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Chapter 1571: Counterplan


Robbing something from someone else’s hand was one thing.

Taking something placed right under the watch of a Dao Ancestor was an entirely different matter.

This implied attempting to provoke a Dao Realm bigwig on their own accord.

With the Elder Lord’s intentions still being unclear to the current orthodox Daoism, doing so was definitely a matter of utmost risk.

Without a reliable Dao Realm bigwig holding back other Dao Ancestors, the orthodox Daoism could only remain in their powerless position.

Yan Zhaoge and the others emphasized the Immortal Extermination Four Swords and the Immortal Extermination Formation due to this.

In truth, the Immortal Extermination Formation couldn’t hope to retaliate against a Dao Ancestor and couldn’t unleash any effective killing techniques.

In fact, a Dao Ancestor going in and out of the formation as they pleased wasn’t something difficult at all.

However, even a Dao Ancestor alone didn’t possess the capabilities of dismantling a complete Immortal Extermination Formation.

Under specific circumstances, this would become a deciding factor that could influence the general situation.

After all, no Dao Ancestors had lived their lives in solitude.

If they had to name one, perhaps the Elder Lord would fit this criterion perfectly.

Only, this was undoubtedly an incredibly ironic matter to Yan Zhaoge and the other Daoism disciples.

This was the importance of the Immortal Extermination Formation and why they wanted it so badly.

If the complete Immortal Extermination Formation appeared, it would thoroughly change orthodox Daoism’s position.

But, here was the problem.

Yan Zhaoge’s group searched for the Immortal Extermination Four Swords to contend against a Dao Realm bigwig.

Yet, one of the swords was in the hands of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord, the heretic Dao Ancestor who was the arch-nemesis of orthodox Daoism.

Hence, the situation entered a stalemate.

If the Elder Lord didn’t intend to provide aid, Yan Zhaoge could only think of siding with the Demon Race and the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

The Immeasurable Heavenly Lord and the Immortal Court kept their possession of the Immortal Ending Sword to catch Yan Zhaoge’s group by surprise, allowing orthodox Daoism to fall into the traps they laid down.

Worse still, Yan Zhaoge’s group had the other three swords at hand and even had a complete Immortal Extermination Formation blueprint.

Once the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord succeeded, then the complete Immortal Extermination Formation would become the belongings of the Immortal Court.

This would undoubtedly have shaken the balance between them and the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

No matter if it were the Future Buddha or Eastern Sovereign Taiyi, no one would be willing to witness this from unfurling.

Even after Yan Zhaoge had just slain the Spiritual Tusk immortal and ate its elephant trunk, the Demon Race and the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus would never allow the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord’s plan to succeed.

Of course, they would also plan on capitalizing on Yan Zhaoge’s group, allowing the Immortal Extermination Formation to fall into their hands.

At worst, they would dismantle the Immortal Extermination Formation.

Even if they couldn’t get it, they wouldn’t give the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord such chances.

In fact, Yan Zhaoge suspected that the Western Pure Lands had their own set of plans as well.

While the Western Pure Lands and Immort Court had Dao Realm bigwigs presiding over them, the Western Pure Lands were the stronger faction within their alliance.

But, if the Immortal Court obtained the Immortal Extermination Formation, their positions might be switched entirely.

The same theory could be applied to the Astro Mountains Starry Seas and the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

The game of wits involved in its entirety was extremely subtle.

Only, Yan Zhaoge believed that the few Dao Realm experts wouldn’t do something as idiotic as inciting an internal struggle before even dividing the spoils of war.

Only after the Immortal Extermination Formation entered their hands would the problem of distribution exist.

Hence, overall, some possibilities still existed.

Of course, if the Elder Lord doesn’t make his move, then whatever plan they made would be deemed as ludicrous, with their chances of winning being nigh none.

In the end, if one hoped to forge iron, their hammer had to be hard enough.

As such, Yan Zhaoge was interested in Yang Jian’s plan.

Yang Jian had faked his death, allowing the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord to remain ignorant that his plan had already been leaked.

