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Chapter 1553: Suitable Candidate

The old man sitting on a tree trunk wore a fishtail crown and was dressed in a huge red robe.

His appearance was plenty queer, and he kept a long beard.

Two items floated in front of him.

One was the shattered Cyclic Heavenly Seal resembling a plain piece of black stone, and the other was a seven-colored gourd.

Currently, the Cyclic Heavenly Seal fragment was burning within the blazing ember, while the seven-colored gourd showed no reaction.

Qu Su understood upon seeing it.

The seven-colored gourd was most likely something the original wielder of the Immortal Ending Sword – the Jade Clear Lord of Daoist Ways always carried alongside him.

The Lord of Daoist Way was well-renowned for his possession of the Demon Subduing Vajra, which he bestowed upon his disciple – Wei Hu.

However, there was another treasure that wasn’t as famous as the Demon Subduing Vajra.

Currently, the shattered Cyclic Heavenly Seal was burning, while the seven-colored gourd showed no reactions.

Without a doubt, this implied that Yan Zhaoge and the others were looking for the Lord of Broad Accomplishment’s Immortal Extermination Sword instead of the Immortal Ending Sword.

The red-robed old man beckoned, causing the burning Cyclic Heavenly Seal to fly to the front of Qu Su.

Qu Su did not attempt to extinguish the fire.

Instead, he just kept it, with no burns inflicted unto him by the flames.

“The Western Lands of Buddhism and the Immortal Court should be making their moves as well.

Act discreetly and accordingly.” The red-robed old man said, “If you can track the Three Clear Lineage’s movements, that would be for the best.”

Qu Su nodded, “Understood.”

“I heard of what happened to the Sword Potante Buddha.

But, I believe you’re able to weigh the situation appropriately.” The red-robed old man said, “While vengeance blinds one’s eyes, only by remaining calm would you be bestowed with the opportunities of taking revenge.”

Qu Su’s expression remained calm, and he silently bowed to the red-robed old man.

“This is my belief.” The red-robed old man smiled and said, “Unfortunately, the Great Roc is currently fighting against the Western Pure Lands.

Otherwise, I would’ve gone along with you.”

The Golden-Winged Roc Bird, also known as Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles, was undoubtedly one of the strongest Great Sages among the Demon Race.

Moreover, Yan Zhaoge had murdered his son, which made him crave for a chance of taking revenge upon Yan Zhaoge and the others.

The battle between the two heretics had yet to end, while the Demon Race and the Western Pure Lands had also joined into the fray.

But, at present, the Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles wasn’t in the Astro Mountains Starry Seas.

“The Great Roc King is almighty.

He deterred the western heretics and stood upright against them, contributing a great amount to this war.

He is someone I hold the utmost respect for,” said Qu Su.

“If we told him about this piece of information, that Great Roc might even come back.” The red-robed old man smiled and said, “However, setting the timespan required to return aside, our Grand Plainness Heavens have other much suitable candidates, who are much befitting for the Prime Clear Immortal Slaughtering Four Swords.”

As he spoke, two clumps of embers kindled by both his sides, as if two doors were being pried open.

A voice resounded from the left door, “Why have you summoned me”

The voice from the right door immediately followed up, “Is it related to the Immortal Extermination or Immortal Ending Sword”

“The Immortal Extermination Sword,” answered the red-robed old man with a smile.

The doors harnessed by flames shook lightly, and the two sides said in unison, “That’s great!”

The fiery doors disappeared, while the red-robed old man told Qu Su, “Go to the frontlines first.

If things drift away from your speculations, then act accordingly.”

“Understood.” Qu Su stood up and transformed into a white lotus that flew away from the ancient tree.

It soared straight into the viridescent clouds and left the Grand Plainness Heavens.

At the same time, two other Demonic winds arose from the Grand Plainness Heavens.

At first, they seemed calm and docile.

However, upon leaving the Grand Plainness Heavens, their vicious ferociousness immediately encompassed their surroundings.

After the white lotus and the two gusts of Demonic winds met each other, they soared through the Astro Mountain Starry Seas, leaving this cosmos, and disappeared by the void’s boundless outskirts.

