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Chapter 1543: Broad Creed’s New Sect Leader


As Meng Wan looked into the distance, she saw a group of people dressed in the Broad Creed Mountain’s traditional garments ascending the Golden Court Mountain under the lead of the Golden Court Mountain’s martial art cultivator.

The man in the lead was a middle-aged man with a tall figure.

His gaze was unwavering, and his expression expressed heroism.

Meng Wan was quite familiar with this middle-aged man as well.

It was the Broad Creed Mountain’s current sect master – Xu Fei.

After returning with the Immortal Trapping Sword, the Broad Creed’s previous sec master – Yan Di, immediately passed the position to the Assignment Hall’s First Seat Elder – Xu Fei.

He then turned to focus on his cultivation.

This was considered a significant event in the Sky beyond Skies.

In fact, Meng Wan had accompanied her father – the Brocade Emperor Fu Yunchi to pay a visit to the Broad Creed Mountain and witnessed Xu Fei’s “Heavenly Roc” title heeding the Broad Creed’s tradition, transforming into the “Heavenly Roc Who Blots the Skies.”

In a blink of an eye, many years had passed.

At that time, Xu Fei was already the leading figure of the Broad Creed Mountain’s third-generation disciple and shouldered many heavy responsibilities with the sect.

However, to the outsiders, when compared to Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di, and the infamous Feng Yunsheng, Xu Fei seemed like a mere insignificant figure.

Him possessing a Golden Body of the Great Sage wasn’t known to the public.

However, after inheriting the sect’s master position, the sect’s development remained in perfect order.

As Xu Fei’s strength was slowly being unveiled more and more as time passed, his reputation grew stronger and stronger.

Today, he was considered a veritable colossal figure.

His influence now originated from himself rather than his identity as the Broad Creed Mountain’s new sect master.

The factions with a high enough position like the Golden Court Mountain and the Red Lotus Cliff and had close relations with the Broad Creed Mountain were naturally aware of more facts and knew how vicious Xu Fei’s Golden Body of the Great Sage was.

“I welcome Sect Master Xu’s arrival in place of my master.

Welcome.” As someone he was familiar with, Tang Yonghao smiled as he greeted Xu Fei.

In the Broad Creed Mountain’s lineage, Yan Zhaoge, Yan Di, and Feng Yunsheng’s cultivation were higher.

If they came to the Golden Court Mountain, they might grab all the attention away.

If others with lower cultivation were to arrive, the Broad Creed Mountain’s lineage would seem to be prideful and rude.

While Cao Jie seemed like a middle-aged man, his name was already well-renowned in the World beyond Worlds.

His actual age was much older than anyone of the Broad Creed Mountain.

While Xu Fei was younger, he congratulated Cao Jie as the Broad Creed Mountain’s current Sect Master.

No matter what, they had paid the Golden Court Mountain enough respect.

While his reputation grew greater and greater, it was still inferior to Yan Zhaoge and Yan Di.

Moreover, he was more low-profile than the two, which avoided making him the center of attention for today’s ceremony.

The other person who wasn’t high-profile and sufficed in showing sincerity in coming here would be Yan Zhaoge and Xu Fei’s Grand Master, the Broad Creed Mountain’s old sect master – Yuan Zhengfeng.

When accounting in Yan Di, Yan Zhaoge, or anyone else from the Broad Creed Mountain, Yuan Zhengfeng fulfilled this requirement in terms of seniority.

Moreover, his age and cultivation were lower compared to Cao Jie.

However, since Yuan Zhengfeng was still in his closed-door cultivation, he could not congratulate Cao Jie in person.

“You’re all being way too formal, senior apprentice-brother Tang and fellow Daoists of the Golden Court Mountain.

It is I who is bothering you all.” Xu Fei replied with a smile.

The Broad Creed Mountain cultivators beside him also bowed to those of the Golden Court Mountain.

As Tang Yonghao looked at the crowd, he saw some familiar faces among the crowd.

A gentle and elegant-looking teenager cupped his hands toward Tang Yonghao, “Previously, I heard senior apprentice-brother Zhang saying that you’re but a few steps away from the Late Immortal Bridge, and the Martial Saint Ninth Realm.

Allow me to congratulate you in advance.”

“A few steps away is but an exaggeration.