As a result, he laid down a trap and awaited Yan Zhaoge and the others to enter it without concerns.

Yang Jian was planning on using his scheme against him.

Of course, Yan Zhaoge could choose to remain conservative.

After receiving Yang Jian’s warnings, he could give up on the Immortal Ending Sword, allowing him to avoid the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord’s scheme.

But, if there were a way of countering his plan, Yan Zhaoge would be willing to hear it.

“I do have some ideas in my mind.” This time, Yang Jian stopped leaving things in suspense.

He immediately said, “It’s based around the lamp I acquired from the Jade Illusory Palace.”

Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng’s interests were instantly piqued, “While the Jade Illusory Glazed Lamp is indeed a considerable treasure, it shouldn’t be enough to deal with a Dao Realm’s might, should it not”

Yang Jian said, “Of course we can’t rely on this lamp alone.

But, this might be an opportunity, which would give us a chance.

I’m not certain whether this plan will succeed or not.

All I can say is that we should try our best.”

“I’m not trying to hide anything this time.

Instead, there are some parts for which I have yet to find a solution.

It deeply requires us to adapt to the situation.”

Yang Jian looked toward the two, “If I do secure a chance of succeeding, I will notify you two.

If I can’t, then the matters related to the Immortal Ending Sword will have to be put on hold.

It’s better if we don’t act so rashly in case we enter the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord’s trap.”

“All your heroic deeds of the past have been embedded deep within history.

Of course, we would trust you.” Yan Zhaoge cupped his hands, “Since we received your warning and know of the Immortal Ending Sword’s location as well as the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord’s malicious intentions, we shall await for good news coming from you.”

After a short pause, he asked, “One more thing I’d like to inquire about.”

Yang Jian said, “Ask ahead.”

“There’s always been a rumor that the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord was originally one of our Daoism’s Heavenly Lords, who took his current form after his ascendence to the Dao Realm.” Yan Zhaoge asked, “So, do you have any clues as to who that may be”

Yang Jian said in an unhurried tone, “The Jade Eminent Heavenly Lord Emperor, Daoist Purple Tenuity, Daoist Primordial Suppressing Immortal, and the Golden Mother of the Jade Pond.

These four candidates are among the suspected list.”

“Originally, there should still be the Taiyi Nirvana Heavenly Lord as well.

However, I received the news of his perishment a few years back and had naturally excluded him.”

Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng nodded slowly.

Yang Jian had listed out the few Daoist top-notch experts who never appeared at all during the Great Calamity.

“Though, there’s one thing that should be mentioned.” Yang Jian continued saying, “When the calamity transpired, I wasn’t in the Heavenly Court Divine Palace at all.

Instead, I was in my very own cave manor – the Irrigation Canal Pass.”

“Before that, a letter was originally delivered to my residence.

No reasons were stated, and it only asked me to head toward the Heavenly Court.

Since I was still in seclusion, I didn’t manage to see the letter in time.”

Yang Jian started recalling his memories of the past, “After I was alerted by the Great Calamity, and came out of seclusion, the Heavenly Court Divine Palace was already brought to ruination.”

“Such a thing happened” The two were considerably surprised, “Who invited you to the Heavenly Court”

Yang Jian said, “It was Daoist Purple Tenuity.”

Heaven Reigning Purple Tenuity Polaris Grand Sovereign Emperor.

The head of Daoism’s Four Imperials ranked number two among those of the Heavenly Court Divine Palace.

Even when accounting in the Taiyi Nirvana Heavenly Lord who appeared intermittently, the Purple Tenuity Emperor was undoubtedly among the top-three moguls in the Heavenly Court Divine Palace.

“Does this mean that the Purple Tenuity Emperor isn’t the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord At the very least, this possibility is much smaller” asked Feng Yunsheng softly.

Yang Jian said, “I can’t be too sure about this.

While I do have some guesses in my mind, I still don’t know why Daoist Purple tenuity invited me for.”

He groaned and said, “Perhaps, the Taiyi Nirvana Heavenly Lord knew what was going on.”


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