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Watching Yan Zhaoge escape from the constraints of the mundane world, with the semblance of a Fallen Deity returning to the Nine Heavens, Qu Su, Wang Guan, and the Percussion Heavenly Lord frowned.

“This sword art…”

While these Grand Heavenly Realm experts were paying attention to Yan Zhaoges Fallen Deity Sword rather than the might it imposed, they pondered more about its influence.

The Fallen Deity Sword might be strong, but Yan Zhaoge was currently a Profound Immortal.

He couldnt possibly force them, who were beings in the Grand Heavenly Realm, into the descent.

He could only escape from the Sword Buddhas Human Realm due to the Sword Buddhas current unique condition.

To a certain extent, the Sword Buddhas Grand Heavenly Realm marvelousness was lost, while the Fallen Deity Sword countered the intricacies of the Sword Buddhas Human Realm.

This only allowed Yan Zhaoge to escape the confinement of the Human Realm.

In the end, he couldnt even harm the Sword Buddha.

Yan Zhaoge knew this better than anyone else.

As such, his goal had never been Qu Su, Wang Guan, or the others.

The sword-lights came roving down, heading toward the Jade Cauldron cadaver, which no one paid attention to!

Before his passing, the Jade Cauldron Cultivated Deity was one of the strongest sword cultivators in Daoism.

He could even be coined as that throughout history.

No matter if it was the Sword Buddha, Qu Su, or the others, they could tell that the Jade Clear bigwig of yore had already perished.

Even his cadaver never left behind anything noteworthy.

The Sword Buddha was sealed by the Jade Cauldron cadaver and the Immortal Trapping Sword because of Yan Xintang and Di Qinglians blood ritual.

While the Jade Cauldrons cadaver seemed to secretly contain its marvelousness, Qu Su, Wang Guan, and the others did not need to pay special attention to it.

Its importance and threat were far inferior compared to the Immortal Trapping Sword.

They were also watching out for Yan Zhaoge and the others actions, in case they intended on conducting another blood ritual.

However, Yan Zhaoge using the Fallen Deity Sword to slash toward the Jade Cauldron cadaver exceeded their expectations.

The Percussion Heavenly Lords palm strike seemed to be targeting Yan Zhaoge and the others.

However, deep down, he intended to attack the Sword Buddha and Qu Su as well.

His palm force converged and shot viciously toward Yan Zhaoge and the Jade Cauldron cadaver, which he never paid attention to previously.

Previously, he only intended to reap the benefits aside and intended to deal with Qu Su, the Sword Buddha, and Yan Zhaoges group together.

Now, he gave up on that idea ultimately.

Instead, he decided to deal with the matters that exceeded his expectations and control any variables beyond his control.

With the Percussion Heavenly Lords attack, the deafening sounds of drums resounded, causing horrifying mountainous pressure to descend upon Yan Zhaoge and the Jade Cauldron cadaver.

In almost an instant, Yan Zhaoge could feel his flow of breathing becoming stagnant, and his body that had just escaped from the Sword Buddhas Human Realm became numb again.

While the Percussion Heavenly Lord was a heretic Grand Heavenly Realm expert, and his strength was inferior to Qu Su, Wang Guan, and the Sword Buddha, he was still in the Grand Heavenly Realm.

He wasnt someone a mere Profound Immortal could contend against alone.

Before the two forces came in contact with each other, Yan Zhaoges sword-light heading toward the Jade Cauldron cadaver showed signs of dissipation.

Seeing this, Daoist Zhao Zhen laughed, “Ultimately, your end is no different from us!”

However, at that very moment, the colossal Demon Monkey enshrouded with the aura of mundaneness suddenly shrieked toward the sky.

Amidst his long shriek, his head tilted, causing a small cudgel to fly out of his ear.

The tiny cudgel grew instantly upon coming in contact with thin air and instantly transformed into a giant Ru Yi Golden Cudgel!

It wasnt an illusion created by his powers.

Instead, it was the bonafide Ru Yi Golden Cudgel!

After Yan Zhaoge caused havoc within the Immortal Court, and the three Golden Bodies of the Great Sages amalgamated together to form the Great Sage Equalling Heavens physique, the Victorious Fighting Buddha was forced to manifest its demonic form as well, using this cudgel to deal with his foes.

In the end, the Victorious Fighting Buddha and the Buddha of Sandalwood Merit succeeded in escaping.