In the Awakened Sky Cosmos, within the Sky beyond Skies’ Broad Creed Mountain, Yan Zhaoge headed to the Pill Hall and Feng Yunsheng.

Within the Pill Hall, the North Ocean Clone, who was originally meditating, stood up.

A ball of black-and-white fur was lying beside him, who was deep in slumber.

A woman was touching the furry skin with a look of amusement filling her expression.

“Young Master, Young Madam.” Upon seeing Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng, Xiao Ai immediately turned around to greet them with a smile.

The ball of fur moved.

It stretched its body and widened his pair of panda eyes, widening his mouth as he grinned smugly at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge softly patted Pan-Pan’s head and said, “Ask the mother to come over.

It’s better if she presides over this area.”

In the current Sky beyond Skies, among those whose formation proficiency could rival Yan Zhaoge, that would undoubtedly be his mother – Xue Chuqing.

Over the past few years, the Sky beyond Skies had been improving in all aspects, including the quality of their formation arts.

In this regard, Xue Chuqing played a massive role in its flourishment.

After pushing open the Immortal Door, presiding over the Pill Hall to protect the entire Sky beyond Skies, and even the Awakened Sky Cosmos through the axis formation became much easier for her.

This time, both Yan Zhaoge and his clone had to leave.

Only with Xue Chuqing presiding over the Pill Hall’s formation would Yan Zhaoge be able to relax.

“This lowly servant shall inform the lad,” answered Xiao Ai happily.

Currently, she was still working on the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion’s affairs energetically.

At present, the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion’s business had spread throughout the entire Sky beyond Skies.

Each treasure it produced captivated one’s heart while also simultaneously influencing the Sky beyond Skies.

To the various forces of the Sky beyond Skies, the level of membership one had within the Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion was equivalent to how high their status was in the Sky beyond Skies.

The current treasurer of the Sky beyond Skies – Lady Yan Xiao Ai, was already on the Immortal Bridge.

While her martial arts talent was considerably high, laziness seeped deep into her bones.

Moreover, she had a broad range of hobbies and interests.

Under Xue Chuqing’s influence, she much preferred studying formation arts as well.

However, Xiao Ai still managed to break through to the Martial Saint Eight Level not long ago.

While she was slower than Ah Hu and the others, it was still apparent how exceptional she was.

For the past few days, she had matters to tend to in the Broad Creed Mountain and decided to stay by the mountains.

Of course, Yan Zhaoge could contact Xue Chuqing as well, but Xiao Ai seemed to enjoy these kinds of tasks.

While it might seem insignificant, she still found joy in doing so.

Under Xue Chuqing’s aid, the Bright Connection Valley slowly started growing.

While it wasn’t all that strong, at least it didn’t seem all that lonely anymore.

Su Yun and Shen Rong were already in the Martial Saint Realm.

Their Living Source Physique would benefit from an environment where spirit qis were lacking.

In contrast, they won’t ever stand out in an environment filled with an abundance of spirit qi.

However, the Sky beyond Skies’ spirit qi was far too dense, and its environment was far too substantial.

Even without the unique advantage of the Living Source Physique, cultivating thus far surpassed the Floating Life World.

As for the other disciples of the Snow Crane Sect, who were considerably more talented but restricted by how barren the Floating Life World was, they even had the hopes of ascension.

Of course, this included the others of the Floating Life World.

As long as they had the talent, they would be granted the chance and hopes of doing so.

The Demon blood cultivators were a lineage formed by nature.

As such, Yan Zhaoge did not modify the Floating Life World’s environment.

If the Demon blood cultivators’ lineage disappeared due to outside influences, that would be considered as elimination.

In a place like the Sky beyond Skies, there were even more high-grade spiritual beasts and demonic beasts, which was considerably enchanting for the Demonic blood cultivators of the Floating Life World.

They were slowly strengthening the Bright Connection Valley.

Now, with Su Yun and the others tending to the Bright Connection Valley, Xue Chuqing didn’t have to supervise them all the time.

After receiving Xiao Ai’s message, she immediately came to the Broad Creed Mountain.

After Yan Zhaoge met his mother, and after Xu Fei finished assigning the internal matters of the sect, the two left the Sky beyond Skies together, leaving the Awakened Sky Cosmos.


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