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Chapter 1529: Two Generations Of Sword Buddha

The Buddha sitting atop the white lotus wasnt like other Buddhism Buddhas, where their faces were enshrouded with treasured lights.

Instead, he seemed more like a normal middle-aged monk.

His expression was vivid, and he was only giving off the aura of a mortal.

No signs of his intelligence reaching perfection could be seen within his eyes either.

The non-existent myriad of laws made him seem tranquil and calm, yet countless emotions seemed to be contained within.

Currently, he was staring at the Immortal Trapping Sword and the Jade Cauldron Cultivated Deitys cadaver.

The most attention-grabbing part about him was the longsword behind his back.

His sharp sword-qi skyrocketed, enveloping the entire Jade Spring World within, even permeating through the faraway cosmic void.

The chilliness of the sword intent surpassed even the masterless Immortal Trapping Sword.

This Buddha was naturally the Sword Buddha.

Tong Xinlin and Daoist Qing Zhang had personally experienced the Sword Buddhas mightiness in the past.

While they couldnt perceive his appearance, they could still feel his majestic aura crushing the entire Jade Spring World.

However, right now, the Sword Buddhas aura was vastly different from two thousand years ago, based on their memories.

It was different from the stubborn Asura Realm filled with bellicose and different from the Infernal Realm, who only sought bloodshed and carnage.

In fact, no hints of Zen could be felt from the current Sword Buddha.

Rather than a Buddhism bigwig who had attained enlightenment, he seemed more like a Daoist Heavenly Lord who achieved the dao through his sword.

“Human Realm…” This thought flashed across the minds of those who had a little understanding of the Sword Buddha

The Sword Buddha sat atop the white lotus, and he extended his hand, intending to grab onto the Immortal Trapping Sword.

However, a substantial furry palm came slapping toward him, with the momentum capable of breaking the Sword Buddhas arms apart, preventing him from taking the sword away.

“Why is the Victorious Fighting Buddhas Demonic body here” A look of confusion appeared on the Sword Buddhas face, but he remained unfazed, not retreating in the slightest.

While one of his hands was still stretching forward, his other hand pulled out the sword from his back.

Then, terrifying radiances spanning across the sky came descending like a meteor shower, shooting straight toward the humongous Demon Monkey.

“Duo Flowers Converged Crowns thou may be, but thou remain inferior to the unparalleled mightiness of the Great Sage Equalling Heavens.” As the Sword Buddha spoke, the sword-lights were already descending.

The Demon Monkey bared his teeth below and said, “Youre merely a Three Flowers Converged Crown.

Stop deceiving yourself.”

The Demon Monkey lifted both his hands, causing gold radiances to converge in his palm.

They manifested into a Ru Yi Golden Cudgel, which then spun around like a wheel of fire.

As the ruthless golden cudgel spun about, it swept his surroundings, shattering all the sword-lights descending like meteors.

Then, his body flipped over, and he went hitting toward the Sword Buddhas arm, which was about to grab the sword.

The Sword Buddha continued his action, but his figure suddenly became erratic.

At this moment, he became a ubiquitous-like existence.

A sword appeared behind the Demon Monkey, pointing straight toward the back of his heart.

A sword appeared on Yan Zhaoge and the others heads as if heavenly retribution was descending.

A hand was flickering beside the Immortal Trapping Sword.

It instantly neared the sword and grabbed the sword in his hand.

The Sword Buddha, who appeared at the same time, materialized everything into reality, with none being an illusion.

This was the marvelousness of a Grand Heavenly Realm expert.

“Heed!” However, the Demon Monkey bellowed and somersaulted in mid-air.

Suddenly, countless Demon Monkey silhouettes seemed to have emerged from thin air!

The numbers of the Sword Buddha were equal to the numbers of the Demon Monkey.

The dazzling phenomena were so bizarre that Yan Zhaoge and the others felt they were in a dream.

In the next instant, both of their marvelousness disappeared entirely.

In mid-air, it was still a golden-furred colossal ape contending against a sword-wielding monk.

“Great Sage Equalling Heavens, as expected of the Great Sage Equalling Heavens.” The Sword Buddha let out a sigh, “Despite falling to the Grand Virtual Realm, the abundance of marvelousness during the Grand Heavenly Realm art still preserved.