But, I shall take your congratulatory words into my heart.” Tang Yonghao smiled in return.

This teenager was of the same generation as Yan Zhaoge and Xu Fei, the Broad Creed disciple Feng Moyang.

His position and reputation within Broad Creed Mountain far exceeded the outsiders’ anticipation.

While Feng Moyang was only in the Seeing Divinity Martial Saint Realm, he was one of the few most outstanding helpers concerning the art of refining pills and medicines and the growing of herbs and medicines.

In addition, he was responsible for many affairs within the sect.

Due to their sect leader – Cao Jie himself prioritizing the pills refinement, his entire Golden Court Mountain was influenced by it, making most of them proficient in the way of pills.

The Broad Creed Mountain had frequent interactions with the Golden Court Mountain in this field as well.

As such, Feng Moyang was made familiar with those of the Golden Court Mountain.

Feng Moyang’s cultivation was lower than Tang Yonghao.

However, the mention of his cultivation showed no problems to public relations.

Leaving Yan Zhaoge aside, back in the Eight Extremities Worlds, when the youthful disciples of the Broad Creed Mountain and the Sacred Sun Clan were clashing against each other, Tang Yonghao’s opponent was the Xu Fei right in front of him.

Among their peers, they were once the most outstanding prodigies.

Later on, no matter the Broad Creed Mountain and the Sacred Sun Sect, even Xu Fei and Tang Yonghao’s fate went through a turning point.

Tang Yonghao didn’t have it easy either.

Yet, despite going through so many ups and downs, he had been focusing on his cultivation while rebuilding the Sacred Sun Clan.

The Golden Court Mountain’s martial art lineage and environment far surpassed the Sacred Sun Clan.

As Cao Jie’s closed-door disciple, Tang Yonghao’s treatment in the sect was naturally befitting his position.

However, his ability to reach his current state was also due to this exceptional talent and hard work.

No matter if he was in the World beyond Worlds or the Sky beyond Skies’ environment, the public had always been praising him for his efforts.

After all, upon arriving in the World beyond Worlds, he delayed for a period of time before joining the Golden Court Mountain.

Later, to rebuild the Sacred Sun Clan, he returned to the Eight Extremities Worlds for a period that had a much inferior cultivation environment.

Now, Tang Yonghao was someone whose name was already well-renowned within the Sky beyond Skies and the Eastern Continent.

When placing his age and his current cultivation side-by-side, it was highly apparent how limitless his future would be.


When compared to Xu Fei, he had already fallen behind.

After acquiring the Golden Body of the Great Sage, despite keeping it hidden most of the time, the spectrum of his cultivation started to blur.

That mighty Golden Body of the Great Sage continuously and secretly influenced Xu Fei’s cultivation, presenting an obscure state.

At first glance, he seemed to still be in the Human Realm and showed no semblance to any Immortal Realm expert.

However, setting the Golden Court Mountain’s disciples like Tang Yonghao aside, even Cao Jie wouldn’t be able to see through the depth of Xu Fei’s current strength.

Him being capable of harnessing the Golden Body of the Great Sage made this even more pointless.

As for the Broad Creed Mountain’s East Mountain’s Four Prodigies, Sikong Qing, Ying Longtu, and Xia Guang were already in the Martial Saint Ninth Realm.

As the current head of the Sky beyond Skies, the Broad Creed Mountain possessed many superior conditions compared to other sects.

According to the information which Tang Yonghao and the Golden Court Mountain received, Ying Longtu and the other two started bombarding toward the Human Exalt Realm through their years of accumulation.

Only, their current situation was still unknown.

Compared to Xu Fei, Sikong Qing and Ying Longtu, who were much younger than Tang Yonghao, made the situation seem awkward from the outside.

However, Tang Yonghao himself didn’t mind it at all.

Everyone will have their very own fateful encounters.

If he did not pick up that phoenix bone in the past and wasn’t dragged into the clash between the Golden Court Mountain and the Wutong Slope, how could he easily enter the Golden Court Mountain

He only felt a surge of emotion in his heart, “Back in the Eight Extremities Worlds, when I was still oblivious of the outside world, I only hoped to become a Saint in hopes of comforting my ancestors and continue to spread the Sacred Sun Clan’s martial arts to the world.

I never expected myself to ascend to the Immortal Bridge truly.”


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