However, this Ru Yi Golden Cudgel belonging to the Great Sage Equalling Heavens, crafted by the divine suppression iron, had fallen into Yan Zhaoges hands.

In his expedition this time, while only Pan-Pan accompanied Yan Zhaoge, the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel was still brought along by this Golden Body of the Great Sage.

The iron cudgels vicious aura skyrocketed, instantly shattering the skies apart.

The instant it entered Pan-Pans hands, boundless demonic qi surged, expanding endlessly throughout the entire area!

The demonic qis viciousness was far too oppressive and ruthless.

It became tangible and started shattering the mundane aura, causing the Sword Buddhas Human Realm to turn into a barren wasteland!

“Elongate! Elongate! Elongate!”

Under the Demon Monkeys rampageous roar, he wielded the cudgel with one hand, and his figure transformed into a towering figure which stood in front of the Percussion Heavenly Lord, hindering his path.

The Percussion Heavenly Lords palm struck unto the Demon Monkeys head.

The Demon Monkey merely shook his head as if he never felt damage at all.

He smirked toward the Percussion Heavenly Lord with his teeth wide open and lifted his cudgel, instantly slamming it onto him!

Wherever his iron cudgel passed through, the cosmic void collapsed.

Rays of radiances converged toward an end of the cudgel and moved forward along with its movement, seemingly forming a trail of the stellar river.

The Percussion Heavenly Lords figure was instantly shattered apart.

Just like a shattered mirror, the entire void became fragmented and started scattering everywhere.

Wang Guan let out a groan, and his figure shook, his face pale with no traces of blood to behold.

The Percussion Heavenly Lords figure reappeared on the other side.

He only managed to survive thanks to Wang Guan.

However, his entire body was now covered in scars.

Like shattered porcelain, his figure shook, seemingly on the brink of coming apart.

Qu Sus expression changed slightly, “The real Ru Yi Golden Cudgel! Why hath it fallen into thine possession”

Naturally, the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus understood the general situation during the Immortal Courts havoc.

They were even aware that Yan Zhaoge had three Golden Bodies of the Great Sage, who could be combined to manifest the Great Sage Equalling Heavens true form.

However, they werent aware of the minor details and were oblivious that the Victorious Fighting Buddha had lost the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel during that fight.

It was the weapon that the Great Sage Equalling Heavens used to triumph over the heavens that Traveling Monk Sun used during his pilgrimage to the west.

Like the Immortal Extermination Four Swords, it was a legendary weapon capable of injuring even Grand Heavenly Realm experts.

This weapon had caused the death of countless heavenly troops, generals, and Demon Race bigwigs in the past.

“If this item is brought here, does that mean that the matters regarding the Taiyi Nirvana Heavenly Lord were merely a deceit” Wang Guan shook his head and said to Qu Su, “Stop blabbering your useless worlds and try hindering him.

He can only withstand this for a few moments at most.”

As he spoke, a mirror appeared in Wang Guans hands, and mirror lights shot out from within, shining toward the Demon Monkey lifting the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel.

Seeing how his own master – the Sword Buddha was the main target of the Demon Monkey, Qu Su remained in his stance and slashed his sword.

Among the new generation born after the Great Calamity, the two most top-notch Grand Heavenly Realm experts of the heretics joined hands together for the very first time in their lives.

At the same time, the Sword Buddha mustered his courage and unleashed his Human Realm to the maximum.

The three Grand Heavenly Realm experts did not choose to clash against the Golden Body of the Great Sage wielding the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel.

Instead, they continued with their previous plan, using the Human Realms mundaneness to weaken their foes.

With this, they could prevent Feng Yunsheng and Gao Qingxuan from escaping.

They were already facing a significant risk with this Demon Monkey wielding the Ru Yi Golden Cudgel alone.

They had no way of dealing with more foes under such a situation.

They were mainly focused on delaying the fight.

Wang Guans judgment was indeed correct.

The Ru Yi Golden Cudgel usage will undoubtedly shorten the duration of Pan-Pans Golden Body of the Great Sage considerably.

Moreover, recovery of stamina was a slow process, so Pan-Pan had to remain cautious after using this ability.

As long as the few heretic experts persisted until Pan-Pan was worn out, they had a chance of making a comeback.

However, they couldnt pay any attention to Yan Zhaoge any longer.

Yan Zhaoge remained calm and disposed of Daoist Zhao Zhen and Yao Yuncheng first with one hand.

His other hand continued his previous action, with his Fallen Deity Sword slashing onto the Jade Cauldron cadaver.

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