky and was instantly grabbed by that humongous palm!

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