At the very least, thou remain capable of unleashing them at will.”

Currently, he wasnt sitting on the lotus anymore and was instead standing up.

He wielded a sword in his hand, with winds blowing his grey monk garment, making him seem like a stylish swordmaster.

Yan Zhaoge appeared by the Golden Body of the Great Sages shoulder, “As expected of the Sword Buddha as well.

Despite being in the Human Realm, youre still among one of the most powerful individuals in the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.”

The Sword Buddha had transformed into the six paths of samsara.

His combat prowess would be the strongest in the Divine Realm, the Asura Realm, and Infernal Realm, and would become weaker in the Human Realm, the Animal Realm, and the Petra Realm.

However, even so, he was still among one of the strongest heretic Grand Heavenly Realm experts.

After all, before he joined the heretics and before he ascended to the Grand Heavenly Realm, he was also one of the strongest among the orthodox Buddhism as the Sword Bodhisattva.

When fighting against others in the same realm, he was a near-indomitable existence.

As an orthodox Buddhist in the past, how could he be weak

Unfortunately, he couldnt do anything against Yan Zhaoges Golden Body of the Great Sage.

A Golden Body of the Great Sage alone could badly beat up a heretic Grand Heavenly Immortal.

The Great King of Inspiration was a precedent.

If it werent for the Origin Heavenly Tribulations hindrance, he would have even been capable of killing the Great King of Inspiration.

As for the Victorious Fighting Buddha, he was able to oppress the Golden Body of the Great Sage despite being injured due to his exceptional combat prowess.

While the Sword buddha was strong, he was still a heretic.

No matter what, he wouldnt be as strong as the Victorious Fighting Buddha, who had attained Buddhism enlightenment.

“Who art thou” The Sword Buddhas gaze swept across Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di.

Yan Di wasnt together with Yan Zhaoge right now.

Instead, he was heading toward the deeper parts of the void, where dark-red sword-lights were intertwining.

The Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud unfolded as if it was calling for something.

Being pierced by the Sword Buddhas gaze, ripples appeared across the Grand Simplicity Splendour Cloud.

However, the Golden Body of the Great Sage shook slightly.

Gold radiances arose, which then blocked the Sword Buddhas gaze away, shielding Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di away from his chilly gaze.

Seeing this, the Sword Buddha frowned and retracted his attention.

Now, he turned to focus on Yan Zhaoge and the Golden Body of the Great Sage.

“I am Yan Zhaoge, and thats my father.” Yan Zhaoge peacefully answered, “My grandfather is Yan Xintang, and my grandmother is Di Qinglian.”

Hearing these two names, the Sword Budhas thick eyebrows frowned, with glints of frigidness being emitted from his gaze, “So, thou art their descendants.

If it werent for them, my thousand years wouldnt have been wasted.”

His tone was highly complex.

While emotions of admiration and remembrance could be heard, he was mostly filled with an insuppressible rage and even vengeance.

“If it werent for you, my grandparents wouldnt have perished,” said Yan Zhaoge coldly.

Sword Buddha slowly nodded, “Thou intend on keeping me here”

From the corner of his eyes, dark threads suddenly appeared from the void.

The dark threads intertwined together, forming a vast net that slowly blotted the void.

The sword intents of absolute annihilation were being emitted from within.

Gao Qingxuans silhouette could be vaguely seen from the sea of threads, with her wielding the Immortal Slaughtering Sword.

“Immortal Slaughtering…” The Sword Buddhas gaze fell onto the sword on Gao Qingxuans hand.

Then, he looked at the Immortal Trapping Sword so near to him, yet so out of reach, and shook his head, “Indeed, theres a possibility of slaying me.

However, ye all have no such chance today.”

He turned his head and looked into the distance, “Now, if our central Blessed Lands of Saha werent fighting against the Immortal Courts fiends, and I am in the Human Realm, my disciple will come looking for me.

After two thousand years, he should have become a Buddha as well.”

As if verifying his words, a ray of sword-light suddenly lit up from the void afar!

Within the sword-light, a white lotus was blooming.

A middle-aged man sat atop the white lotus.

Despite wearing a kasaya, his long hair still draped at his back.

A longsword was placed horizontally on the middle-aged mans knee.

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